Sep 7, 2007


I'm preparing for special posts on 11th and 12th of this month.
Wait for them!!!



I can hardly wait! Is it another one-sided version of why we Evil Infidels suffered the rath of "holy" men like Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and Ayman al Zawahiri?

Another sneak attack on the "Great Satan", just like Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

I hope not. reb



Do that have Psychiatry Studies at your University in Cairo?

I am very much interested in only
Two Types of Insanity. Only Two!

a) CANNIBALISM: This is a very old culture, where the warrior Eats The
Loser! This culture is slowly dying
out. I would like to know one thing
about these strange people...What is there favorite vegetable?
b) JIHADISM: This group is really fascinating. They are led by "Holy
and I want to know more about them. I've heard that they Eat Lamb & Goat. About 10% believe that it's O.K. to kill non-believers, or just capture and enslave them, Label them as the "Dhimmi", and allow them to exist as sub-human.

The most curious part is this:

Some of them are persuaded to kill their enemy by wrapping bombs on their bodies, going into a crowded
market-place, and POOF!...they immediately land in Heaven, where they are promised Great Rewards... Even virgins! The educated among them Fly Planes Into Buildings!

If they stop eating so much of the Lamb & Goat, would their Insanity Disappear? If I have a Corrupt View
of this 10%, Please explain it, on our Snake Hunters Weblog.

It's a strange world, with many odd
cultures and customs. I'd like to
know more about Islam from mohamed.
You have studied it. I have not.


If I am mistaken on any point of
(a), or of (b), please inform me. I am old, and not very smart. reb

mud_rake said...

Mohamed- you'll have to pardon him as he is filled with vinegar.



I'll raise a toast to that! What flavor vinegar is on your label?



If you check Mud-Rake, you will find he is an Old Skeptic That Hates All People With a "Christian Moral Compass". Mud-rake regularly Uses RIDICULE on any Overtly 'Christian Blog'. He Hates 'Em!

His Own Creed is easily found on his own weblog, where he Worships at the Mud-Alter of "Secular-Progressive Socialism". Why does he
hide pedantic arrogance? He's a
poor sales-rep for his elaborate notions. He's WWP, Personified!

"Better To Reign In Hell, Than To
Serve In Heaven". What a terrible waste of energy & talent!
To engage him in discussion, is
futile. Just Like A 'Religionist', He Already Has Total Truth! reb