Sep 12, 2007


Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan month according to Islamic calendar. All Muslims around the world fast in it, they stop eating from the dawn to sunset, they all start the fasting in the same time and break the fast in the same time. It teaches many lessons like; patience, sharing the poor his feeling in hunger, obeying God, opening a new page with Allah in every thing, unity ... etc

Muslims in that month do many special thing. They prepare small bags containing a sandwich and juice and dates and give fasting people walking in the street to break their fast, they also invite each other to breakfast together, they read Qur'an, they pray all the five prayers in mosques, they pray the long Taraweeh prayer after the Isha' prayer, they also pray the Tahajjod prayer before the dawn, they donate their money for the poor and orphans, women exchange food which they prepare ... they generally do many charity specially in that month. However they do that in other months, but they do it the best in that month.

All Muslims love that month as a month for worshipping, repenting, charity and strengthening social ties.



Well, Mohamed. You have asked us To Answer Five Great Questions. I fully understand that you may not like All Of The Answers, but you do
appreciate the complexity.

The world's diplomats also struggle with these same issues.

I suggest that you Print Them, study these complicated problems with Goodwill In Your Heart, then
return, for further discussion.

The Advance To A 'Commonality of Understanding' Is Possible, but the process is Slow. This is the nature of International Debate
and Resolution.

You are welcome to return to our weblog, for more discussions, more questions and answers.

Your friend, reb



It's Your Weblog; I am sorry that
I Cannot Print Your Posts. You might
Delete Any Of Them Tomorrow.

Golden Words, Gone Forever!

When You Write This Subject, after
Researching your Imam, about Dhimmi,
please put it on my S/H Post.

Then "Patient Old Reb" will have it to Print! Cordially, reb 9/24/07



I have heard many times About Muslims, but until now, I've not heard From Them. Wonderful!

Now, after you consult with High-level authorities, we shall have a full explanation of a)Rights, and b), Limitations!

We are anxious to hear from top
authority, on the plight and the difficulties facing Christian, Jewish, and the Bahai Dhimmi.


Anonymous said...

Snake Hunters sez,


Just a reminder, On the 23rd you said it would take a least a week,
consulting with your Imam, to get
accurate info regarding the plight
and conditions required for the DHIMMI to live a peaceful life as 2nd Class citizens in Muslim Lands.

I await with patient anticipation about Christian, Jew and Bahai.

Your friend, reb