Jan 11, 2007

"My dear sons..go to hell"

However the international refuse.. However knowing the miserable case of American soldiers in Iraq.. He is sending more soldiers to be killed there!!!!
How this folish is thinking?!!!!! It will cause many killings for Iraqis who will be killed on their lands, and those Americans who will be killed with no dignity.



All throughout history...

There have been men Claiming to know all about Creation

All about the Creator.

The Sun God Priests, the Rabbis, the Popes, the Grand Ayatollahs.

These are the Great Pretenders that
Claim to Know Everything.

When the Imam grabs the infant mind
to explain the wonders of the night sky, does he really know more
than the Astronomer?

Get on your knees, five times each day, and I will tell you! When the little boy is twelve, he no longer asks questions...he's a Shahid! He will see Allah soon.

Do not confuse him with Facts.

Great populations will suffer. We are all a part of this tragedy.

Soon, after Armageddon, a Great One
will come, and there will be Peace.

Humbug! Nonsense.


Mohamed said...

All what I can say to you, my granfather is that you suffer from lake of information about Islamic religion.

I assume that with all that age, you should know that there is a big difference between 'The belief' & 'Bad deeds of its followers'. And a clear example for you is Crusade wars, they were Christians, they killed many and many Muslims under the name of the cross, they justified all killings and destruction in the name of the cross, So does that means that Christianity is a religon of terrorism?!!!! Not at all, Christianity invites to Peace and Mercy just like Islam.

However you insulted my beliefs but I respect the difference of age between us, and that you are an old man.