Aug 31, 2006

Steve & Olaf

 You should know about their story,a group call itself 'Kata'eb Al-Gihad Al-Moqadas' kidnapped those poor journalists and asked America to free all Muslims in its prisons in 72 hours,and the two jouranlists have been forced to say that they are Muslims,Steve became Khaled and Olaf became Ya3kob.Huh.  How silly!!!!!
Yes,it's so silly for many reasons;
Silly becasue they kidnapped two and asked to free many Muslims.
Silly becasue they kidnapped press elements which are helping them and are spreading crimes of Israel to the world.
Silly because they forced them to say that they convert Islam.
Silly because it was so clear in the video that they weren't converting Islam and it wasn't by their heart.
Islam isn't reached by guns and bombs or even by forcing,but it must enter your heart after the full conviction that it's the right path,and Islam says clearly that :"Let there be no compulsion in religion.." 2:256
As for this group I have three messages for you:
*You don't understand Islam at all,which verse ordered you to force others to convert Islam?!!!!.
*Couldn't you notice that they weren't converting Islam,but just reading what you have written for them?!!
*Don't you know that they are helping you?!!!!!! And with this stupid kidnapping process you are frighting other journalists to come to Palestine and spread Israeli crimes against your children and women..etc.
As for Steve and Olaf I have one message:
I respected you for two reasons;
*The first thing is that after releasing you,you announced that you aren't Muslims,but you just did that to be released.There is no body who can force you to change what you believe in.
*The second reason is that you have a noble task in Palestine and you're doing it as better as you can,and there is no difference between you and a resistan holding his gun against terrorist Israelis and any kind of terrorism against innocents.

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