Jan 21, 2007

Happy new year!!

No, don't hurry and think that it's a late blessing, It's for Muslims as yesterday was the first day in Muslim calendar.
And because of this great anniversary; I'm going to change my blog name to a new name.
May be you are interested before knowing the new name to know why I named this blog by this name Clean fun.
The story starts more than 1 year ago when I found out that I can create my BLOG free of charge when I was checking Google services, but guess it!!!!  I didn't know this time what a BLOG means or what it do :) , but I created it thinking that it's like a group where I can share all kinds of files specially movie clips, songs, pictures.. directly from my computer with my friends, but few days forward I discovered the fact.  But little by little I learnt how to write posts and send them, then I learnt that I can use my Gmail to send posts... and finally I joined thousands of bloggers around the world, and I decided to make my blog for talking my Islamic religion which I love above every thing in all my life.
As for the new name; you can read it above :D

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