Jan 9, 2007

America hitting Somalia

So, what do you want to say, American politians?!!!!
What hitting another country means?!!!!
Which law wihch gives you this right?!!!!

Don't know the answer?!!! So let me tell you.
You are using 'Forest law' in ALL your relations with other states, if the country is powerful like Iran or Northern Korea so you can't use army, just some punishments from away of the state, but if the country is poor so the reason exists then to remove this country from the earth's surface(originally you use the word 'Fighting against Terrorism') and use your armies and powers to kill children and rap women and agonize innocents like you did (and still) with Iraq, Afghanistan,..etc, and finally Somalia..

If you're using a fake reason that they are 'terrorists' so there is a point here!!
Where is the full evidence against those who you KILLED about being guilty?!!
And let us assume that they are real 'terrorists' so there is another point!!
They are still human, they didn't convert to animals, so Where is the just and fair judge for them to proof being guilty then to be punished?!!!!!
You always proof for te world that we are living in a forest where survival and authority for who have power.

How it became for you the word 'KILL' very easy!!

Just a call phone from White House (I suggest changing the name to 'Red House' because of innocents blood) to American militarism base in any part of the world whether in Iraq, Africa...etc or to Israel JUST TO KILL.
Don't you have another thing except this barbaric solution for your problems?!!!!!!!!
There is a thing called International law which can get back your faked rights than KILLING children(Iraq,Afghanistan) and kidnapping people(Guantanamo) and rapping innocents(Iraq-Abo Ghareeb) and supporting Israel in KILLING children and women(Palestine,Lebanon)..I repeat, there is a thing called Internationl law where you can get back your FAKED rights.

But there is many reasons for you not to go to these peaceful solutions for your problems; Firstly,you don't have any rights but in contrary you are the guilty and which must be punished not Saddam who only killed hundreds not like you who KILLED -and still- (or was the main reason in KILLING) millions around the world starting on your lands by annihilating the whole native people who lived before you on American lands, passing by innocent civilains in Japan-Heroshema and Nagazaki, and in Iraq...and histroy proofs. Also, a hyena in a forest don't follow any law except his own law which is 'Survival for the most powerful', and the same you are following the same law. And finally, who follow peaceful and law solutions are ONLY civilized countries not barbaric ones, and you're morally uncivilzed and the facts talks.

By the way, Would I ask you Amererica about What is 'Terrorism'?!!!!
There is not -for this moment- an approved definition for the word 'Terorriosm', even Americans -who made themselves 'Fighter against Terrorism'- didn't define it till now. Don't you know what you are fighting against, or you want it to still undifined to accuse any who don't appeal to you by?!!!

I hope to tell me, as I'm feeling that I may be a 'terrorist' for you to say a truth word, or that I'm talking about your support for KILLING poor children and innocents..

Any way, let me tell you America what means Terrorism -at the least as you see it-; Terrorism for you is being against American advantages around the world, so a terrorist is everyone who don't follow America or don't support its advantages.

To brief; I hate every American politian who support American outer policy, I hate Bush (The head of the serpent), I hate Condleza Rice,..etc.
I don't hate them just because they are Americans, but because America is a tyrant, and because they KILL children and inocents without any sin except being in a state which don't support American advantages.

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Your words: "I Hate every American
Politician"...Hmmm. Bush, Condi Rice, etc.

They are gone in 15 brief months. It's Our Law!
Then who will you hate?

How do you feel about the Saudi, that claim "Royal Blood"? What makes their blood so special? Have any in your area ever asked? Are you comfortable with their First Claim? Why is Mecca so "Holy"? We don't see any halos shining on their heads! Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri might like to change that; declare the Great Pyramid at Giza a much holier place! Would you buy into that? Then you might Hate Less!

What Fools, We Mortals Be! We need Allah or Jesus to come down here! They have been silent for too many years! reb