Jul 23, 2006

Green light..

Kill their women and children,frighten their children,burn their civilians,demolish their homes,destroy their roads,prevent food and medical supplies...etc.AND I'M WITH YOU BY MY WEAPONS.
I didn't expect one day that this will happen.I were completely surprised.I asked myself:How this could happen?!!
I'm talking about the American decision to support Israel politically and by weapons in attacking civilians in Lebanon.
No surprise at all from the governmental decision,
*Which state occupied Iraq to steal its Oil,made it a country  with no authority and a country which has daily killing,rapping,destruction..etc?!!
*Which state occupied a whole country searching for a group of killers?!!!!
*Which state was supporting Israel by weapons in 73 war?!!!!!
*Which state call 'Terrorism' of its friends 'Self-defence',and 'Resistance' of who don't agree with its policy built on horror 'Terrorism'?!!!!
*Which state have a double standard measure?!!!!
*Which state have two solutions for any problem in another country;A collective punishment or War?!!!!
*Which country consider any inside problem in another independent state,a problem threatening its safety and give itself the right to declare war against this state?!!!!
*Which state declared the Crusade War against Islamic world?!!!!!
And the history is black...
Because of all this,I didn't wonder from the American governmental decision to support Israel.It wasn't new beside its black history supporting Terrorism and Wars..
But the thing which I really wondered from was the decision which came form the American people itself.I was always thinking that the American people is a kind and peace-loving people,which may hold a lot of demonstrations to be beside peace against war.Wasn't it the people which was completely against Bush's terroristic policy in solving the false Iraqi problem through War way?!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like that the American people is not a perfect people,it just aims at its own benefit,for that reason it was against war in Iraq,because its sons are killed by the hands of resistance.
The American people is saying so simply to the Israeli army:'Here you're my weapons,and keep on your way killing Lebanese children and preventing them from food and medicine' .
And is saying to the Lebanese people:'We're paying taxes to kill you and displace your children away from their homes'.
This don't delete that there is from Americans who were peace-loving enough and shared in some demonstrations out of America and refused the terroristic Israeli attacks on civilian Lebanese.


Desmond said...

Here's a popular Jewish joke...

Father: son, I know you hate me.
Son: that's not true father.
Mother: son, do not contradict your father, it's a sin.

If only the Hizbollah will finally free the two Israeli soldiers...:)

WildButterfly said...

I am an American and I AM a peace loving soul!! Many Americans are NOT behind the government's decisions for war. The sad fact is that there are many greedy people in the White House and other government seats. I will never stand behind these horrible murders!!

Know that many Americans feel as I do. Peace to you and your family!!

Mohamed said...


Funny joke:)

Hizbollah said that it won't free the soldiers till the 10000 kidnapped citizen in Israeli prisons be set free,so I think that Israel is really cheating itself.


Welcome on my blog and thanks for your beautiful comment.

I really know that there is Americans who're really peace-loving,but I really wondered that this decision to support Israel came from the American Parliament which I think that it represent public American opinion,and I was amazed too that those weapons sent to Israel are from American people taxes.
So in a word,I hate American government and abhorrence its policy,and love all peace-loving Americans.

I appreciate your feeling,and thanks again.

Peace to all peace-loving,

WildButterfly said...

I wish the government of American could see the world through our eyes. There are many corrupt people and many crimes being committed. And yes...I hate that I am paying the government my hard earned money to supply them with weapons. SOOO greedy for oil. They want to keep Americans addicted to oil so that these wars seem just.

Have you ever heard that John Lennon song...Imagine?? It is a good song!!

Peace to you!!