Sep 6, 2006

Said America

In a speech for this bush,he described AhamadiNegad as a TYRANT,and compared it by Al-Qaida.

Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaa

So,let us have a little compare between what Iran did,and what Israel did..

Iran wanted to develop itself and use a new source of energy.    That just what it did.

As for Israel;it killed more than 1000 of Lebanese babies,children,old men,women,civilians.It demolished many and many of habitation apartments.It destroyed more than 60 bridges,roads,hospitals,Electrical stations,Water stations..etc.It is occupying another state since 1948.It's daily killing Palestinian children and youths.Add to these crimes against humanity that it used internationally banned weapons,and didn't respect 1701 resolution,or international law.
On the other hand,Israel really has atomic bombs,and Iran don't have but in contrary the religious leader in it said that Islam banes using this kind of wide destructive weapons.

So to sum up;a state which didn't do any thing and there is not a drop of blood which it caused to leak,and another state which has a history stained by blood of thousands of children,babies,women and is built on bodies of owners of the land.And the first is accused by terrorism.

So if I have the right to ask a question;
How are you describing who kill children and women and demolish their homes Mr.Bush?!!!!!!
Let me guess the answer;
"If he is doing these crimes under Islam name so he is fascist,radical,barbarian,terrorist,violent,..etc.
But if it was Israel it's defending itself."
 Said America.

This is clearly a double-standard measure against every what is Islamic,and against every state seeks development.And blind bias towards the terrorist Israel.And the most important thing is that it's a big proof on the forthcoming ending of current American government.

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