Jan 10, 2007

Somalian fighters hit America!!!

-Did you hear the lastest news?!!!!
*No, what it says?!!!
-"Somalian air fighters hit targets in America because of being suspicious that it has bad guys, but the reason was killing American civilians and children".
*What?!!!!!  Are you serious?!!!!!!!
*Somalians are terrorists, killers, murders, barbaris, monesters to hit America, and how poor those Americans who have been killed by those murders, America now have the complete right to destroy Somalia.
-Hit America?!!!!!!!!   Oh, sorry, I was wrong, the correct news is; "American air fighters hit targets in Somalia because of being suspicious that it has bad guys, but the reason was killing Somalian civilians and children" .
*Oh, that's logical, America is the one who can hit other states any time when it's suspicious of bad guys.
-But what about those children and civilians who have been killed?!!!!!!
*They are the price of war against Terrorism.
-Really?!!!! But what if they were Americans?!!!!!
*So Americans then can defend themselves and attack whole Somalia.
-And if they are Somalians, can they attack America?!!!!!
*Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure not, they don't have the right to defend themselves because they will be terrorists if they did that.
Can't you see that there is no logic in (*)'s opinion?!!!!!!!! Can't you see his double-standard measure?!!!!!   Can't you see that this is what many nowadays believe in?!!!!!!
America can attack every inch in any country around the world, America can kill any body who belong to any other state, America can arrest any body from any nationality, America can agonize any whom, No respect to International law, No resepct to Human law, No respect to souls of innocents .....And they can't be accused of being BAD GUYS, for a simple reason; 'They are fighting against terrorism, so they can use any way'.
Huh, I think that it's not a new thing for Americans to do, since their early times and they are following this rule, For example; Why they dropped the two Neuclear bombs (which they don't want any state except it and Israel to have these days) on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killing about 214000 of CIVILIANS who didn't join this war between America and Japan?!!!!!!!!  Don't you know why?!!!!!!!
They 'KILLED THIS NUMBER OF INNOCENTS' to 'PREVENT KILLING MORE'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a logic!! What a way of thinking!!
So, we musn't wonder at all that Americans of these days use these dirty ways; killing, agonizing, rapping, insulting beliefs, kidnapping...etc, as it's the same way of their ancestors.
But if you looked at Islamic teachings, you'll find out that there is a basic Islamic role which says that; 'A bad thing can't be removed by a worser thing'


Dr. Blogstein said...

Many terrorists hide among civilians and use women and children as human sheilds just as a public relations move. They care about their own women and children as much as they care about Americans.

Mohamed said...

First of all; Welcome to you on my blog.

You said terrorists, but what proves that they are terrorists, and if they were terrorists; what means to be a terrorist?!!!!!!, and if we approved that they are really killers,murders,dangerous..etc(which may be an approved definition for terrorist),so then they must be arrested then go to a fair judge,and then the punishment comes. But not to be killed just because they are SUSPICIOUS of them, they aren't animals, they still human who must take their rights because of this humanity, and the least right is to be given the right to be judged by the state which they belong to before being punishment, right?!!

We mustn't also miss an important point; I mean that America is hitting another independent state by fighters. Do you know what this mean?!!! It's WAR DECLARATION on Somalaia.

On the other hand; it's against many international laws and one of them is the breaking of the borders of a freelance and independent country, and if you know, in this case, I mean when America hit Somalaian lands, Somalians then have the right to defend themselves by any way till UN find a solution, that's the 51th article in UN pacte which America and Somalia signed in.

And let us follow your exception, the use of human shields from terrorists, It's not a reason to kill them, and when those terrorists use them, they assume that Americans have kind hearts not to kill innocents like those terrorists did(as you asume),
And let us ignore the case of having hearts as I know that Americans don't have any kind heart; What is the difference between those terrorists and Americans; both are killing innocents?!!!!!
That's what I mentioned in the end of the post about the Islamic role which says that 'Correcting the bad thing isn't by a worser thing'

I'd like to assure in the end that I don't believe that there is killers,murders..etc in Somalia.

Tisha! said...

You mean like the Hizbullah was doing in Lebanon?

Dr. Blogstein said...

Let's simplify this by taking nations and religions out of it since that just clouds judgment:

Pretend a group of alien creatures called Gizbots have a presence on every planet of the solar system but they don't really have a nation of their own. These Gizbots have a problem with the rulers of Mars. The Gizbots then plot against the people of Mars, not necessarily those rulers who make the policies that the Gizbots don't agree with.

Mars cannot allow innocent Martians to get murdered on their soil so the try to find where the Gizbots hide out. They realize that Venus has very little control of their planet and allow Gizbots to set up camp on their planet and live lawless lives plotting against Mars.

The Martians need to stop further attacks from happening but the Gizbots are clever and the live amongst the innocent people of Venus knowing full well that for the Martian military to engage the Gizbots, innocent Venitians would get caught in the cross fire. The Martians, however, know that if they don't disrupt the plans of the Gizbots then they could put together another plan to kill innocent Martians.

Mohamed: What do you suggest the Martians do?

Surveyor said...

And the Mercurians are funneling weapons and cash to the Gizbots! Shouldn't the Martians deal with them too Mohamed?

jarhead john said...

"what proves that they are terrorists, and if they were terrorists; what means to be a terrorist?!!!!!!,"

What proof? How about the numerous videos that Al Q'aeda has put out declaring death to America, and other western nations? How about flying a couple of airliners into our buildings? Al Q'aeda is a terrorist group if ever there was one.

And yes, if they were hiding among a group of Americans, there would be American casualties as well.

Mohamed said...

Hi all,

I'm so sorry for being late, it was because of my exams, I checked your

comments yesterday but books were calling :)

Any way, Following are some words I'd like to say.


Hizbullah isn't a terroristic group, they are a resistant group against

Israeli invade in Lebanon.

If you consider capturing two soldiers as a terroristic act, so what will you

call killing children and women? What will you call destroying habitation

buildings,bridges,roads,water stations,electrical stataions,..etc?!!!!!

And also you must notice that Hizbullah is targeting soldiers, not like

Israel which targets civilians. And also when they targeted soldiers they

only captured them, not like Israelis who not only targeted children but they

killed them and destroyed their homes and killed their fathers and mothers.

There is a basic difference between raising your gun in the face of armies,

and in the face of children.


Welcome again,

I checked the link about Little mosque on the Prairie, actually I watched the

show, However I oppose some things but generally I liked it, it really

represents the disaster which Muslims daily suffer from in the West, and on

the Web.
And I think that you are representing the moderate side in the west, By the

way, where r u from?!!!
But I'm the one who is interested to know, how you accept this show,

specially those who Muslims as terrorists, I mean that it's against all

images which have been formed in fictions of many westerns, so do it change

this or not?!!!!

"Explosive?!!","Yeah,explosive" hahaha

As for your question about what should Martians do..

Firstly, I liked this journy across the space, it's a full film , why don't

you direct it and call it 'Journy between planets':D.
As you like, if you want to talk religions and nations away, ok.

I think that the point here is; 'Who should be killed'
Yes, if Martians left Gizbots without killing them so they will kill

Martians, and if they killed them so they kill innocent Venitians too.
So, I think that if we have to kill, so I think that to be killed by murders

is better than to kill innocents and me myself be a murder. Or else I'll be

so self-loving if I prefered to kill innocents than to be killed.

On the other hand, Martians don't have to kill, they know that Gzibots won't

kill Venitians, in the same time Gizbots can't attack Martians till they get

out from among Venitians, then Martians can catch them.

So the full plan which Martians should follow is;
Very powerful defense on their borders, and very well watching out against

any attack, and when Gizbots come to attack Martians, they can attack them

then. In a word, Martians should be in the defensive position not offensive

one so as not to kill innocents, but if Gizbots were alone so Martians can

then attack them.

I can't held it, I must tell you about it;
I think that in Islam it's different,Islamic state don't punish as a whole

(bombing,missiles,air invadings..etc)but there is a thing which is called

'Fair Judging' which Americans don't know, they just kill.

jarhead john,

Yes, I think that we approve that killing any innocent is a big crime,

whether they were Americans,Egyptians..Jewish,Muslims..etc. It's related to

the soul itself, not the nationality.
And yes, 9-11 is a big disaster which every one refuse, and sure that who

commit it are murders and killers...and every bad thing(sorry,I don't prefer

to say terrorists because of the International misuse of it).
And also we must approve that hitting another state means breaking

International law and declaring war against it, and we must approve that

killing innocents is against humanity,whether they were


And what I'm talking about concerning to the proof isn't a bad thing, in

contrary; this is the right way to fight against terrorism(as you call it),

firstly proof that this man is a terrorist then judge him, not kill him

without prooving his crimes, and how many people he killed, and where he

commited his crimes, and what is his name,nationality......etc. That's what I mean by the

proof, you can't know when you kill those men if you were wrong in your

suspicious or not, but if they went to a fair court so now you can prove if

they are guilty or not.
And let me please tell you a thing, America can't judge them, you know why...It's so simply because they don't have this proof which I'm talking about, and the PROOF about that is hundreds of kidnapped people in Guantanamo, what are their crimes?!!!! There is a Muslim cameraman there called Sami Al-Hajj who works with Al-Jazeera space channel,he don't know why he has been arrested till now. It's just an example.

Notice that I don't support terrorism, in contrary I'm completely against it, and 'I don't deny the right of American air fighters to hit every spot in the world because of BEING SUSPICIOUS of having terrorists, they are welcomed to hit also my country any time, but I hope that they don't suspect and kill me..Greetings to International law'

Thanks for everyone,


The Greatest Terrorist Of All...is the Individual Person that defends,
and seeks to enforce a cruel religious code on great masses of

Kings, Dictators, Warlords fill the
History Books with bloodlust, for
countless centuries...

But none can match the False Prophets that CLAIM to speak for a
Silent God! It all began when the first tribal chief said he was the
Son of the Rain God, or was it the
God of Thunder & Lighting...in a land far, far away...beyond the moon.

Popes, Grand Ayatollahs, Reverands,
Imams, and Gurus, that know the ancient writings, and from these old stories, they make their pious claims to rule gullible, uneducated people.

I could be wrong! But will any of them ever admit that they are only
fallible humans? Never.

"Better To Reign In Hell, Than To Serve In Heaven!" Shame On Them! reb


Mohamed said...

Sure they did...

Hi Mr reb,

Just few words in my spare time about your question; But will any of them ever admit that they are only fallible humans?

I won't say many but I will say ALL Muslim Imams said that they are human beings and that they can make mistakes.

And the four great Imams(Shafi'i, Malek, Abo Hanifa, Ibn Hanbal) said that no one can follow their opinions without knowing the evidences and proofs of their opinions.

Even Abo Bakr -May Allah bless him-which was the first Caliph set up a rule in his first word to the people, he siad; "Obey me whenever I Obey Allah's orders, but if I didn't obey His orders then I have no right of obedience"

And many many examples which shows that not a real Imam said about himself that he don't make mistakes like every human.

I guess that you just have a corrupted idea about all religions and think that they are all the same.

Be well,