Jul 5, 2006

You judge!!

I was in my home safe and don't harm my neighbours.But a far neighbour promised a friend for him that he will give him a part of my home.Then the neighbour came with his friend and started to kill my sons and rapp my wive and daughter.I didn't still silent but I did all my best to defend my home,after a long resistence I went to the court to ask it to help me and give me my rights.The court judged that we divide my home between us.I refused.But they take it and the neighbour's friend started to bring his sons and lived in my home.

Time passed and I died,and my grandsons came,and the resistence kept,and the killing and rapping kept also.And the friend of far neighbour changed him by a new one who is strong and a big cheater.And a hero son of mine refused to commit the existence of him,and the judge of the court.

And now,the neighbour's friend sent children and women of my grandsons to prisons,so the hero grandson decided to kidnapp a neighbour's son to have a thing that he can talk about.This neighbour became so angry for the one son I kidnapped in front of our children and women,and decided to destroy a part of my home and kill my children and women.My hero son was well brought-up so he told him that he won't kill the kidnapped son of him.But he started to defend himself and used a wepon to destroy part of his building.Then the friend of the neighbour said that my son is wrong that he tried to reply his attack.

I ask you neutral,free and just people,Am I wrong?Are my sons wrong that we tried to defend the home where I was brough up?Am I wrong that I tried to defend my innocent and little sons and women?Am I wrong that I thought that court will give me my rights?Am I wrong that I want to eat and drink?Am I wrong that I want to live peacefully and safe?Am I wrong?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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