Jul 17, 2006

American permission

  America,the most peaceful state,the most democratic state,the most merciful state,the most just state,the most free state,the most developed state,the most philanthropic state,the perfect state as it want the whole world to think about it,kept unusually silent some days after the terroristic Israeli attacks on Lebanon without a word whether by the refusal like some European states or any other thing.
  And the comment finally came....."Israel have the right to defend itself".
WOW..Very great...
  So USA know a thing called "Self-Defence".In fact I'm so glad for hearing that,WHY?!!!!!!!!
  That means that America know that Iraqi people have the right to defend itself by itself against foreign coexistence on their lands,Afghan people have the right to banish all SOLDIERS from the Confederacy forces away from their lands,Palestinian people have the right to fight to death to defend its land occupied since 1948 and defend itself against continuous carnages,killing,rapping,kidnapping,burning,demolishing against it by hands of Israeli state,civil Lebanese to defend themselves against killing their children and women,burning their brothers,demolishing their homes,destroying their vital buildings,bridges,roads,Electrical stations,Water stations.
Thank God that America admit this right.
  But wait a second,if American politicians believe that all those peoples have the right to defend themselves against raids and aggressions they could simply admit it,but till now I didn't hear them talking about it.Did you hear?!!!!!!!
  I have an analyze for this American comment towards Israeli terrorism against civilians in Gaza and Lebanon....
  Firstly:There is an important point,it's the lateness of the comment.
Look at all international issues like:Iraqi nuclear weapons,Terrorism,Northern Korea missiles,...etc.You'll find out that America didn't just had an official meld about the issue,but its military became ready the same day to go and SET FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY BY ITS FORCE.
So why in terroristic Israeli attacks on civilian Lebanese it didn't have a word?!!!!!However majority of the world condemned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I personally think that this lateness because America was in a bad position.It didn't know what to do,Whether to condemn it or to say that the Israeli re-action wasn't appropriate.
  And when it had its comment it said:"Israel have the right to defend itself"
I think that if it kept silent will be better,because simply it revealed for the world the real face of America in one statement;"AMERICA IS SUPPORTING TERRORISM" or in detail;America is saying to Israel:"You've the right to kill CHILDREN,BURN CIVILIANS,frighten women,prevent Electricity and Water,cut roads,destroy bridges..,all to revenge from killing 7 SOLDIERS and capturing 3"
And who understood this Bushi comment by another view,can say it freely!!!!
  And a very important point which musn't be missed..
A lot of states talked about the Israeli attacks condemning it,that was good.BUT there is not a state which talked about a punishment for it.
Yes,it killed children, but no punishment,
Yes,it burnt civilians,but no punishment,
Yes,it killed women, but no punishment,
Yes,it injured tens of civilians,but no punishment,
Yes,it demolished habitation apartements,but no punishment,
Yes,it destoyed Electrical stations,but no punishment,
Yes,it destroyed Water stations,but no punishment,
Yes,it destroyed vital bridges,but no punishment,
Yes,it destroyed vital roads,but no punishment,
Yes,it keep attacking civilians under the sight of the world,but no punishment.
But when the Palestinian peole think about choosing its own government freely and democraticly,must be prevented from food,be put under breakout and be punished so severly. BUT when Iran think to use modern technology peacefully,it must be punished severly by America and all Eurpean states.BUT when Northen Korea think to have missiles,it must be punished by America,all European states,China and Northen Korea.
Why this double
standard measure?!!!!
It's so simply beacuse
Israel have the
permission from
America,but as for
Korea they didn't take
this permission from
leader of the world.


lizze said...

There are a lot of things that I do not like what is going ... what is there to like really??

One thing that leaves a very bad taste is all those nations, incl my own, that are evacuating their citizens .... so if it is bad enough for their citizens in Lebanon , why is nothing done to help the Lebanese people????

I have not forgotten you Mohammed!

Desmond said...

I respect everyone's opinion!! but let us keep in good and friendly term...always. I hope every0ne is having a great time. God bless the world.


Anonymous said...
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Mohamed said...

That's right,Lizze.

Evacuating your citizens and leaving Lebanese civilians under raids is very bad.But if you though about it,what's the politic relation between America and Lebanese citizens?!!!!!!
There is not a relation at all,the relation which make a country help citizens of another country is just a moral relation.
And think again,Is Policy cares for ethics?!!!!!! Not at all.

And let me notify here,In Islam Policy is taken from ethics and moral rules,and there is no difference between them.

Thanks for the comment,and for not forgetting me:)

Anonymous said...

"...And this is Islamic teachings,Islam says: 'Fight just who fighht you,and don't get near to children,women,oldmen,priests..etc"
So what about the deliberate bombimg of buses, market places, clubs full of teenagers etc. Where does that fit into your picture of Islam?

Mohamed said...

My picture of Islam....:)

Dear,I'm talking here about real Islam.I'm Muslim,not a western who sold his mind to his Media which cheated him and gave him the picture that Muslims are killers and heart-less.

If you're asking about bombing buses..etc.
Let me at the first,tell u another one of Islamic teachings.
If u looked to Israel,u'll find that they're killing children like Mohamed El-Dorra and Eman Haggo,and killing oldmen like Ahmed Yaseen,and demolishing civil homes.....etc.So is this an enough reason that Islamic resistance in Palestine to do in Israeli children same what they do against Muslims?!!!!!!
If u opened any Fiqh book,u'll find that it's not a reason to treat them the same way.But they all assure that we're Muslims and don't deal with bad by the bad,but we deal as Muslims.

As for your comment.I don't know what u mean specially,but I'll have some words as I understood.
Not because some who are named Muslims don't understand Islam so their deeds represents Islam,or their deeds become from Islamic teachings which obligate all Muslims to follow.And let me tell u that not all who say that he is Muslim must be Muslim,but he may be paid by Islam enemies to deface it.
And I personally doubt that they were Muslims who did the terroristic 9-11 accident against innocents.Because a real Muslim is not attacking civilians to get back his right.

And if u want to talk about holy teachings,u can open Torah(Old Teastement)and u'll find that Jewish believe that they're the choosen people and any other people is dirt,has no right and can be simply killed.And look at war rules and u'll know what real terrorism means.

A last word,you're welcomed if u were commenting for the first time and hope to mention your name next time.

Thanx for commenting,