Jul 29, 2006

The most silly play

They prevented us to sleep and dream....They burnt the mosque and killed doves..........
After all this oppression they are saying 'Peace'....
They killed my father and slaied my mother and left me sink in my blood......O my mother come and hug me,let me sleep on your heart................
After they killed our happiness,they're saying 'Peace' which will treat our injures.......
This is a part of an Islamic song in Arabic...
  After three weeks from terroristic Israeli attacks against immovable Lebanon,more than 400 civilians are killed,many babies,children and women have been killed,internationally banned weapons have been used against civilians,about 700000 of civilian have been displaced from their homes,displaced people have been attacked,displaced people belongings have been destroyed,many injures,a lot of habitation apartments have been demolished,a lot of bridges have been destroyed,a lot of roads have been cut,Water and Electricity stations have been damaged,Communication towers have been destroyed,Israeli army entered Lebanese lands...... and still.
  After all these crimes against humanity,after breaking of iNtErNaTiOnAl lAw (if there were really international law),and ignoring of children screams,after showing the world real terrorism.....after all this,Israel and its honest underling America will say : "We want want pEaCe and sTaBiLiTy in the area"
So what Muslims should do in this case,and by this CHARMING offer?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Should we accept so simply this FALSE PEACE?!!!!!! Should we so simply forget all killed children,and destroyed homes?!!!! Should we forget that these attacks throwed Lebanon 50 years back?!!!!!!!!! Should we forget all crimes committed against us?!!!!!!!!!! Should we forget all displaced civilians?!!!!!! And the main issue;Should we forget so simply and so easily the 10000 kidnapped citizen in Israeli prisons?!!!!!!!!!!!
How a silly play if we accepted this peace!!!!!!
  As being Muslim I refuse this false Peace,I refuse to forget my brothers killed by hands of terrorists,I refuse to forget our sons killed by hands of heart-losers,I refuse to forget destroying our homes by hands of savages,I refuse to surrender to those who don't have a correct life protocol.
  Allah orders us clearly in Qur'an:
"Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly. * But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in Allah. for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things). " 8:61,62
Allah orders us to be ready by weapons to defend ourselves against enemies, to be always powerful and to be ready if the enemy attacked because when we have the most modern weapons;not an intelligent enemy can think about attacking who have these weapons,and this is called newly 'Balance of terror';you don't attack me and I don't attack you.
When we have this power and just in this case we can speak about peace,Peace which give every side its right,Peace which really solve the problems,Not Peace which just give the powerful force a stolen right from the weak side ,Not Peace which delete real rights,Not Peace which delete right of children killed and homes destroyed.
So Islam says that Peace isn't surrender,but it's a way to set justice and safety among nations.And difference between Peace and Surrender is clear specially when surrender is to a nation with corrupted protocol of life.
Islam is taken from the arabic word 'Salam' which means 'Peace',and the greeting of Islamic religion is 'Asalamo Alykom' which means 'Peace be with you'.
  If this is what Islamic religion says,So what the world want?!!!!!What International Law need?!!!!!!!!!
The world want from Muslims to surrender,International Law says that Hizbollah give back the soldiers and Israel after that may think about kidnapped civilians whether to kill them or to let them go,they want from Muslims to forget all these killed civilians and destroyed infrastructure,they want from Muslims to be PEACEFUL=HUMBLE ,they want from Muslims not to resist against enemies,they want from Muslims to forget their stolen lands,They want to reply a silly play which they call 'pEaCe'.
This is pEaCe of CiViLiZeD and mErCiFuL world.And that is Peace of Islamic religion.


lizze said...

I have a few random thoughts

I have the feeling that this Lebanon - Israel conflict is like chess game and the actions we are witnessing have already been decided without any consideration of the civilian of both parties. I hope I am 100% wrong about this.

I saw on an American blog that said that Israel’s action were wrong (he wrote much stronger on his blog) and he also had uncensored picture of dead people from the Israel bombings. It was awful!!

I was completely stunned over your answer in a previous post when you wrote that you wanted war. I was so so so disappointed.

Mohamed, you have a point with the Western world wants the Arab world to obedient. This is not the right attitude to have.

I do think however that Muslim leaders should not preach that the whole world has to be Muslim (and this goes for any religion) and that this is the object with wars or terrorist attacks.

I still hope & think that peace can be reached with no wars and with respect and fair treatment to the Arab and the Jewish people.

Mohamed said...

I know so well Lizze that there is Americans who refuse supporting Israel in this war,I just hate this American politicians and their policy in our Islamic lands(Iraq,Afghanistan..etc)as that they were lands of their father.
I saw some of those pictures of killed children by hands of Israel attacking TERRORISTS.If you want more,here you're a link:
And notice that reality are so different.

Don't be so disappointed that I want war aginst terrorism.Wars isn't always bad but it may be used after peace dies for getting back rights,
and with all my respect;Don't be so perfect like that.We aren't in a clean and perfect world which every state is afraid on other states,or even on its citizens,but majority of politicians seeks their own benefit.
Please read the post named 'Do Israel want Peace?!!!!'It's for you.

Yes,I hope that real peace which get back rights not false one can be reached by no wars,but the fact is that when I stael a thing,I'm not stealing it to get it back so easily and peacefully to its owner,but to own it forever.

I hope that you didn't understand from my desire in war that I'm terrorist,or that my religion is a religion which invites for terrorism,but Islam invites to real peace beside inviting to self-defence.

An advice:Please,don't be perfect..