Aug 9, 2007

Shame innocent killers

Dear, I'm going to kill you.
Why, I'm just a 3 months baby?!!
To prevernt more killings.
That's so simply their justification for dropping the Fat boy and the Little boy on Nagasaki and Hiroshema (Those boys aren't funny little cute kids, they are nuclear bombs which melt you if you were 3 miles away from the explosion) killing more than 230000 of innocents. Add to that number the effect of radiation on thousands and thousands which will affect next and next generations.

I really wonder of that logic, to kill to prevent kill!!! That logic reminds me of the logic of Nazis; 'German people is superior than other peoples, so there is no problem to kill any other body' That's why they killed savagely terrible numbers of innocent Jews for no reason but being non-Germans.

I believe that any one who kills innocents will find some justification, any justification, whether logical or not. Qaeda will say Qur'an ordered us, Crusades will say for the sake of the cross, Israel will say self-defence ... Americans also had a justification, and it was to prevent more killings.

I think that that kind of justification shows how human's value really worths for them. No thing. It's really terrible to kill thousands and thousands of kids, women and civilians to stop a war!!! What kind of heart accepts that!!!

If I were Harry Truman, I would do any other thing but killing innocents. I would drop bombs on Japanese army even if they vanished, but not innocents and civilians!! Or may I settle the war by declaring my surrender, my defeat worths no thing if lives of innocents interrupted.

This silly justification is refuted. If it was true that the only reason for killing those innocents was to prevent killing more innocents (!!!) then why didn't America payed for Japan the costs of the destruction caused by those bombs?!!! Didn't kind-hearted Americans knew that Atomic bombs will cause radiation sickness for other thousands and will last for generations?!!!! That's a thing which they should have consider before bombing all those innocents, if they were human being having a human's heart.

Away from any thing, let's hope patience for every family of every innocent killed by a savage barbaric killer, whether he was Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddist, Iraqi, English, Japane.


The Loop Garoo Kid said...


We have a saying: "Ignorance can be cured, but stupid is forever."

Stupidity is a condition that may manifest itself by willfully choosing to remain ignorant.

I am afraid that pretty much describes you: choosing to remain willfully ignorant.

Why don't you familiarize yourself with Japanese culture before WW II before you speak of "innocents."
The Japanese did not believe in surrender. Read a history of the Battle of Iwo Jima or watch Clint Eastwood's films.

Iwo Jima is an island that is 8.125 sq. miles or 21 sq kilometers or 5200 acres. It is loacted 1,200 km or 650 nautical miles south of Tokyo. It was defended by 22,000 Japanese soldiers; over 20,000 were killed; 216 surrendered.

Near the end of the war, The Japanese government began training women and children to kill American soldiers with knives and bamboo spears. So tell me Mohamed, who were the "innocents" here. The Japanese ethos was fight to the death and never surrender: soldier, sailor, civilian, men, women, and children, as you have been previously advised.

Nevertheless, you prattle on, without the benefit of knowing any history. What you spout is gibberish. Most of it is simply stupid as opposed to being offensive, but occasionally you try even my patience.

Why don't you post a few photographs of the aftermath of a suicide bombing in Iraq like the one that killed 19 children the other day?

Why don't you post a photograph of Hamas gunmen executing Fatah loyalists in Gaza?

Better yet, why don't address some of the people who post on your blog instaed of spewing propaganda which rolls off of us like water off of the back of a duck.

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

Ten days and no response from you Mohamed. No other comments either.

We in the desert here?



First, I must answer your suggestion that we "Pay" for the
destruction at Hiroshima/Nagasaki, August, 1945.

Has the now prosperous Japanese Government ever offered to pay for
the damage at Pearl Harbor, or the
Destruction of One Half Of Our Naval Fleet at anchor on Dec 7, 1941 ?


Mohamed, here in the USA there is
an Islamic Organization called C.A.I.R., the Council of America-Islamic Relations. The Chairman is
Omar Ahmad. He speaks fluent English. Pay close attention:

"Islam Isn't In America To Be Equal
to any other faith, but to be Dominant. The Koran should be the Highest Authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth!"

Should We Slap His Face, Or Just...
Cut His Head Off? reb


Two Million Muslims...

Dominating 300 million Freedom-loving Americans?

We have learned the value...
of a multiplicity of religious sects. No single church will ever succeed in Domination. Never!

Thus, we are free to seek a spiritual life, seek out Truth, the Sciences, and the Evolution of Law, without the grim bloodshed demanded
by the Kill-Culture of Islam. You choose Offensive Jihad, Suicidal Bombs, 'Honor Killing' of your young girls, Chopping off heads & hands in Allah's name! Shame on your primitive notions.

Hatred of 5 Million Jews, or 5 Billion non-believer (Infidel) is doomed to
failure in the 21st Century. Your
"Holy War" will sadly kill many, But Not All.

'Ignor-ance' is not a profitable enterprise! reb


The USA has been 'At War', a very limited war, with the Persians, since Nov 4, 1979.

The Grand Ayatollah Khomeini initiated this conflict, he's long dead, and today's Iranian Leadership is hell-bent to continue it. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insists on a Nuclear Confrontation with "Infidels". The Shiite Mind will not change; they also wish to DOMINATE SUNNI ARABS, as well as the "non-believer" and the Jew.

The Saudi Royals are very Aware; the Educated leadership in Egypt are Aware, but You choose to Ignore Reality. Regime change in Tehran is ESSENTIAL...if a modern society is to continue its progress toward a better future for all of the world.

Foolish debate is worthless! May Allah open your eyes. reb




How a small colony of people from
various countries assembled to form
a great nation in such a short space of time?

In less than two hundred years, these pioneers had in their possession, a Set of Laws that insured their progress, and the ability to surpass the accomplishments of all the other nations with much older cultures!

Here's how it began with two men
in the Eighteenth Century:

Two friends, colonist lawyers in early America, shared a love of History. They often discussed these views, searching for the lethal flaws that often led men to conflict. They concluded that Greed, the Lust for Power, and differing Religious Notions often combined. This admixture led to unreasonable Passions and Wars!

One day James*, with ink quill in hand, wrote these words: "The only realistic
Security for Religious Liberty In Any Society is a multiplicity of religious sects!" Friend Tom was enthusiastic, and said: "Yes! If there be many churches, each with a slightly different view, none could ever pose a Majority Position to dominate the rest!"

Several years past, and Thomas Jefferson was commissioned to pen The Declaration Of Independence, (from England). Later, he wrote these powerful words, Our First Amendment:

"Congress shall make No Law... respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excersize thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances".

*James Madison, Our 4th President.

**See All Ten Of These Rules Governing Conduct that set this country apart from all the other great nations on this earth!


If Shari'a Law adopted this Single Law, we might all have hope for a better, more peaceful planet! reb

Mohamed said...

Dear reb,

I've just returned from a 10 days holiday where there weren't any avaliable PCs to be able to read your questions and answer them. There weren't that igno-rance. So you should have been more patient than that like me..

I waited for you since my post 'Aggressor or Defender (Rational talk)' dated 23\6. I waited for more than 60 days. So, why you expected an answer exactly after your question?!!!

Soon, I'll reply after finishing some works.



Mohamed, Thank you for your patience.

Please read or print our First Amendment. It is the Foundation of
All Of Our Constitutional Laws!

Never Again, should any nation be ruled by men in funny hats & robes,
or by men claiming royal blood, or by kings or dictators! He that leads all, must be chosen by all.

The Great Pretenders make outrageous claims of Super-knowledge of the Creator! They Lie! They quote ancient writings to "prove" they are legitimate. Nonsense! Modern Astronomy is looking up, to understand the vastness of this Universe. Other sciences are searching for the secrets of the Land & Sea.

The Great Pretenders say they don't need it. They pretend to know
Everything, from ancient books!
The Church wanted to kill Gallileo because he wanted to look up, at the planets! He wanted to Think!

Popes, Ayatollahs, Kings & Dictators don't need scientific truth...they Rule With Fear!

They are Wolves In Sheep's Clothing. Our First Amendment tears away the sacramental robes,
to expose their skinny hides, the
moles & warts on their skin! They are merely tired old men, hoping to keep their Power! Royal blood is a fantasy, another Great Lie!

Throw them out! Search For Truth! reb

Mohamed said...


Would you please clarify one thing for me?!!!

You always repeat and repeat Ayatollahs, Kings & Dictators. Why?!!
I don't concern with them, I'm not them nor I'm ruled by any one of them. So please if you want and hope to condemn and criticize them so go to their sites, as it became so boring (sorry) to still repeating it.

I'm inersted to know who are my 'leaders' in your imagination. Hope that you answer me.

Another point, I don't believe that Bin Laden and Zawahri are holy or Imams, they are just criminals who justify their crimes from Islamic texts, this don't make them holy.



Then, I understand that you are Really Independent of these insane killers. I had thought that you
were eager to Defend Their Bloody Actions.

Why did it take these many months
to say that! The freedom to say it, to say it in public, before a crowd, when you know the radicals are in the room, listening. That would indeed be a
courageous thing!

Is Egypt Really That Free? I don't
think so; I recall Anwar Sadat! reb