Jul 6, 2006

Our story

We were in our home safe and don't harm our neighbours.But a far neighbour promised a friend for him that he will give him a part of our home.Then the neighbour came with his friend and started to kill our sons and rap our wives and daughters.We didn't still silent but We did all our best to defend our home,after a long reistence We went to the court to ask it to help us and to give us our rights.The court judged that we divide our home between us.We refused.

Time passed and We died,and his grandsons came,and the killing and rapping kept,and our grandsons came,and the resistence kept.His grandsons changed his grandfather's friend by a new,strong,big cheater and foxy one.And a hero son of mine refused to commit the judge of this court.

And now,those occupiers sent our children and women to their prisons in adiition to the daily killing of innocent people and the silence of our neighbours,so the hero grandson of us decided to kidnapp one of them to have a thing that we can talk about,as this was the only language he can understand.His grandsons became so angry for the son We kidnapp in front of our children and women,and decided to destroy a part of our home and kill our innocent children and women.
Our hero son was well brought-up so he told them that he won't kill the kidnapped son whether they did.But he started to defend himself and used a wepon to destroy part of their buildings.Then his grandsons said that our hero son is wrong that he tried to reply his attack.

I ask you now fair,free and neutral people..
Were we wrong that we refused to lost our home?
Were we wrong that we decided to defend our home?
Were we wrong that we thought that the court will give us our rights?
Were we wrong that we refused to kill the kidnapped son?
Were we wrong that we wanted to treat the occupier by the same way he understand?
Were we wrong that we called ourselves 'Resistants' and were they right when they called us 'Terrorists'?
Were we wrong that we wanted to save our innocent children and women?
Were we wrong that we wanted to eat and drink?
Were we wrong that we didn't harm our neighbours?

Were we wrong?!!!!!!!!!!!

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