Sep 11, 2006

9\11 -


This was my first reaction towards violent attacks against World Trade Centers(WTC).

BUT..When I though about it;
How many little boy lost his mother?!!!!
How many little girl lost her father?!!!
How many wife lost her husband?!!!!
How many husband lost his wife?!!!
How many family lost its son or daughter?!!!!
How many sons became orphans?!!!
How many wives became widows?!!!!
I said to myself that those poor men and women who have been killed in these horrible attacks aren't soldiers fighting in a battleground against innocents,nor they are the enemy..they were just employes on their offices or innocent citizens need some kind of advantage,
Whatever they believe in,
Whatever their nationalities were,
Whatever their politicians is helping a terrorist state...
Whatever their politicians and army committed against innocents in other states,
Whatever they were Muslims,Christians,Jewish,Buddhist or even have no religion or philosophy,
Just because they're human so they have the admitted right to live safely.
On humanical level,these attacks are barbaric,savage,terrible,horrible,awful,violent and must affect any who have a heart.
And those criminals who commit these attacks are no doubt savages,barbarous and don't have a mind nor a heart,and I'm sure that their punishment will be severe.

As for political level,these attacks are very useful and so good,SURE for American and Israeli dirty and sordid targets.
That's because after these attacks they created the word TERRORISM to fight against and to be a peg for any illogical dirty crimes against humanity like Israeli crimes in Palestine and Lebanon,American crimes against humanity in Iraq,Afghanistan and Guantanamo..
Also they were the lightest of WAR AGAINST ISLAM which started hidden under the name of WAR AGAINST TERRORISM..
Add to this that the wave of hatred against every what is Islamic started after these attacks,and also the wave of defacing Islam.
And for these reasons I won't wonder if I knew that Americans and Israelis have the biggest hand in these attacks.
A last thing I want to add;It's why my first reaction was the happiness?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's not because I love disasters for others,but because I hate American policy in our Islamic lands,so I did the wrong and though that every what is American is bad,and that American people is like its politicians,but after I thought I reached the truth that Not because the government of a people is bad so that means that the people governed by this bad government is bad,but in contrary,it may be very good.
On the other hand,I mustn't be happy for disasters which happen for others.


Anonymous said...

You are one crazy Moozie!

Maybe it's time you go to Iraq on Jihad, huh?

Mohamed said...

Why I'm crazy?!!!!

Is that because I'm saying that these attacks are horrible and against humanity?!!!!!

If you believe that these words are out of logic..So let me tell you that you have no heart which feel sympathy towards those innocent killed with no crime they committed.

And I don't have to go to Iraq to make Jihad,because I'm already making Jihad by talking about crimes of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan,and also making Jihad by talking about crimes of those Israelis against armless children in Palestine and Lebanon,and the fakes they cheat their peoples by.
And who resist terrorist Americans and Israelis in Palestine and Iraq are enough and doing the job of firing invaders who want to steal oil in Iraq and land in Palestine away,and I don't have to go.

If you see that my words have no fact,so imagine that another country came by its armies want to own your land and home and killed your children and women,what will you do?!!!!!!!!!!
Will you say:'Welcome,Go on,you can steal my land and kill my children,and I won't hurt you'?!!!!!

Thanks for your GENTLE words,