Sep 11, 2007

Why an innocent be killed?!!

 Throughout history there were Millions and Millions who have been killed. In the East and the West, the North and the South. Many of them were involved in wars as soldiers and officers or condottiere, but much more of them were innocents, they weren't involved at all in these bloody wars; they were babies, children, women, old men , old women and civilians. Even in un-wars time many innocents have been killed so savagely without any guilt, their only guilt may be to go down the street, to go to their work, to travel using a plane, to go to their schools or to make their shopping.
All religions, philosophies and logics refuse killing innocents; Judaism, Christianity and Islam all refuse that very strongly, human law and all societies customs refuse that too. Bible said so clearly; "You shall not murder" , Qur'an also said obviously; ".. take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law .. "
 There were many of justifications for killing those Millions of babies and civilians. Mongols killed Millions in their way from the East to the West including one Million of Muslims only in Baghdad without any justification but their barbarism and satisfying their killing lust, Crusaders killed 70.000 of Muslims only in Jerusalem because of the extremist belief in the cross, more than 50 Millions of civilians were killed in the two World Wars however not involving in in any of them without reasonable justification including killing more than 230.000 of Japanese civilian barbarically using atomic bombs for the first time in human history with the justification of stopping killing, 1230 of civilians have been killed also in Israeli war against Lebanon 2006.
In addition to these wars there are many other killings of innocents in un-war times like the 3000 civilians have been killed in 11th of September attacks in New York with the justification of American foreign policy and using Qur'an, 209 civilians in India 2006, 190 of civilians in Madrid 2004, 62 of tourists in Luxor 1996, 50 civilians in London 2005, 26 civilians in Riyadh 2003, 22 of civilians in Philippines 2000,  3 tourists in Cairo 2005 ... and many many other.
Also there is daily killing of children, civilians and women in Palestine by Israeli army. In addition to that there are famous massacres like Deir Yassen 1948 massacre when 254 of villagers were killed, more than 3500 of unarmed children and old women in Sabra and Shatila 1982, 106 of civilians in Qana 1996, about 55 of children and women in Qana 2006, 49 of civilians in Kafr Qasim 1956 and many other which have been committed by Israelis without any justification for killing those children and unarmed old men and civilians.
In Iraq also after the American invasion there are more than 500.000 of civilians which have been killed and continuing.
 50.000.000, 230.000, 1.000.000, 50, 70.000, 3000, 1230, 62, 26, 3500, 49, 106, 209 are just emotionless numbers, but when they refer to the number of killed persons of innocents then they are horrible numbers, even if it was the number 1, it still horrible when he or she are innocent civilian or a little kid regardless of religion or nationality of the killed person. They refer to the fact that there are Millions and Millions which have been killed without any reason. They didn't contribute in any war.  Why?!!!!  That's the only question which must be answered for those killers. Why a little girl going to her school carrying her bag on her back would be killed?!! Why a mother thinking about her children would be killed?!! Why a youth dreaming of his future would be killed?!! Why an employee in his office would be killed?!! Why a villager working in his farm would be killed?!! Why a child hanging his mother fearing from war around him would be killed?!! Why an old man carrying his granddaughter would be killed?!!!
 Those who killed under Islam name like 11th of September attacks justified their killings of those 3.000 innocent civilians through the American foreign policy and also used Islamic texts from Qur'an and Hadith to justify this and other crimes. Those who used the two Atomic bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified their killings of those 230.000 civilians by claiming that this killing will stop more killings. Israelis justifies many of their massacres through the claim that they are self-defence. In the fact, All of them are killers, all of these justifications are useless. They can't work with a correct mind.
On the one hand; a person can't defend himself by killing unarmed civilians, no body can defend himself by killing and terrifying children and old women. Also; all international conventions, international treaties and international and human law neutralize civilians in war times.
 On the other hand; no body can use Qur'an and Hadith rightly to justify killing innocent civilians. 
The ban of killing innocents and showing man's value was in Qur'an very clear and obvious; ".. take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law .. " 6:151 and; ".. if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. .. " 5:32. Qur'an always clarifies that; " O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other .." 49:13 it's an invitation for equity and cooperation among people not for crash, fight and wars among nations. It shows in another verse the rule in dealing with non-Muslims; " Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. " 60:8 It clarified that we should deal with non-Muslims kindly and justly when they don't fight against us. Even in war times, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) ordered Mojahedeen in the cause of Allah that they must not kill a child, woman, old woman, old man, injured, priest or cut a tree. And Qur'an showed to us how to deal with a war prisoner; " And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive,- " 76:8
And even if American foreign policy is imperial and cause many destruction in other countries and don't appeal to those killers; their citizens aren't guilty for that, Islam teaches us that in war times civilians are safe. An employee in his office isn't guilty or responsible for his foreign affairs ministry policy, a citizen going to finish his papers isn't guilty for his government crimes. No way, a body can use Qur'an and Hadith to justify killing innocents of civilians. Islamic religion is blameless of killing innocent civilians. No way, a body can justify killing innocent civilians.
Even if they believe that Mojaheden will enter paradise then they must realize that this isn't Jihad. Jihad is a magnificent duty to purify the earth from evil, to spread the good, to fight against killers, to defend people and land. Not to kill an employee, not to terrify a child, not to destroy habitation and business places. Attacking innocent civilians and little kids is the dirty way of cowards. If you're going to fight against your enemy; attack his soldiers, attack a soldier in his tank coming to invade your land, attack a soldier pointing his gun towards your children and innocents. Paradise isn't for you. Paradise is for the one who help the poor, paradise is for who say a good word, paradise is for who love others, paradise is for a one who use the most kind ways to argue with others, paradise is for the one who respect others beliefs, paradise is for the one who work hard for the sake of humanity, paradise is for a scientist in his laboratory, paradise is for a doctor in his hospital, paradise is for a soldier dieing when defending his country against invader armies, paradise is for a lawyer defending weak men against oppression, paradise is for a politician working for the good of his citizens, paradise is for the one who plant a tree, paradise is for the one who is kind with an animal, paradise is for the one who build a factory.
 I invite every man and woman believing in the One God to pray. To pray for the families of victims ... 3000 victims killed in 11th of September attacks, 3500 victims killed in Sabra and Shatila, 230.000 victims killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Iraqi victims been killed daily, Ahmed Yassin, Dorra and Hajjo. We must pray all for them and for every family of an innocent have been killed that they have patience for the horrible loss of them.
Today there were an obvious example showing this logic; Palestinian resistance attacked Zikmi military base by rockets causing the injuries of 67 soldiers , and the reply of Israelis was raiding a camp of civilians injuring 3 Palestinian children North of Gaza by Israelis. The first one was against soldiers, and the second one was against children and civilians. Are they equal?!!


Barb said...


First of all, a suggestion for your English usage. (I used to teach English.) Use "unarmed" instead of "armless."

I thought --"wow, there were all these armless women and children --meaning without any arms on their bodies in one village?" and then noticed that you meant "unarmed" --meaning "without weapons."

you are especially indignant about the Japanese bombings --and I'm not sure I saw any equivalent outrage about Islamic mass killings throughout the ages --though you did decry the 9/11 bombings by terrorists. I'm thinking you are unaware of any great numbers of mass killings by Islamists? I think Islamic cruelty to their own for leaving the faith, for stealing, etc., toward missionaries of other religions, the beheadings --all barbaric.

The Japanese would not stop until decisively forced to stop. They would fight to the last man. The military leader did not want to quit after the bombings --loss of honor to him, he thought. The emperor stopped the war after the bombings --because of the bombings.
So, in truth, the A bombs stopped the killing. That's what happens when an aggressor finally realizes he is whipped.

Yes, it was horrible. No we do not want to see a repeat --by any nation. But don't think the Japanese soldiers were NICE. They were suicide warriors like your terrorists. Japanese Kamikaze pilots were suicide bombers. Their cruelties to POW's were extreme --nothing like the treatment of Muslim fighters at abu graib or GITMO. America was drawn into WWII and did not initiate it.

And the 9/11 bombers took us to the Middle East. So who do we blame? Us? no, blame 9/11 bombers and Osama bin Ladin. Blame an ideology that needs to be thwarted --a culture that needs to enter the 21st Century of free nations. Not the wicked aspects of free nations --not the libertine immorality--but the freedom enjoyed (so far) by Christians practicing the same sort of morality that you believe in. However, we don't believe in the extreme modesty of the burka --or the subjugation of women to the extent that the radical muslims do.
In lifestyle, our conservatives in Christendom are more like your moderates in Islam, i suppose. We socially conservative Christians all believe in fidelity in marriage, modesty, restrictions on nudity in tv and internet, no porn, no abortion, no homosexuality. These things are ruinous to a godly culture --and the porn tempts good men.

We do have a difference in how we see God and His love. We believe He has given every man and woman and child a chance to know HIm personally, by faith in Christ --and to know that He is saved for eternity because Christ paid the price for our sins --like a sacrificial lamb. We will not be weighed in the balance on the scales and found wanting -- because Jesus' paid the debt.

Now we follow God because we want to. And the Bible says, "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."

Barb said...

By the way, I do hope you don't suffer reprisal from other Muslims who would defend 9/11 as just.

I agree with you that war should be confined to fields of battle --to people coming with tanks --people who would kill civilians purposefully.

And America has certainly improved their bombing strategy and capabilities since WWII --trying to do "surgical, tactical strikes" against military installations, weapons factories, etc. They have gotten expert at pinpointing.

The problem with terrorists is that they hide among the innocent civilians. Therefore, to get at the terrorists, the civilians are put at risk. That's why the recent method in Iraq has been for the troops to go into the cities and live there --which is more dangerous to our soldiers, but the terrorists were doing their crimes at night among the people --terrorizing Iraqis. Now they have defenders right in the city. But civilians are still at risk from bad men who hide behind women's skirts.

Barb said...

The problem I see with the Quaran is the use of the word "just." Terrorists think they are being just when they see all the people of America as pagan and immoral and thus deserving of death by Allah. Even if the citizens are not the gov't and not the ones who make foreign policy, some Muslims would say that the foreigners are all guilty for not keeping sharia law and that they all deserve Allah's justice--i.e. death.

you have stated a good message--but I hear your conviction that the Jews have been worse to the Muslims --yet when the Jews vacated the Gaza strip to please the Palestinians, the Palestinians kept coming --right over the new border with their gunfire.

Justice is a poor standard. We need Christian forgiveness to settle the disputes and stop the killing.

mud_rake said...

Sadly, Mohamed, your blog has now been infected by the virus, 'barb.' You will be haunted day after day by her. I had to close down my open 'comments section' because of her very righteous, fundamentalist Christian comments.

By the way, I trust no religion to offer me 'truth.'

I find my truth in righteous humans who live fully, give exceedingly, and help others to do so as well. The 'God' that some seek is right inside of them.



Fundamentally, I approve of your summary. Your intention seems to indicate an enlightened view of basic ethics and morality that you
have gained from your studies of the Koran and the Bible.

It is a genuine shame that 90% of Muslims throughout the planet do not share your knowledge, your peaceful intention.

Many of them (not all) have been trained in another, more radical & violent dicipline, Within Islam.

For you To attempt to Defend or to Justify Any Part of their extreme and murderous behavior, is really a tragic mistake. This is why
accurate, Verifiable recent history is so important. So very important!

Also, I would grant Barb a similar approval rating, although, neither of you face all of the realities squarely, which is typical of most people that view their religion as One Total Truth...that ancient writings were delivered to many authors or scribes, or "prophets" by some hidden and mysterious, and still silent Creator!

Scholars today attempt to unravel the great bulk of these writings.
The Romans had the final say on which parts to include, and which to exclude from their "Holy Bible".

One example: Should the recently discovered "Dead Sea Scrolls" now be included and considered "Holy?" Do you see the problem, with this illustration? Where do the Gnostics, the Essenes fit, in this
great puzzle? Do you see it?

Skeptics Reserve Judgement; we feel
that men will stupidly continue to
argue, and hate, and kill each other over these small differences!

Christian, Hebrew, & Islamic Scholars will agree on some points,
and have thunderous disagreements on many, many Points. This will never change! Good people will continue to blindly follow Leaders.
Popes, Ayatollahs, Reverands, Imam,
Rabbi, Tv Preachers waving bibles and begging for money, etc. Shame on all of them. All of them!

Does Modern Education, Science, History, the Study of Astronomy, or Archeology, or the delving into the mountains of old writings, give us any hope of finally arriving at a Peaceful Concensus? A more peaceful world? A single, united religion? Sadly, I doubt it.

People are too enamoured with their
own narrow, Incomplete Faith. Vain men will continue hold fast to their custom and beliefs. They will continue to love themselves, be suspicious of other tribes, hate them, kill them, and listen to Their Own "Holy" Leaders.
Recent History, Like It Or Not:

The USA Saw WWII Coming; Peaceniks
here warned us to stay out of it!
They said, "Europe has always had wars! Keep our boys out of it!"

Japanese Military Warlords had dreams
of World Conquest, and they needed
Land Mass to fulfill those plans. They Needed Metals and Oil; they
grabbed land on many Pacific Islands, on then Vast Defenseless,
Rural China, and they slaughtered
millions, enslaved more millions of rural Chinese Peasants, beginning in 1928. See the "Rape of Nanking"; see the Museum there! Seeing Is Believing! Read Pearl S. Buck's 'Dragonseed'. She was in China, saw trouble coming. Why not look at accurate history? Why not?

Our "Peaceniks" screamed, "Stay Out Of It. Keep Our Boys At Home!"
On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 8 AM, Sunday, the
Peaceful USA Was Attacked, half of our Naval Fleet was destroyed; 2400 Sailors & Marines Died. Like a huge vaccuum, we were sucked into WWII, where 50 Million (your numbers) People Died! War is Hell, created by men. Powerful, insane men!

Mohamed chooses to blame Americans for the death of "Innocent Japanese". Read his statements! He Refuses to read recent history, because it might interfere with his inaccurate view of what really happened. I am old enough to recall it vividly; Mohamed is young, and I believe a decent person. His leadership has told him wild things, inaccurate things about WWII. I Will Insist that he research Solid History before speaking so eloquently about events, things that he does not know about the United States of America! The Solid Evidence is all there, available, in Japan, China, and All Over Europe. He insists on getting his history lessons from a Sunni Imam, that 'spin it'. It's Very, Very Sad. It is not "sinful" to Independently Research History.

Mohamed is partly correct. The most horrible war in history ended
quickly, with the death of some innocent, and some guilty Japanese.
Two terrible bombs. Harry Truman had to make a grim decision. I have
No Power to Judge that decision; Let His "God" Do That.

Mohamed & Barb,

The Truth Will Set Us All Free, erase harmful myth, distortion, and cloudy ancient history.

Find an error here; Report it to me! I Will Forever Be In Your Debt. I will never be able to repay you. I have searched for Truth all my adult life. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Well, Mohamed. Congratulations. You have at last summoned the courage to denounce terorism.

2 brief points. You will never be able to argue credibly that the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima are in any way equivalent acts. The United States and Japan were at war with one another. 9?11 was an atrocity committed by terrorists without ties to any nation or state.

Once you read some history regarding WW II you will understand that as regrettable as were the deaths of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the death toll, civilian and military would have been 10 times that amount had the war continued.

The second point is that no matter whether you support the Palestinians or any other group, the byproduct of firing weapons at the other side from area in which civilians live, or work, or worship, is the death of civilians.

So far as barb is concerned, md_rake is correct. One of my daughters told me recently, "Religion is a conversation stopper."

So whereas it is interesting and informative for you to advise that Quran sates this or that, once someone like Barb states this is my faith,; it is true; all others are false, etc., etc, you are perfectly justified in not responding.



One of the Most Brutal Dictators In
Modern History, who killed more of his own people than he did Nazi troops, made this profound quote:

"Religion is the Opiate of the masses!"

Joseph Stalin

mud_rake said...

After reading all of this, may I wish you peace, Mohamed.


Like Barb, I now fear for mohamed's
safety. I hope his weblog is not in
the public domain. (I Only See American Comments). May Allah and
Peace Be With Mohamed. He is a Very
Courageous Young Man! reb

Mohamed said...

Hi for every one,

Just now you knew it?!!!!

That's briefly my message for every one of you. You just knew now that I'm not a terrorist who believe in the blood and guns. You judged me before knowing what I believe in. I believe you thought about it like that; 'Mohamed is a Muslim, Bin Ladin and Zawahri are Muslims too justifing their crimes from Qur'an and Hadith which all Muslims strongly believe in, conclusion; ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS'. Right?!!!

Any way I'm happy that you realized this fact. But if you think that killing 3.000 of innocents is a horrible crime the same like me, so what do you think about stealing the land of Palestinains and killing many many babies and civilians -may be a Million- and evacuating a people from his homes and from his land for the sake of another people (I call it the replacing process), all because of the religious belief of one sect; 'God promised us the Holy land'?!!! Is it horrible too?!!!


Thanks for the correction.

Reprisal?!!! This isn't only my belief about 9-11 attacks, but the belief of majority of Muslims and the belief of all Imams and Muslim scholars.
And the difference of points of views here in my part of the world don't lead to reprisal.

Sorrowfully; That's right that many of those who kill under Islam name believe that this is the right Islam and the right Jihad, but if they understood the whole Qur'an not selective understanding they will realize that what they are doing is completely against Islamic belief and real Jihad. I think their solution isn't just fighting against them, but teaching them firstly and correcting their corrupted beliefs.



90%?!!!! Who gave you that number?!!! Do you mean that 90% of Muslims believe that killing civilians is ok according to Qur'an?!!!
That's completely wrong. That's right that all Muslims love Jihad, and even call their daughters as 'Jihad', but killing innocents is a different thing. You know; may be some went behind their emotions which hate American policy in our own states and were happy from 9-11 attacks in the first, like me (check 9\11) but by passing the time I judged it rightly and knew they were innocents with no guilt. Where you get that number from?!!

Thanks for you kind words, but Muslims (my fellows) don't believe in killing civilians.

You know I hope that Egyptians and Muslims come to my blog to share me these precious discussions, I think that it's a place for the West and the East to understand each other, but for pity no body come. I may have to go to them and invite them.



Thanks for your kind wishes. But please don't insult my guests.

A last word I would like that every one of my guests hear and understand; If you changed your points of view about me as being a terrorist through calm discussion which depends on hearing both sides, so are you ready to continue discussing to see if Qur'an and Hadith invites to terrorism or not, and if majority of Muslims are terrorists or not as your Media shows for you. And to understand each other without starting from; 'You're guilty, defend yourself', but starts from; 'I don't understand your belief, then tell me about it', which depends on ignoring much of the corrupted image given by Western Media about Islam and Muslims. The world needs to build and understand, not fight by guns or even pens and words. Please, read words under my blog title. Are you ready?!!! Do you accept my invitaion. Please check Why don't we discuss?!!

Note: I'm busy next days and may can't response back at once, so don't be worry if I was late. ;)

Peace for every one,


Mohamed, My fear is that 90% of Muslims raised in the traditions of
Islam are easily led by teaching Imams that skillfully employ the slick tricks to radicalize them, slowly teach them to hate, one step at a time, with distortions of history, with evil Cartoons,
and false views of Americans shown
on Tv screens, from Hollywood Pimps
and Harlots, as proof of USA Evil.
High Impact Visuals!
It's there, on film, and makes a
Mountain of Money for the greedy; Great al Jazeera Propaganda. Proof!

Allah Akbar, Kill the snakes, pigs.

With 300 million people, and many
freedoms, we do have this garbage! So, it's easy for a Muslim to frown on the Majority as Evil. It is not a pretty picture, or a True Picture; Not the great majority!

Hollywood and Las Vegas Is Not Real America!!!

But my people need this lesson on
Snake Hunters Blog! You don't have
heavy traffic, that read English.

Goodbye, and good luck, my friend.
I wish I could print these lessons.
Your format does not permit it.
Come visit, I do fight the evil politicians; snakes. Many of them! They only speak with forked tongues. reb

Barb said...

I'm glad you don't want your guests insulted! You are therefore a good blog-host!

About what the Islamic scriptures say concerning Jihad and treatment of civilians --seems to me it is not us Americans who need convincing first of all. It is those Muslims who do not agree with you; it is the terrorists, the ones who say Israel has no right to exist and that the U.S. is the Great Satan, such that bringing the west to its knees in general IS a just act with which Allah would be pleased. They are the ones who need to be convinced.

The world knows Islam by what Muslims do --if it is a minority, as you claim, who commit terrorist acts, then the majority needs to round them up, give up Osama, etc.

But Islam seems even more divided than Christian world today --between the religious factions. Except for tiny Ireland with their protestant vs. Catholic wars, the Christians' wars are doctrinal and when we have disagreement, we break fellowship and refuse to attend the church that doesn't interpret scripture the way we think they ought. Not that God is any more pleased with rifts over doctrine, but it's not as evil as going to war and blowing each other up--as Sunni and Shia do.

Emilie said...


You continue to be so concerned about the blood of innocents being spilled in recent history, as we all should, but I have told you and told you that might makes right, and the victors make the rules, and God allows it to be. God also gives us other ways to fight evil.

No one knows better than I about the killing of innocents. I told you that the European colonial governments invaded my America, North and South, and just about annihilated us for trying to keep the land that had been ours for 10,000 years. As Bin Laden said in his rambling video that held a mirror up to us, there are only a few specimens of Red Indians left on this continent. But that is over, we stopped resisting, and there has been peace in this country for over 100 years. My people have not totally lost their culture, though some wish we would assimilate completely or leave for God knows where.

I am free to worship or not worship as I please. I can read the Bible or the Koran or the Torah, and nobody is going to throw me in jail for not reading one or the other. I am not forced to wear a veil, and I don't have to worry about any "morality" police beating me for wearing high heels in public. I hear that in Saudi Arabia owning a Bible is punishable as a crime, as well as is not wearing a veil!

As for the most recent incident of Palestinian innocents killed: that happened because the perpetrators of the bombing of that Israeli military base were stationed among the civilians. After causing so much carnage, did the Palestinians think they could get away with no retaliation? If they don't want any more civilians to be hurt they should stop their sneaky bombings. You yourself said that defense should only take place when tanks and guns are coming at you, but the Israeli soldiers were mostly asleep and couldn't get to their bomb shelters in time, so many of them died. They DIED, but only a few civilians got hurt. So I ask you, what is equal about that? I have to look at it in the right perspective.

Also, you keep mentioning the bombing of Japanese cities long ago. I don't have to tell you again what has been told to you before in this blog about the imperialist aims of that country at that time, the cruel tortures of Americans, Filipinos, Chinese. They are still a hated people. They refused to surrender because they thought their emporer was a God and he told them not to surrender, not to the last woman and child if they did not want the Americans to eat them. (Leaders lie to their people). So, it is true that those bombs killed the few to save the many. That country is doing better than any country in the Middle East now, they know their emporer is not a god, and they know Americans don't eat babies.

Mohamed, most people in this world, even the non-Muslim and non-Christian, are humanitarian and moderate, and right the wrongs they can, otherwise this world would be a living Hell. That is what you can do, as we all can do. Condemn the evil ones in your culture and religion and government, as we here try to do. All we can do is raise our voices, demonstrate, write, blog, etc. against all the greed and viciousness that cause wars.

I agreed with lots that Bin Laden said in his last video, about our war criminals, the overreaching of of capitalists, about our failing prestige in the world, about our failing economy, ignoring the United Nations, giving the Presidency ever-more unlimited powers, about the quagmire Congress is in, our leaders lying to us, our own soldiers decrying what they have been ordered to do and being driven to start protests against our involvement in Iraq, etc. However, Bin Laden lost me when he invited us Americans to embrace Islam, the "only true religion". He thinks the greatest mistake we can make is to "die outside of Islam". He sounds just like the evangelical Christians who think that the greatest tragedy is to die without confessing our sins and professing a belief in Jesus as Savior.

I am not a Christian or a Muslim. I believe in the Ten Commandments and the moral lessons in the Old and New Testaments, but I believe that the Evangel and the Qu'ran have twisted and changed the intent of those Testaments.

Still, I retain a faith in America, because I am free to worship or not worship as I please, to criticize our leaders without being thrown in jail, to change from one religion to the other without having a fatwah or whatever thrown at me.

I am grateful to God for what I have, and I think that is what He really wants. I pray all day long, not in a church or five times a day on a carpet. Everytime I sit down at this computer I thank God, everytime I cook I thank Him for my wonderful appliances, I thank Him for my garden, etc. If things go wrong, I do all my best to change things, and if I can't, then I leave it to God.

Mohamed, you said that Islam is the only complete system for all of life: how to love others, help others, be charitable, respect elders, be merciful to animals and the weak, be ethical in all things, respect others' beliefs, be moderate and industrious. But Islam is not the only way, nor is Evangelical Christianity, and I am beginning to think that zealot Judaism taint that religion. I find prosletyzing of religions a great arrogance. The Jews don't do that, but some factions can be arrogant too.

Now that I have insulted everybody, I will print this all out: click, CTRL A, CTRL C, open Word, click, CTRL V.

Emilie Garcia
Port Orchard, WA


Bravo! Emilie, Barb, Loop Garoo,
Mud_rake, and Mohamed! We sound off
and that gives our fine Host the opportunity to get a micro-view of
our U.S.A. Culture. Everyone has an
equal voice! There is no religious
authority here, no "Piety-Police" (Mutawah) forcing us to pray to a
single god. Not here!

Our Great 1st Amendment is in this
group! We can follow or decline. We
have the greatest set of laws in all of human history. Women are equal, and speak with equal wisdom. Not so, in Saudi Arabia!

Where Are Your Egyptian Friends, Mohamed? There are some valuable lessons here; do you agree?

If they have fear, invite them to
my weblog, if you trust them. reb

Anonymous said...

Every Religion believes that they
alone are the One True Faith, the only Truth.

If you do not believe it - they'll
Kill You!

Tommy Tomas

Anonymous said...

Real Answers to Real Questions:
Jesus, the Bible, origin of Christianity & more . . .