Jan 9, 2007

Reason to invade Somalia!!

I asked myself, what is the advantage which America will gain from interrupting in Somalian cases to facilitate to invade in few years?!!!!

I guessed that it has natural fortunes, and it was right...

When I checked information about Somalian economy on the Wikipedia, I found that it has Oil and Uranium. Check it if you want here

So the facts now has been revealed and the reason is clear.

If you don't beleive now, you can believe me when you know that the main reason to invade Iraq is that it has much Oil, and also you'll believe me when you hear this in NEWS; "American army go to Somalia".

I'm sure that they will create a reason for that; if the reason to invade Iraq was Neuclear weapons -which they didn't find till now-, so may be the reason to invade Somalia is that Somalia may use Uranium after 10000 year to make Neuclaer bomb, so why don't we use it to add a new bomb to other bombs which we use...

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