Jul 13, 2006

What Israel is doing?!!

All of us know what is happening in Palestine and Lebanon now by the hands of Israeli army against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.And for those who don't know this is a brief for what is happening:
*The Palestinian Resistance captured an Israeli soldier,and told Israel that it's ready to make an exchange process by the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.
*Israel refused to make this process.
*Israel attacked Gaza and killed more than 50 civilians and destroyed a lot of buildings and killed a lot of children and women and destroyed a school and Electrical station of Gaza searching for the captured soldier...and still.
*Israel kidnapped Palestinian political responsibles.
*The Lebanese Resistance captured two Israeli soldiers,killed 7 of them and caused injures,and told Israel that it's ready to make an exchange process by the Lebanese prisoners in Israeli prisons .
*Israel refused to make this process.
*The Israeli army entered south of Lebanon and destroyed a lot of habitation apartments,killed civilians containing children and women ...and still.
*The Resistance replied and destroyed some Israeli locations.
*A continuous Israeli destroying of civil targets,bridges,roads and resulted in killing about 50 civil containing 10 children in addition to injures among Lebanese ,and killing 1 civilian woman and about 30 injures among Israelis.
Next step in this post is my own analyze;
First of all we should ask ourselves;Why the resistance whether in Palestine or Lebanon captured those soldiers?!!
The resistant have a rule;it's setting 10000 prisons free from Israeli prisons(which include 1000 of children and women) so it tried by all means to achieve that,but Israel don't understand another language other than Force,so they don't have another way.
We should after that look intensely at the way the Resistance followed;It captured soldiers and this is the point;When they thought to have a thing to negotiate about they decided to have soldiers,they didn't thought about civilians,they didn't thought about innocent women,they didn't thought about children, Just soldiers,And this is Islamic teachings;Qur'an says:" Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you , but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors."2:190
In the same time,Israel is daily killing innocent men which don't fight it,women and children,daily demolish apartments of Palestinians,rap girls,and don't let Palestinians live in peace or safety.
So in one statement;The Islamic Resistance isn't the one who raised the state,but Israel is the one who did that.
'And the one civilian woman killed in Israel'.
May be some say that Islamic Resistance killed a civilian.
So the reply is in two points;
First point:Islam always order Muslims in war not to harm innocents,children,women,old men,animals,trees and generally who don't fight us,just fight who fight you,but remeber not to transgress limits.So I don't think that they intent to kill her.They aren't like Israel who attack by fighters civil buildings.
Second point:Are Israeli settlers in Palestine innocent civilians?!!!!!!
They're always holding weapons,they're attacking Palestinians,they came to Palestinian land and wanted to divide by a separated state.So they're from the first occupations not civilians in their independent country.
After that an important point which shouldn't be passed without comment;I mean the Israeli reaction of capturing three soldiers.
Firstly we should see what it did for those three soldiers.
It attacked a whole city to search for them,killed civilians,demolished habitation apartments,demolished Electricity Station of Gaza,And in Lebanon killed about 50 civilians including children and women,attacked civil apartments,attacked bridges and roads..All this and still..
So it's so clear for a neutral,free and rational mind that this reaction isn't appropriate at all!!
But for America it was self-defence!!!But when Palestinians dreams of freedom and peace,It's Terrorism.
So I see that it wasn't a reaction,but it's just a weak peg to satisfy the desire of killing exists in Israelis,and to re-attack Gaza,Just and not more.
Also there's an important point;Is Israel really want to reach peace?
I'll let facts speak not since this time but since 1948;
Jewish groups want to separate by a state called 'Israel'.
Israel is killing civilians.
Israel is rapping woman and killing children.
Israel is demolishing civil buildings(Apartments,Water stations,Electricity stations,Bridges,Roads..etc)
Israel is kidnapping innocent men,women and children.
Israel refuse the peaceful way for solving the Palestinian and Lebanese issue.
.........and more.
So Is Israel really seeks peace?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see personally that Israel really seeks peace,but it has a different look towards it.Israeli peace means simply that Israeli state spreads from Nile to Euphrates,Israelis live in safety,Israelis kill any body without being judged,in two words; "JUST ISRAEL".This is what Israel hopes to achieve.
A last word I would like to finish this post by;
Israel and America want from Muslims to be killed and still silent,to be rapped and still silent,to be prevented from having the most simple rights and still silent,to be accused of terrorism and still silent.
Israel and America want from Muslims not to say the right word,not to defend themselves,not to resist occupation.
So I say to them,Muslims won't still silent,they'll still resisting and resisting and resisting till the last breath...


Bent El Neel said...

Israel and America want from Muslims to be killed and still silent,to be rapped and still silent,to be prevented from having the most simple rights and still silent,to be accused of terrorism and still silent. Israel and America want from Muslims not to say the right word,not to defend themselves,not to resist occupation. So I say to them,Muslims won't still silent,they'll still resisting and resisting and resisting till the last breath...

Hi Mohammed
I agree that whats happening is absolutely attrocious. Every soul is created by God and nobody has the right to take it away but God. Our rights as human beings should not be taken away from us...no matter who we are or where we are.

I have two comments and I hope you accept them with an open heart and mind:

1) What is the solution? The circle of violence can't go on...it needs to be broken. If not for anything, then let it be for the sake of those children.

Do you believe that violent resistance is the solution?

I'm not seeking an argument with you here, I simply wanted to hear your thoughts.

2) You feel strongly about these people's plight...and so you should...anyone with a heart should...yet you can't accept or acknowledge the plight of your Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt. Why?

Again, I don't want to get into an argument or even a dicussion. I simply want to know what you think and that's all.

Finally, a prayer so that God may protect the weak, help the in jured, rest the souls of the dead, comfort the widows and orphans, give strength and courage to those who are REALLY seeking peace. Amen

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thak you for listening to mine.
Peace be with you

Egypeter said...

Hi Mohammad.

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to add to Neferteeti's comment.

I see this is in your "About Me" comment:

"'m muslim before being Egyptian,I love my religion so much,I sweared that I'll do all my best to show the real face of Islamic Religion"

I think that is directly related to Bent's point. Maybe you and ALL Egyptians should consider yourselves "Egyptians" first. I'm not saying anyone should forget about religion but maybe a Nationalistic identity instead of a religious one would serve Egypt better, ya know?


Mohamed said...

Hi Neferteeti,

No need for this hope, you are welcome to comment on any post at any time.:),and I think that till we know each other I had open mind and heart.

I think that I replied your first point on my post but just a briefed word..
Hamas and Hizbullah aren't violence or terroristic groups but they are groups which have a great aim,it's setting freedom for Palestine and south Lebanon.
So if Israel REALLY seeks peace it would reply appropriately but it don't.It kills children and civilians and destroy civil buildings.
And Islam orders us a very clear order.
It's:"Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly.
* But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah. for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things).
62. Should they intend to deceive thee,- verily Allah sufficeth thee: He it is That hath strengthened thee with His aid and with (the company of) the Believers" 8:(60:62)
So it's an order to be ready for them if they fight us to defend ourselves,and if they went to peace we must go,and finally Allah warn us that they may don't want peace but just a deceive to achieve hidden and bad aims.
And you can so simply know that Israel seeks killing and destroying if you knew that they're killing civilians,children and women,it just want surrender.It want from us to be hitten on our back and keep silent.
And I'd like you to notice an important point,War -however all it bads and disasters- may be the solution sometimes.And look to our great war in 73,Yes, it was a war,yes,people have been killed from both sides,yes war is a disaster but if it was the only and the last path so it's a must to walk in it.

As for the second point;
(بأمانتك)Do you really believe that Egyptian Christians are in plight under the ISLAMIC state called Egypt?!!!!!!!Really I want your honest reply..
Do you imagine them trapped in their homes and can't get to buy food?Do you imagine them can't go to schools or collegues to learn?Do you imagine them can't go to churches to pray?Do you imagine them being hit and killed daily? Do you still imagining that Dhimmi is a bad word which must frighten any Christian or Jew?!!!!
Muslims and Christians are like brothers in Egypt,and won't look to any claim which wants bad way.

Muslims suffer is more than Christians suffer in Egypt.
Do you think that when I go to mosque to pray(other than Salat Al-Gom3a)Am I safe?And sure that Amn El-Daowla won't come and take me as a TERRORIST praying in the mosque?!!!As being Christian I don't think at all about this point.
Do you think that Muslim Brotherhood(which nearly represent Islam)can go and come safely?!!
Do you think that as a person who have SOME relations with MB NOT ONE OF THEM can work in the government?!!or work away from it safely?!!!!
'Ismak ra7 Amn El-Dawola'is a word which frighten any body,which means,No work in the future,No safe home,Espial on all your contacts,Expected arrested against you...etc.And it can't happen to any Christian.

Think deeply and neutrally and you reach the truth,and don't follw news which seek just irritating.

I'm going to reply 'Belated reponse' post very soon if Allah wills.

Peace be with all who who REALLY seeks it.:)

Bent El Neel said...

Thank you for replying Mohammed. Like I said I didn't want this to be an argument or even a discussion...I really don't want to detract from the seriousness of whats happening in Lebanon and Palestine right now.

But just to clarify one thing: I don't of course equate what happens in Egypt to whats happening there. But to me violence is violence and intolerance is intolerance...what differs is the degree.

Thanks again for sharing your opinion with me.

God Bless

Good to hear from u too mate. I like what you said about being "Egyptian" before anything else.

Egypeter said...

Hi dear Mohammad.

I just want to follow up with one thing. You see, you say Copts and Muslims have no problems in Egypt. Yet Bent and I have told you that we're aware of MANY MANY problems in Egypt with relations between muslims and christians. So who's right? We many never agree.

Now please check out this article and tell me what you think. Please not this is written by a well-respected Egyptian MUSLIM Human Rights activist.

Please read it and let me know what you think.


Mohamed said...


Welcome on my blog.

I understand what you want to say.
As for Muslim-Christian relations; I can say that it's the bettest relations between two groups of different religions.
As for your question:
who's right?
I won't say that I'm the right,but I'll reply by another question..
Who's more right,your eye or your ear?!!! I mean do you believe your eyes or what you hear from news?!!!!!!
Then look at yourself,you're in America watching news on TV or have it from Internet(so you're hearing),as for me,I'm talking about what I saw by my eyes not what I hear on TV or Internet which is assumed -specially in America- to be falsified to cause hatred in our bloved Egypt.
An advice:Believe your eyes before your ears.

As for your point about my words on my profile;I intend to have a post about it,if Allah wills.

Thanks Pete and welcome again,

Egypeter said...

Mohammad -

We may share different views on some things but I enjoy our dialogue.

All I care, truly, is that Egypt sees better days. I hope and pray that all Egyptians can live next to each other in peace and prosperity!! I know you share this same view :) You are a good guy Mohammad and I hope more Egyptians will have your view of living in peace side by side. After all we've done so for soooo long :)

I promise to listen to you as long as you listen to what Tariq Heggy also said. Obviously everyone needs to listen to the other side, right?

OK, take care buddy. Until next time...