Jan 25, 2007

The chance

Bush is begging Congress to give his 'FANTASTIC' new plan in Iraq a CHANCE to test if it will work or not.


Away from my complete refusal for this invade to Iraq by American armies, Away from the fact that a 6 years child knows that this plan will cause more killings to innocent Iraqis and for American invaders, Away from the destruction which Iraq will gain from this plan, Away from the international refusal for this folish plan, Away from all that, that's my point here, my point is what this foolish man begged Congress for, It's the CHANCE which he wants to test his plan...

If this man wants a chance for his plan which will fail before being done, so why didn't he and European governments admit this right to Hamas in Palestine in 2005?!!!!
Hamas was the choice of the Palestinian people. Democratic elections have been held and they choiced an Islamic government represented in Hamas, so where is the problem?!!!!!!
The problem exists in American and European governments themselves, they didn't bear the fact that an Islamic movement became the government, they didn't bear that the Islamic movement which resist against Israeli invade to Palestinian lands since 1948 reach the government, so they quickly decided to boycott it and prevent any supply to the new Palestinian government and ordered the world to boycott it to isloate it from the international society to force it to declare its acceptance of Israeli existence, invade, daily killings, destruction, rapping, kidnapping, breaking of Humanical and International law ..etc by Israelis against armless Palestinian people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This boycott caused the long suffer for the Palestinian people till now, it caused the shortage of food and medical supplies for all Palestinians, and another suffer has been added to the long suffer of Palestinians since the awful coming of Zionists to Palestine and the declaration of the Zionist and Israeli state on the Palestinian state.
They didn't gave it the chance to see if it will success in the government or not, they all cried 'They failed, they can't hold governmental tasks, they must be removed, they are.....bla bla bla' However THE CHOICE hasn't been given to them, neither they took the enough time nor the support (or at least to be let without being disturbed) to see if they can hold the government well or not.

So I ask you Bush, Where is your Democracy which you claim daily that you seek for the world?!!! Where is your equity which you cheat the world that you want it among all peoples?!!!! Or just you who must be given the chance and not any other one (specially when they are Muslims)?!!!!!!!!!!!

You are going to an end, and I bet that it will be a shameful end. And a last message for you; "Bush, you'll be pushed away"

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