Jul 16, 2006


We have a joke says:
  Abo Al-Araby in an accident killed 67 persons and injured  90 by his truck.In the police station the officer asked  him:How do you kill all this number of people?!!!!!!  Abo Al- Araby replied:I was driving my truck in a small street and found it suddenly blocked,so I tried to press the brake but I found it not working,and found 2 persons in the left and a wedding party in the right,what should I do,Officer?!!!  The officer replied:Sure,you should hit the 2 persons in your left!!  Abo Al-Araby replied:And this what I did,I turned to the left and hit the first one,as for the second person he escaped to the wedding party,I didn't leave him but kept behind him by my truck.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Funny,isn't it?!!!!!!!
As being a joke it's so funny and make you laugh so much on this stupid Abo Al-Araby.But if this happen in real life,it will be so miserable and so terroristic.
And it's really happening in Gaza and Lebanon.
Israel said:I'm seeking the collapsing of Hizbullah so I have the right to kill tens of innocents,have the right to kill civilians,children and women,have the right to burn people,have the right to demolish habitation apartments,have the right to demolish Electricity Stations,have the right to demolish Water Stations,have the right to demolish bridges,have the right to destroy vital roads,have the right to frighten children......... Generally I have the right to destroy a state just to reach Hizbullah.
How just!!!!
How logical!!!
How merciful!!!!


mr. X said...

greetings, im very distressed over the situation in lebannon. if you would like to join a disscussion about the situation check out my blog http://dasampro.blogspot.com/
pray for peace
Mr X

Woozie said...

Since it's obvious that Israel doesn't care about Lebanon, I guess al;l we can really hope is that Israel doesn't attack Iran, which would get the US involved and start World War 3.