Jul 30, 2006


And the carnage repeated...
The first carnage was in 18 April 1996,
The story is that about 800 of poor civilians escaped from the savage and barbaric attacks against them called "Operation Grapes of Wrath" and ran away to the UNIFIL compound thinking that Israeli army won't attack them there,and thinking that if they didn't respect the Law Humanity which prevents killing innocents so they may respect the International Law,but barbaric nations don't respect any kind of law,so they didn't left them safe,and made heavy attacks against them in the compound and killed 106 of civilians including majority of children and women,and a lot of injures,and because of these heavy attacks 18 of killed were buried with no name.
Elements of CS gathered to CONDEMN these barbaric,terroristic,savage and brutish attacks against innocent civilians,but the most merciful and the most just state named USA used its Vito to prevent this CONDEMN.
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And now,In 30 July 2006,in the same place,
The story repeated,poor civilians escaped from Israeli attacks on their homes in neighbour villages to Qana in a three superposes civil building,but the most terroristic state and the heart looser army attacked this building and killed 55 civilian including a big majority of babies,children,old men and women.
And the most silly thing,Israel said:"Hizbollah is the responsible" 
May be Hizbollah elements were in fighters which attacked those children?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who knows?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most important thing in this story is that it's not written in books or narrated to little children,neither those little children saw it,nor lived it,BUT...........they died through it.

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