Aug 1, 2006


Yesterday I was in a very bad mood,my morale state reached its lowest level.More than a hundered of civilians killed,about half Million of civilians have been displaced from their homes,food and medeicne can't reach to injures and people under raids.And a thing which affected me so much,on Al-Jazeera channel a civilian from a Lebanese country under raids was saying: "We'll keep immovable,but we just need 6 hours to buy food and medicine!!" They can't even go out their homes to buy food for their hungry children!!!
I didn't bear to keep watching TV,there is no thing new,just the continuos killing and demolishing.
Many thougths and questions came to my mind....Why this is happening?!!! Why the world is watching the killing and displacing of civilians silently?!!! Why there is not a real action to stop Israel from attacking civil targets?!!! Why Israel isn't afraid from a punishment?!!! Why and why and why......?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I kept thinking amazed from this situation in Lebanon and Palestine.I was amazed from the Israeli way in solving a problem,I was amazed that the world is silent and watching without a severe action to stop Israel,I was amazed that I saw Palestinian people punished by the whole world becuse it choosed its government but when Israel attack civilians No body talk about a punishment,......I was really amazed.
After a long thinking I reached the truth.The truth which explain all these facts and its secrets.
The fact is that we're living in a wide 'Forest' called 'World'. In this forest,the law which judge is 'The law of Force'.If you have a stolen right,you can't get back it till you use Force.Under this law you may be safe in your home and suddenly a stronger neighbour may come and fire you and kill your children and wife and if you went to the court,the judger will say:'He's stronger,the right is for him'.In this forest you must be always afraid,because whether the justice is with you nor your neighbour who has one aim which is;Stealing your right.In this forest just force which can solve problems.In this forest there is No peace and No safety,just there is Fear.
When I reached that this world is a forest,I knew why there is a double-standard measure,if the country was weak;it must be punished severly whether it did wrong or not,but if the state has powers and force you can't get close whether it did wrong or even removed a state away from the earth.