Aug 28, 2007

Why don't we discuss?!!

'..explosive strapes..', '..Qaida..', '..terrorism..', '..Islamofascism..', '..Holy War ..'

'..the grim bloodshed demanded by the Kill-Culture of Islam. You choose Offensive Jihad, Suicidal Bombs, 'Honor Killing' of your young girls, Chopping off heads & hands in Allah's name! ..'

'Qur'an is both a religious text and a text of genocidal madness, ..'

'Hatred of 5 Million Jews, or 5 Billion non-believer (Infidel) ..'

'Qur'an calls Muslims to fight all 'athiests', polytheists, all who don't follow the prohibitions set forth by Muhammad, People of the Book..'

'... Mohammed commanded slaughtering all non-Muslims ..'

'Do you believe in your women having equal rights Under The Law, or not?'
and more ...

These are few words said by my blog guests and on the web which express how the image of Islam is so corrupted and so defaced in the West and how Westerns see Islamic religion. If you hear the word 'Islam' what will be the first thoughts which will come to your mind as a Western?!!!

Terrorism?!! 9-11?!! Bin Laben?!! Qaeda?!! Jihad?!! Dhimmi?!! Suicide bombers?!! Hijacking planes?!! Exploding stations?!! Fundamentalis?!!

Am I right?!!

Actually this makes me very sad, very disappointed. Not only because I'm Muslim and this is the image of my religion in minds of those who don't know it, but also as a human to see a religion be defaced and be fought this way. Islam isn't killing innocents, Islam isn't straping an explosive strap and bombing yourself in a bus station, Islam isn't creating a group to frighten safe people, Islam isn't cutting 'infidels' heads, Islam isn't Bin Laden, Islam isn't Qaeda, Islam isn't Zawahri, Islam isn't 9-11, Islam isn't terrorism, Islam isn't killing innocents, kids, women, oldmen and injured, Islam isn't how to hate those who don't follow it, Islam isn't 'Holy war', Islam isn't how to restrict women, Islam isn't how to delete any other belief. Islam isn't only Jihad, Islam isn't only Dhimmis rights, Islam isn't only Hijab and Niqab.

Islam is a complete system for all the life. Islam is how to love others whether Muslims or non-Muslims, Islam is how to help others, Islam is how to make charity, Islam is how to equal between man and woman, Islam is how to respect the old, Islam is how to be merciful to the little, Islam is how to be kind to animals, Islam is how to have best ethics in every thing (policy, dealings, war), Islam is how to respect others beliefs, Islam is how to be moderate in every thing, Islam is how to value woman as a mother, daughter, wife, sister and grandmother, Islam is how to work hard for the best of the world. In a word; Islam is a peace, love and moderation message.

Every Muslim knows these facts, but there is many of non-Muslims who don't know these facts, in contrary they think and believe strongly in the opposite. It's a real problem. A problem to misguide and mislead millions of Westerns and make them have a completely corrupted image about Islamic religion. And it must be sloved, this solution is very important because of many reasons; one of them is that there is an international Islamophobia which makes millions frightened from Islam and Muslims and may hate them. Another reason is that Muslims represents about 1.4 billion people and this is an enough reason to know about the reality of 20% of world's population's belief. Also political and economical cooperation and love among societies and peoples can't come when there is a corrupted image about one community of these various communities. In addition; a lie musn't last for a long time.

This solution will come when there is open-minded people from both sides; Muslims and Westerns, who are ready to talk, ready to listen to the other side, ready to understand, ready to build, ready to find common places, ready to coexist, who are moderate, who really knows the necessity of this speech, who believe in the importance of cooperation among nations in this age.

So, I'm inviting here for a speech, a speech built on understanding and listening, a speech which aims at reaching the truth, a speech which aims at understanding each other and meeting in one common area. Which don't start from; 'You are accused, then defend yourself', but starts from; 'I don't know about your belief, then tell me'. Who will accept?!!


The Loop Garoo Kid said...

I have been harboring a question for a few weeks. Please tell us about the course of law you are studying. Is it secular Egyptian law? Islamic law? A combination?

will consider your post in the meanwhile.


Mohamed, You have a very good suggestion here! Thank you. It seems that you are sincere in your wish to know more of the origins of the American perspective.

Here is your key to understanding:

I have a Post, written by a scholar
of the Middle-Eastern complexity. Follow this path to find it!

a) Go to Snake Hunters
b) Scroll down to Judaism/March 26,06
c) Bottom of Post CLICK BLUE SIGN
d) Scroll Down to 3 more BLUE SIGNS
e) Click Left~"Eye of the Storm" - by Haim Harari

Read Carefully ~ Print!
I sincerely hope this will help your studies.

Shalom. reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Well Mohamed, I thought about your post. Whereas I am unwilling to condemn Islam and all Muslims out of hand, it would be an understatement to say that Islam has a rather severe public relations problem.

I will make one point and make one suggestion. In your post you wrote: "Islam is not killing innocents...etc." Unfortunately, Islam is all of those things. Certainly that wasn't the Prophet's intent but that is what is happening. You cannot pretend it isn't happening, although I think you do your best to pretend.

Westerners react to what they see. Christians do not become suicide bombers; Buddhists do not become suicide bombers; members of no other religion with which I am familiar become suicide bombers and blow themselves up together with innocent men, women and children who are their coreligionists. Muslims become suicide bombers.

Yet for months you have steadfastly refused to address this issue.

If you believe that Islam is misunderstood; if you believe Muslims are misunderstood; then the change must not come from we Westerners. The change must come from you.

I sugggest you stand up and declare yourself: "I Mohamed Fadly am a Muslim. I denounce suicide bombing as being unIslamic. I denounce honor killings as being unIslamic. I denounce al Qaeda. I believe that flying aircraft into office buildings; detonating explosives on passenger trains; and using Muslim charities to raise funds for such activities are an abomination against the Islamic faith. I renounce such practices for myself and for all true Muslims.

Osama bin Laden is a criminal. Ayman al Zawahiri is a criminal. Neither of these individuals represents Islam."

Until you declare yourself, which you have yet to do; until you also recognize that the modern state of Israel has a right to exist, we are not going to have a very productive dialogue.



Please answer Loop Garoo's question
about your Law Studies. Are they

a) Egyptian Civil Law?
b) Islamic Sharia Law?
c) What name, your Law School?
The following words Are Not Western Words,
nor are they Christian Words;
They are spoken by a prominent Muslim, right here on American Soil!

Omar Ahmed said, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to be Dominant! The Koran should be the Highest Authority in America, and the only accepted religion on earth!"

These unmistakable words are from the mouth of the Chairman of C.A.I.R.,
Your words are so sweet. His words
are those of a murderous monster,
That We Must Confront!
Power Corrupts the mind, heart &
bowels of the Evil One. By their fruit ye shall know them! The Snake
Speaks With A Forked-Tongue!

The seller of an old & sick Camel
has a mouth full of honey in a foreign village, and is admired when he arrives back home!

Mohamed sounds like a nice fellow,
but Loop Garoo and Snake Hunter remain cautious, because you avoid
the tough questions. We are hopeful that you will Strongly and
Bravely, denounce the obvious evil intentions of the suicidal killers and their pious Imams that teach hatred in the madrassa, and offer virgins to the village idiot.

We would think highly of you Mohamed, if you would simply answer the questions...on our Snake Hunters Blog!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Loop Garoo and this
Snake Hunter fellow are being too
specific with the questions!

Obviously, this young man is not a
Law Student at an Egyptian University;

He is a sincere student of only One Religion.

He attempts to shun or justify the clear evidence of the huge amount of suicide bombings in many countries; he will not discuss the guilt or the innocence of parents that cut the throat of a young daughter accused of "sex sin". The so-called "Honor Killings" are found only within Islam, and he is too embarrassed to give an opinion.

Years of "holy" indoctrination has
taken a fine mind, corrupted it with an ancient doctrine, added Hatred, and it's a sad thing to behold. Blame the Imam, not this young student!

Perhaps Allah will choose to save him, but you two guys will not! He may decide to read the scholarly writings of Haim Hariri, where much
wisdom in found. Who can say?

Pappy Greybeard

The Loop Garoo Kid said...


See what I mean about the PR problem?

I continue to exhort you to address these issues.


Mohamed said...

Aren't you going to quit this silly game?!! The game of 'Anonymous' comments!!!


You read the questions; you think hard about the questions; you appear too timid to Answer The Questions.

The Truth is becoming Obvious.
Re-read your words, not mine.

a) FACT: Mohamed Is Not A Law Student. He defends an ancient and brutal religious view. He is only a Malleable religious student! How sad that he pretends to be what he is not.

b) Mohamed looks at one side of a coin, but FEARS to look at the other side. Imam forbids it!

c) The Closed Mind Says, "I am very
young, but thanks to my Infallible
Imam, At nineteen. I already possess Total Truth! So, I will avoid and ignore all "Outside Reality"; I'll use trickery & deception at every opportunity! Clever Lying is not a "Sin"
when it is used on a non-believer!

d) So, who 'Wins'?

e) My guess is, The Sunni Egyptian & Saudi Royals will lose their Empires to their Persian Superiors.

They Are The Masters of Deception.

We know these guys well. We are patiently waiting...We Americans are prepared to confront them!

We Saved Europe & The Western Pacific 60 years ago, perhaps we'll save the Sunni in this one.

Ignore the scholars of history, and Your Arrogance Loses! Only Truth will set you free. A little bit of truth is dangerous! Teach a five year old to make a bomb, what will happen to him? You have just begun To Think!

Patience Is Golden. reb

Mohamed said...

Snake Hunters,

You asked good questions. And don't claim please that they are 'tough' because I didn't replied them at once, but I'm traveling this holiday so much so I don't have the time to reply you at once. And notice that you were more than 2 months late for replying me without a 'sorry' or evevn clarifying the reason of your lateness. Any way, here you are my answers of your questions.

You asked many questions, so I'll answer them briefly now and I hope to make posts about their topics in the future.

About your atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshema; I just think that if the only purpose for Americans to kill this half million of civilians is to finish the war, they would only drop it on the main place of Japanese army (killing civilians don't equal killing soldiers fighting against you), or they would pay for the destruction caused by them without waiting for Japanese governemnt to pay for them (a 'good' person will make charity before any other body). Any way, talking about this topic is useless, Americans committed their crime, half million of civil Japanese are already killed, and millions of Japanese are sad for their relatives killed so barbaricly. We won't get back them again to life.

About C.A.I.R. chairman, that's his problem not my problem. I always say; If you are going to judge Islam judge Islam, If you are going to judge Muslims judge Muslims.

Why you are so angry for the belief of some Muslims of 'Dominating' 300 Millions?!!! America is dominating 6 billions and without a permission of any of them, and what is the result?!! Do you think that the world is becming safer?!!!

'You choose Offensive Jihad, Suicidal ...' Is that a question or an order?!!!
Who told you that I approve on killing innocents?!!! Are you forcing me to believe in a thing which I oppose by all my heart?!!! Dear, I'm free enough to say that killing innocents (of any nationality (Iraqi, Palestinain, American, Italian, English ..etc) or religion (Muslim, Christian, Jew, No religion, ..etc)) is a shamfull, painfull and horrible thing which must be stopped. If you have a different point of view then you can't claim that I believe in it till I tell you. Clear?!!!

'Hatred of 5 Million Jews, or 5 Billion non-believer (Infidel..'
Who hate who?!!!! Muslims don't hate Jews or 'infidels'. The Islamic rule which I consider the best about that topic says what means; ' Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. ' 60:8 No body can force me to hate another body.

'Your "Holy War"' Again, you insist to make me believe in a thing which I don't believe in, War against who?!!! And why I would fight against a body who didn't hurted me?!!!

As for Iranian 'nuclear ''weapon''' I don't support using all-destrucive weapons, because they are against my religion and against humanity. But if some states have them and will use them to threat world's safety (as America who have it and used it, Israel, England ..etc), so why don't other states have them too?!!! Not only Americans who are afraid on their 'National safety' but we also ae afraid on our safety, and we have the complete right to save it. And also Iran as any state have the right to save its safety.

'Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, and the Freedom to Think, without Government Imposing a Cruel Penalty is essential to mankind's progress! Do you agree, or not?'
I don't only agree, but I'm ready to fight and fight to have these simple rights, I hope one day that we all enjoy these rights, every one to be free to criticize bad things in the society, to believe freely in what he really believes in, .. etc.

'Do you believe in your women having equal rights Under The Law, or not?'
This question (and many of your other words) so simply briefs how you see Islamic religion. Yes, I believe that 'my' women must have equal rights under Islamic law, oh sorry, it's really happeneing. Islam gives the woman the right to work, inherit, marry through her acceptence, 'drive', .... and to do every thing as a human being. If you aren't convinced you can visit and search for every thing you like, or tell me and I'll make a post 'research' of what Islam gives woman.

Yes, the story of Hagar and Ishmael is recorded in Qur'an and Hadith but with some differences, we consider Ishmael and Isac as Prophets, Bible don't consider Ishmael as a prophet. Do you know that Muslims believe that both Bible (Old Testament, New Testament) and Qur'an are sent by Allah?!!

About your question about my law studies, I study Egyptian Civil, Commercial, Criminal law, and also International law. Our Civil law is taken from French civil law, and Criminal law depends so much on Italian Criminal law. And I study also Shari'a (Shari'a main priciples in the 1st year, Marriage and Divorce principles in the 2nd year, Inheriting principles in the 3rd year, principles of Fiqh in the 4th year). I hope that one day Islamic Shari'a rules the government of my state one day, I beileve that my state will be better whether its Policy, Economy or Society. (Note: I'm sure that you have sensitivity towards Islamic Shri'a, so my advice as a person who studied and understood Shari'a -before believed in it- deeper than you is that if you are going to understand a thing go to its resources not to others who commented about it, and to be deep in your understanding -don't restrict yourself in your understanding-) May be I'm younger much than you, but me myself don't see a problem to hear the advice of a person younger than me if his advice was right, or sometimes I may hear the advice of an enemy. Am I right?!!

Now, my turn to ask, and your turn to answer. I read half of the 'speech' you sent for me and I think that it have many true things, and also it has many lies. About saying that Arabian-Israeli conflict isn't the main problem of the Arabian and Islamic world let me correct this thinking for him. That's true that there is problems in Sudan, Egypt, ..etc, but they all are inner problems of their states, as for the Palestinain problem it's the problem of all Arabs, Muslims and all justice lovers in whole the world.
I liked his word that word is some times stronger than weapons and this raises a good point. Americans tried to use the way they are good in which is using weapons, force and power and they didn't succeed in stopping killings of innocents, so why don't they let us try our way which are good in; I mean the word. Why don't they let Muslim Imams and scholars to advice Muslim youth about the fact of Islam and that Islam isn't killing others, and that Islam orders us to love others not to kill them. Why don't they try?!!

My question which was 'too tough' for two other Americans to answer, a friend and a blog guest. What do you think about the Palestinain problem; we Arabs and Muslims see it as a religious group (Jews) came to Palestinian lands and invaded them and declared their own state through evacuating a people from their homes and killing thouthands and thouthands of innocents and civilians and kids, as a result this state is against the international and humanical law, so we mustn't support it. And the other question, if you imagined yourself in your own state and found groups of a specific people coming to your state and then they declared their own state and deleted your state and they killed your brothers, sons, wife, parents (I hope that this don't happen) so how will you feel then towards this new state declared on your own lands?!!! And how will you feel towards the world who supported declaring this state?!!! And what will you do when you find yourself evacuated from your home where you and your family lived for hundreds of years and members of this group lived in it?!!!! Please in your answer don't ignore thouthands of children killed by this group, and thouthands of homes have been destroyed, and just answer through your OWN point of view, not history.
I hope that you don't consider this question 'tough' and ignore it, and to be able to answer it, not like the other two.

You know, you have a specific image about Islamic religion and about me, I doubt that you need to change it because your media still insisting and insisting on you that 'Muslims are terrorits' till you said 'Muslims are terrorists', and I doubt also that you really need to discuss and understand, you didn't really accept my invitation. If you really want to prove that you want to discuss and to understand read my post; Aggressor or Defender (Rational talk) and answer the questions. In addition; why you are so angry about those who kill innocents under the name of Islam claiming that they will enter paradise?!! Is that only because they are Muslims?!! Or because they kill innocents?!!! Remeber that your government killed half million of Japanese innocents. Don't say please; 'Just to end the war'. This is just a justification the same like when Qaeda has justifications to kill innocents. You say; 'To end the war', they say; 'Qur'an ordered us'. And I believe that both are wrong, both killed innocents for no reason, killing innocents can't be justified.

I hope that you read my long response slowly and understood all what I wanted to say to you. And I apologize if I were tough some thing, but what will you do if you found the other side trying to tell that you believe in many things which you refuse from your heart and through your religion?!!!

Notice that if you really want to understand you won't say; 'You are lieing' but you have better to say; 'Provide your evidences from you religious texts about these things'. Just tell me about a specific topic to argue about in detail.

Peace be with you,

Mohamed said...

What is your problem reb?!!!

In the same time you were typing these reviles I was typing my response. So again, what is your problem?!!!

Not because I was late for few days so I can't reply. I'm too busy this holiday. You ignored me for more than 2 months. What I did?!! Did I say these silly words?!!! Did I revile you?!!

This way won't work with me. And I stated obviously in the post; Which don't start from; 'You are accused, then defend yourself', but starts from; 'I don't know about your belief, then tell me'. I doubt that you really want to understand my religion, you just want to still reviling and accusing. I believe that reviling is the way of those who have no evidences about their claims.

Have patience, be polite.


Mohamed, You have taken your valuable time to teach me about Islam; that is why I believe in your sincerity.

a) I did not ignore you for two months; you left me to complete your school test. Remember?

b) I have spent most of my adult life searching for the "Creator" of
all things. You will not like my conclusions.

c) I have studied the most ancient
religions, and even recent Mormonism,
that CLAIM a prophet, and "holy men" that Claim to have the Power of "Divine Revelations"! Like all the others, they are not Holy At All. In the Roman Catholic Faith, they Claim that the Pope is Infallible (!) in matters of Faith & Morals!

Israeli & Islam believe strange things, because of their Cultural Heritage, all without evidence! Their Gods Are Silent!

Moses Claimed that he talked to a
Burning Bush! He came down the mountain with Five Good Basic Laws,out of Ten Commandments. One said, 'Thou Shalt Not Kill!'

He saw some of his 'Good People' worshipping a Golden Calf! He said,
"Kill them!"

When Joshua went into Jericho, he killed "man & women, young & old, and Sheep, Ox, and Ass, with the edge of the Sword!

When "Holy Men" attempt to speak for their Silent Gods, blood flows!
All religions, given enough time, will turn to Violence to retain their hold on Power!

Is Islam so different? Wahhabism,
Shiite, Hamas, Sunni, Fatah, plus Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic
will ALL HATE THE NON-BELIEVER! I reserve final judgement. Some hate me, and tell me I'm going to hell.

Some, like bin Laden, Zawahiri, Ahmadinejad, Khomeini, Hitler, and Joseph Stalin all have bloody hands, and want their Own Brand of Thought...To Rule the World! I think that this is INSANITY!

Jesus told his people Not to Pray In Public, see Matthew 6:5. They Ignore Him! They pray on street corners, in the synagogue, in most Christian Churches, and now even on Television! Shame on them all.

Some of these Pious Rascals call me an Agnostic! I have no doubt that some would like to see me dead. Do you think I am evil, Mohamed? I will die soon enough. Will that make you happy?

I believe that Astronomers have more real Faith, than all the Pious Rascals walking on this sad planet. Am I evil, or bad?

Large Religion, cruelty; small religion...Peaceful. Tell me why.

Have patience, be polite, before you throw that skull-crushing rock at me. Your friend, reb


Come to my History Post. Talk to me
from your heart, not your religion.

I invite you to speak openly about
your doubts; not about things that
other men say they believe. Their actions
always speak louder than words!

Come to my History Post, July 4th,
2006. Read the honest history that really happened in the last eighty years. Comment about your doubts when you read these Verifiable Facts. About WWII, and all men that died to make this world a better place for your family and mine; for all cultures! Did these brave people die in vain?

The next war will be Nuclear, but not two bombs, perhaps thousands.
Earth will never again be normal.

That's what Ahmadinejad prays for, in his fantasy. Do you believe in the magical return of the Madhi? Do you believe that a great fish swallowed Jonah? I do not! I have many doubts about religious stories. Do you like honest talk, or does it make you nervous? Your friend, reb



Each human is different, like a thumb-print. I will create a short story to illustrate a point:

There was a goat farmer, and he went
to feed his animals some grain. He
also had a second bucket, half-full
of precious jewels, gold coins and
wrist watches. The goat quickly accepted the first bucket, ignored the second as worthless. Offer a goat a Gold Coin; you see?
Time, experience, and cultural differences Dictate Value. To some,
it's extremely important to force their "Value Bucket" on others, especially their religious notions!
They are angry when rejected!

These people will Hate or Kill any
individual that refuses to accept
Those Values!

These people are truly Mentally Ill. They need our help, not our scorn. Some are dangerous when united in large groups. When the world see it happening in other nations, they Ignore It. When a bomb explodes in their own marketplace killing innocent shoppers, then They'll Wake Up.
Slow awakening is in process right now.

We, in the USA argue and bicker, and we play political games, and seek political power in 50 states; we have not fully grasped the terror that is soon to return.

One Bomb in a crowded Mall, killing
a few hundred people will awaken a Sleeping Giant. Then All Hell Will
Break Out. Nothing Will Stop It!

Anniversary 9/11 is a few days away, we are sleeping...six years!
Am I A Prophet? Of Course Not! For Every Action, there is a Reaction.

Maybe tomorrow. reb


That is the Reality Today. We see the terrible bombings, in Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, London, and in New York City. We see the gross killings in the Sudan, and other
areas on the African Continent.

These multiple incidents have One
Source, One Tragic Beginning. One Belief System that began with Good
Intentions. Help the poor, the sick
and the elderly. Honor your Parents, spread the Good News.
Then, over centuries, Evil men pretending holiness, adopted as their own, and high-jacked, and laid claim to these fine ideals and written documents and Rules Governing Conduct.

They demand that others call them
Royalty, and claim "Royal Blood!"
Saudi Royal Blood!

Their Oil Wealth is staggering! They can now buy Kingdoms, appoint Kings, create corrupt governments,
build Mosques in every foreign land. Finally, Rule The World with
an Iron Fist; Put Women In Large Black Bags; Chop Heads & Hands On "Holy Friday" To Instill Fear, Enforce Their Laws! It's the History of Wahhabism!

Eventually, the whole world will awaken to this dangerous trend. It
takes time to realize the danger.
Countless millions will suffer and die.

This is why International Jihad must someday Fail! Then the Tides Of Religious War will turn against
the fanatic that seeks to Force His
God, his Value System On All People Everywhere.

It Is The Lesson Of History!

Free-Thinking People Say, NO! reb

Mohamed said...


Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, we made a deal to meet after my test, but I notified you exactly after I finished my post 'Aggressor or defender'. Remember?

You must know firstly that Islam (or me if you want my personal view and belief) don't consider a prophet or a messenger as holy men which are divine. Popes, Imams, Mullahs, .. etc none of them are infallible, actually the biggest mistake is to claim to be infallible. That's Islamic belief, and also I belive in that. An Imam for me is just a scholar who studied Islamic sciences more than me, so I ask him and hear him, if I want to know about physics I'll ask a physics scientist, and he can't force me, only my God who I surrender to.
And you must know that if Shia's may believe that their scholars are infallible or have the ability to do magical things, then I don't, I'm Sunni.

You said before and you're saying it now again: 'Silent Gods', and I'm intersted to discuss this point. Beliefing in God as creator of this Universe don't mean that He controls every thing in our lives. Yes, He knows every thing, past, present and future. But we have the free will, we have the choice, we have the freedom to choose any way. Don't you think then that the belief that God isn't silent so it opposes with these admitted facts?!! I understood your words 'Silent God' that if He isn't silent we will wait for Him to do every thing to us, we'll wait for Him to build our civilization, we'll wait for Him to refresh our economy, we'll wait for Him to lead our governemnt, we'll wait for Him to salvate us, all when we are in our homes waiting for the miracle to happen !!!! Do you think that it's logical?!! Don't you think that this opposes with human positivity?!!! Don't you think that this completely opposes with freedom and choice?!!! The way we believe in Allah isn't that He is going to make every thing for us, but in contrary we are required to do every thing by ourselves and after that we ask Allah for His help. Do you believe that this Universe has a God?!!!

That's completely untrue that Muslims hate non-believers. I think I told you the rule before. If I truly hate you -as a non-believer- I wouldn't waste a minute with a guy who I hate, right?!! Millions of Muslims wouldn't come to your contries, right?!!!

No, I don't think you're an evil. If you truly want my own point of view about you, I'm ready to tell you very honestly, and I hope that you accept it openly.
I believe that you're misguided about religions in general including my religion. Your Media affected you so much by the way of showing the worst side of some followers of Islamic religion who use Qur'an and Hadith to justify their horrible crimes like Bin Laden and Zawahri. For pity, you suffer from the disease of 'generalism', you think that when some use Islamic resources to justify their crimes then this directly and with no doubt leads to the conclusion that Islamic texts invite for these crimes. You always think bad of me and wait for the worst reaction and the worst answer. I think that your cure is not to judge a thing before studying this thing very carefully.
That's so honestly how I think about you.

I believe I replied about the question of Mahdi but I'll answer again. Yes, I believe he will appear in the end of the world, but I believe in his appearence as a normal good leader, I believe in him as a human. I don't believe that he already exist now in a cave, or that he disappeared in the age of 6. This is Shiie belief, and I think it's against normal logical thinking.

Who is Jonah?!!

I don't like a kingdom rule, or the way of inheriting authority to sons, this is against democracy. I don't believe that Saudi kings have royal blood. In addition, I didn't hear them claiming that before, who told you that?!!

Mecca is a special place long long years ago, since Prophet Abraham built the Ka'ba there. Mecca is a holy place for all Muslims, not only Saudis. Not Saudis who made it holy.

Yes, I don't like any thing but an honest talk, also I like a talk pured from exchanged accusations and reviles. I like a talk which aims at a thing, may be understanding each other, may be finding common areas, but a talk with no target is useless.

I hope that the message is deleivered.

Waiting for your answers and 'reaction' on my long answer on 'Why don't we discuss?!!' comments..




From the beginning, I had hoped for
a frank and honest discussion. Now,
I believe we have come a very long way toward that goal!
Your constant use of the word "reviles" was new; I had never
used it, ever, in writings or conversation; never heard it used one time. It means 'verbal abuse'.
(This is not criticism). I wish to avoid verbal abuse.
Your website does not permit me to
print! Some of your words are worthy of my three-ring binder, for
my students. Some things are for my
circle of friends. We wish to know
more about your True views on Our
Weblog, so there is more understanding, less hatred!

Your limited knowledge of early 20th Century Imperial Japan was a
real shock! Much of Your World View
of Japanese, German, & Russian motivation is shockingly wrong.
They were Totalitarian Brutes!
They slaughtered millions.

That's why I insist that you go to
World History Books For Truth. Not
American Books, Not Islamic Books,
World Authoritative History Books, written by Historical Scholars of WWII; these we can both respect.

The USA is not perfect, but in its
brief history, it is kinder, gentler that Popes, Dictators, and
Kings, and Grand Ayatollahs, because our frame-work (Paradigm)
under Freedom, allows for Self-Criticism, Self-Examination! Cruel
Kingdoms, Dictatorships or Religions will not permit Any Criticism! They severly punish it.

When we hear or read Blatant Lies
or clever propaganda aimed at our
our system, we say, Show us a better nation! Show us a Fair Nation; a nation that allows our people to throw out the bad politicians, Without Bloodshed or
Revolution! Why Do They Come Here, If We Are So Evil? All Are Trying To Come Here For A Reason. Some For Freedom...Some to Destroy Freedom! That's What We See With
C.A.I.R. They have an Anti-Freedom
Agenda inside our borders. They wish to Dominate. That will fail.

When people point to Hiroshima/Nagasaki and say, look at
them! They started the A-Bomb War!

This shows a complete lack of knowledge of True History! Albert Einstein told our president FDR in 1941, that Adolph Hitler had a Heavy-water Plant in Norway! He said, "If that monster gets it First, He Will Rule the World!"
Well Mohamed, We Americans had it first, and we did not move to rule
the world, did we? Then Russian scientists got the A-bomb, and for decades there was a "Cold War", an
uneasy Peace. The Nuclear Genie was
out of the bottle!

Now, Crazy Ahmadinejad wants a Nuke! He has said that he wants to Wipe A Tiny Enemy Off The Map! Should the world believe him? Does he like Suicidal Murder for his Iran? What should we think? Is he really insane? What do Sunni think? Do they worry about this Nutty System of Government?

I Think We All Have A Problem. Do you have any easy answers to these complex questions? Does wild religious ideas matter? Oh yes! reb

Please Go Back To My Weblog. I wish
to print your answers, for my friends to read.

(This will be my last communique here). reb

Barb said...

Hello, Mohammad,

I am a lowly woman, a grandmother and a Christian, in America.

I believe the Bible is an accurate historical account of God's involvement with man, his highest creation.

I believe that Jesus Christ was sent from God to save us from our sins. Our deeds need not be weighed on the scales of good and evil. We can know we are saved for eternal life with God because of what Christ did on the cross.

He is the Passover Lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world. His life outweighs our sins on the scales. When Abraham went to sacrifice his son out of obedience to God, God provided the lamb instead for the sacrifice.

In jesus Christ, God provided the lamb for the world --all our sins. We are no longer under the curse of death and the burden of our sins. We are not going to be weighed and found wanting--as to whether our deeds were good or bad --instead Jesus paid the debt for our sins--and we choose to be as good as we can out of love and obedience to Him.

You said you believed the Old and New Testaments as well as the Koran--but the Koran changes the story of Jesus --and says Jesus did not die for our sins and rise from the dead. Yet the whole New Testament is very convincing. The first christians believed this very thing --and were willing to die for this truth--because many of them had witnessed His miracles, His death and his resurrection. They knew Jesus was more than a prophet.

Then Mohammad (blessed be His name, you would say) says HE is the greatest prophet --that HIS written version of Jesus' life and ministry should be believed --even though he was not there and he himself did not rise from the dead.

why should you believe mohammad instead of Jesus, the true Prince of Peace --who never told anyone to "kill the infidel." Who never referred to Christians as monkeys and Jews as pigs --which references were recently found in new Saudi textbooks for Muslim school children.

I heard the fellows here challenge you to denounce the 9/11 tragedy and Osama. did you do that? I don't think you did.

You just continue to defend Islam and denounce bad Muslims generally.

I think you are right to fear reprisal from other Muslims if you name Osama as a bad man and denounce the events of 9/11?

am I right about this? There is much to fear in your own mosques --from fellow Muslims.

Did you deny that many Muslims DO oppress women according to Koranic teaching? that women do not have drivers' licenses in Saudi Arabia, is that true? that Iran is doing more than defending itself --but oppressing its young people and women terribly. (see this week's Time magazine--an article by an Iranian woman reporter.)

Iran would use the bomb to annhilate Israel --their leader threatened Israel in a speech. He denies their right to exist. so does Palestine.

I don't think Iran is just interested in self-defense --I think they are dangerous to the world if they have nuclear energy.

We, on the other hand, are not. Granted we shot off the first A bombs and ended war with Japan--whose military leader wanted to keep fighting --but after the bombs, the emperor surrendered. They did attack us first. They were not going to quit. It was against their sense of honor to surrender. They were very cruel to our prisoners of war, forcing them to march to their deaths. It took those A bombs to stop them.

I think america would be very reluctant to use such bombs again --but some are so weary of the middle east and their hatreds --they say to make the whole area into a parking lot. I don't say that. It's not right to say that. It's not CHRISTIAN to say that. But the rest of the world is getting weary of Islamic terrorism and wishes the rest of the peace-loving Muslims would have peace with each other and take care of their own criminals.

Nice to meet you. I wish you well in your studies --and hope you will open your mind to discuss these issues i raise.

mud_rake said...

I am a lowly woman, a grandmother and a Christian, in America.

No, she is not. She is a righteous religious fanatic. Your blog has now been infected.



Let's cut the small-talk!

No Woman Is "Lowly". Barb is not Lowly. Women Are At Least Equal, with different roles!

My Wife & Daughters, not lowly.

Under Our 1st Amendment Principle,
she has an Equal Right to speak, to think, to believe what she likes
about a possible 'Creator'. I have a right to Remain A Skeptic!

I'm An American Citizen! reb



Who Is It That Gives Islam a Corrupted Image?

American Media, Spanish Media, British Media, Israeli Media?

Reuters? United Press? al Jazeera?

Or, is it possible...that the Suicidal Bombers hoping in vain that their 'Holy' Instructors Speak Truth; for a Heavenly God to grant them special favors in heaven...for the brutality?

The Terrorists Have Swallowed Lies,
when they were young babies in the Madrassa. They Swallowed Hatred in
Cartoons on Tv! Men make them!

No Wonderful Creator would ever approve such beastiality that these Wild Men Prove, With Their
Bloody Actions! Hamas, Fatah, and
Hezbollah kill each other, if no jews are in the neighborhood; they are also the victims of a corrupted message, delivered by silver tongues. False Prophets!

When Modern Young Educated Iran Throws Mamoud Ahmadinejad Out on his ear, then Peace may follow. Allah Willing, of course. reb