Aug 19, 2006

Thank you ......

I'd like to send some thanks for some sides;

Firstly I'd like to thank Israel that it proved for the world that Jewish since their birth don't respect any kind of law,conventions or resolutions and that they are a people which is a trouble maker..
   *They didn't respect the convention betweeen prophet Mohammad and them in Al-Madina and tried to kill him PBUH.
   *They tried to make a war between Muslims in Al-Madina.
      *They incited infidels to make a war against Muslims in the era of the prophet and it was Al-Ahzab foray.

They broke the convention between prophet Mohammad and them and helped infidels in their wars against Muslims.
   *In England they were trouble makers, and for that reason England decided to fire them away of it and they established a national homeland for them in Palestine. 
   *They broke human law which obligates in wars not to kill children,women and civilians or to destroy their homes.
   *They broke international law which obligates a state in war time not to destroy habitation apartments,hospitals and civil institutions.
   *They broke international law when they kidnapped Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.
   *They broke international law and Geneve convention so and very clearly when they kidnapped more than 60 of Palestinian ministers,surrogatres and leaders in the government.
   *They broke international law when Israeli army entered Lebenese lands.
   *They are breaking international law by their daily attacks against Palestinians.
   *They broke 1701 resolution when they attacked Lebanon again after few days from accepting it from both sides.

Then I'd like to a provide a big thank for who represent international law in the world specially Terror Council and Straied Nations for some favors..
   *By your silence towards all these Israeli crimes and your fighting against Iran,Iraq,Northern Korea however they didn't do a real thing in contrary of Israel which commit many crimes and broke your law which you represnt,by this you're assuring for any free man that you're just an American establishments built to set its authority on the world and to achieve Israeli targets on Islamic lands and that you're so biased to Israel and don't follow the policy of neutralization which is required for any law representer.
   *A real favor you did and I really and truly thank you for it;I mean that you didn't condemn what Israel did on Lebanese lands from killing children,destroying their homes,destroying hospitals,destroying Lebanese infrastructure ..etc and restricted the issue on those couple of captured soldiers;whether you put the responsibility of this destruction on Israel nor you call what Israel did in Lebanon even a 'BAD' thing.Also Israel kidnapped 64 Palestinian ministers,surrogatres and leaders from the government,demolished official buildings of the Palestinian government,daily is killing Palestinian children and civilians,daily is attacking by fighters civil targets,re-occupation of Gaza..etc all becasue of a soldier captured and also you didn't hit Israel on its hands saying to it : "IT WAS BAD,DON"T REPEAT IT",so all this means that when Palestinians declare open war against Israel you won't keep silence but becasue of this little equation(Capturing 3 soldiers VS killing 1084 of civilians,destroyinging about160 bridges,displacing fifth of Lebanese people,destroying hospitals,destroying more than 7000 of hapitation units in Lebanon and kidnapping more than 60 of politicians,demolishing buildings of the government,killing civilians,attacking civil targets in Palestine )So if I made this equation,I can reach that you'll support Resistance in Palestine and Lebanon instead of keeping silence.

Also "Thank you America that you revealed your real face for any man who have a mind"

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