Jul 29, 2006

Do Israel want Peace?!!!!

  After three weeks since Hizbollah captured the 2 soldiers,and since Israel started its barbaric attacks against Lebanon; we must stop and have an overall view at the situation in Lebanon.
My analyze will depend on a main question:
Do Israel want Real Peace?!!!!!!!!!
Sure,absolutely and with no doubt Israel don't want Peace by its real meaning which includes condition of Un-war,safety for the area and the most important getting back rights.
And reasons why Israel refuse Peace and that it seeks just war and unsettlement in the area are:
  • The reason why Hizbollah captured the soldiers from the first was making a peaceful exchange process by Lebanese citizens kidnapped in Israeli prisons, and that Israel didn't release all prisoners in exchange process year 2003,and it said so clearly that it was the reason,and showed the complete readiness to make this process .And on the Israeli side they refused the peaceful exchange process pegging that Hizbollah is a group of terrorists ,However same Israel did more than one exchanging process before with same Hizbollah in years 1996,1998 and 2004. Click here for more information about history of exchanging prisoners between Hizbollah and Israel.
  • When Israel started to revenge for capturing its soldiers,it started by attacking children and civil targets not Hizbollah soldiers,whcih its called in International Law 'War crimes'. (I'm killing terrorist children,and destroying your infrastructure)
  • Israel prevented food and medical supplies to reach people under crisis.(I won't let you eat or cure your injured brothers)
  • Israeli fighters attacked displaced people.(Wherever you go,I'll still attacking you.You -civilians- can't escape form me)
  • Israel attacked UN residency.(I don't care for any Law representers)
  • Israel refused to give 72 hours for Lebaneses to cure themselves and remove bodies.(Don't dream that I'll give you safety)
  • Israel broke the 33rd of UN pact which says that problems are solved firstly by negotiations (which Hizbollah invited to from the first) ,mediation (which Hizbollah also invited to from the first) or peaceful ways..etc,and in the same time invited for the application of 1559 UN decree(I don't care for International Law,It's set to be performed on others not on me)
  • Honest underling of Israel called America said:'It's not the appropriate time to stop fire'. (It's not the time to stop savage Israel from killing children and destroying Lebanon)
So I let you judge,
 *Do you think that who kill children,women and civilians intently and don't offer an apologize seeks peace?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who don't respect International Law seeks stability for the area?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who have a double-standard measure seeks justice?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who understand 'Peace' as the full surrender from the other side and delivering his admitted right to it seeks real peace?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who don't accept to give a time for the other side to cure his civilians seeks safety for others?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who target civil targets seeks peace?!!!!!
 *Do you think that who revenge for capturing 2 soldiers by destroying a whole state seeks peace?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who attack displaced people seeks safety and peace for them?!!!!!
 *Do you think that who have an underling who says 'Keep killing children and destroying what Lebanon built in 50 years ,and here you're my weapons'  really seeks peace?!!!!!!
 *Do you think that who call 'Resistance' -> 'Terrorism' seeks peace?!!!!!!
I can't lie on myself after all these facts and claim that Israel seeks peace...
My reply for all these questions in three words:
Israel seeks War
So what should Muslims do with this enemy which seeks war?!!!!!!!
Islam teaches us always to seek peace and order us to be peaceful with all people,but who understand Peace as the condition of Un-War is so wrong,because this condition of Un-War is in the same time is Un-Peace which is called 'Truce',and it include that rights haven't been taken yet and justice haven't been set yet.
But peace in Islam means getting back rights beside safety for the world which is built on exchanged trust.
And Islam admit also the right of self-defence; who attack you aiming at stealing your right,you've the right to resist him till you get back your right,BUT Islam put here a great and important rule in self-defence,it's :
"Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors. " 2:190
It means that you truly have the right to defend yourselves,but not the right to kill children,women,oldmen,priests and who don't fight you or to cut a tree or to kill an animal,and generally it means not to break limits of war in Islam.
May some after all that say that Peace must prevail,and two wrongs don't make right,children lives are more important than any other thing.....etc.
So I reply them;
Will the thief get back the stolen thing so easily?!!!!!!!!!!
Sure NO,He stole it and he knew that it's wrong to steal things of others but he stole it,and he didn't steal it to get it back but to own it.
So let us look at Israel,it know so well that killing civilians is a crime ,breaking borders of neighbour states is another crime and that kidnapping citizens of another state is also a crime,So will it so easily apologize for those crimes and release Lebaneses kidnapped citizens?!!!!!!!!
Sure NO.
OK,We'll assume that it'll apologize for those killed children and share in rebuilding destroyed infrastructure in Lebanon and release Lebanese citizens kidnapped in its prisons,Then there is another point;Israel don't respect International Law and think that it's set to be performed on others not on it,
So do you still think that p ę@ Ċe will be the solution?!!!!!!!
However all these previous facts,if Israel showed that it really want Real peace,So Muslims then are ordered to be peaceful with it
" But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah.... " 8:61
,and Hizbollah repeated its offer to make the peaceful exchange process.

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