Jul 15, 2006

The real starter

In this post I'll try to reply a friend's comment on last post.
First of all I'd like to assure that Islam supports 'Freedom of speech in its real meaning,so every comment is accepted as long as there is no bad language used,or insulting towards any religion,philosophy,faith,nation,persons,..etc.
There is a big difference between 'Violence' and 'War'.Violence is simply;Using force to frighten others to reach bad targets or without aims;just to bring disasters on countries.
As for war;it's not always bad it may be for bringing stolen rights.So I see that it's definition is;the crash between two groups (under any name) or more to give every side his rights.
In wars there should be a side which started by stealing the right,and the other side must has been bared from his right.
So if any body looked to current situation you'll find that Israel is the one who stoled the right at the first(since 1948)So when Resistance wills to get back this right it can present all its sons for that whether by War or any other way.And it musn't be understood as violence but it's 'Get backing rights' and 'Correcting positions'.
And I think that who REALLY seeks peace will sacrifice a lot,ignore small things and bear hards to achieve it.
So if Israel truley want peace in these cases it could simply after Hizbullah's and Palestinian Resistance be silent and go to international organizations and international law,IF TRULY ,or to kidnapp 2 soldiers and kill 7 soldiers and injure same number of soldiers, IF TRULY,or neither this or that but so simply get back the 10000 prisoner to their homes,IF TRULY,or so simply and so easily let children and women kidnapped in its prisons get back to their fathers and mothers, IF TRULY,or at least it could exchange 3 soldiers by 3 soldiers,IF TRULY. But what it did?!!!!!!
It refused the peaceful exchanging process,attacked Gaza and South Lebanon,killed at least 120 of civilian including women and chidren,injured more than 200 civilian,destroyed a school,kidnapped Palestinian political responsibles,destroyed a lot of habitation apartments,destroyed a lot of bridges,destroyed a lot of roads,destroyed Electrical stations... all this and still.
So Is Israel truly seeks peace?!!!!!!  The answer is so clear.
So what the Resistance have from ways?!!!!!!!
The Resistance have just one way,it's 'The continuous Resistance'.
And the start wasn't from the kidnapping of a soldier here and two soldiers there,but the struggle started since the declaration of the state called Israel.So the Resistance won't stop till this state ends.Not because it's Israel,but because of it's birth which opposites International law and Human law(However UN was the law representer,and was the declaration place),also and the most important reason;Israeli existence is refused because of its BLACK HISTORY of state terrorism and killing,rapping,kidnapping,demolishing,frightening innocents,,,,etc.
So I repeat it and will still,Islamic resistence wasn't the one who started but the continuous Israeli terrorism against Palestinian innocents since 1948,and kidnapping 10000 innocent was the begining point and the matchlock.
And this brings another point;May be some say that Hizbullah was the starter,so here you're my own analyze..
In addition to the prisoners issue -which is enough-,Islamic teachings,Human law,Mercy law,Cooperation law and Natural law;all of them say that when you see your brother-whether in faith or humanity- in a trouble you must give your hand to him and help,and this what Hizbullah did.It saw Israeli terrorism against his Muslim brothers in Gaza,so it decided to ease these attacks by dispersing the enemy.
May be some other say:But this is opposite to International law?
Yes,they may have a point here.International law says that;a state don't interposes in issues of another state,that's mentioned in the UN pacte article 7.
BUT,Is Israel in Palestine and lebanon respecting the most simple human rights which don't need any pacte or law to be known?!!,Is America -example of mercy,democracy and respecting law in the world- respecting human rights in Iraq or Afghanistan?!!Did it respected artilce 7 from Un pacte in Iraq and Afghanistan?!!Did it came for a noble mission?!!(it came for Oil)
So,Hizbullah must be given a great hail for what it did.
There is a big difference btween 'Peace' and 'Surrender'.
First one means:The will of living safe whether for you or for the other side,besides living in dignity.As for 'Surrender';it hold all meaning of humbling and weakness and accepting the attacking without defence.
So no body ask Muslims whether in Palestine,Iraq,Lebanon,Afghanistan,Philipine..etc to keep silent,but every Muslim have the right to defend his rights not by just force but by begining by peaceful ways,if in vain so force must be used AGAINST FORCE NOT FORCE AGAINST PEACE.
And all of us know the rule:"Which have been taken by force,Can't be got back by another way other than force"
A briefed word;Peace is a great thing which Islamic religion supports,and in the same time it supports Self-defence.

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