Feb 12, 2006

Western Freedom!!

In Western Society you're FREE as a result:

*you have the right to swear others

*you can swear my father

*you have the complete right to plant hatred

*you don't have to consider other's feelings

*you have the right to direct false accusations to any other body whether he was a great man or not

*you don't have to respect religious beliefs of others and can make irony from them

*you can swear Prophets of others

Did I misunderstand Freedom of expression in the West?!!!

If you -Westerns- have this kind of freedom;it's your society and you're free to organize it as you want;-till you made killing people legal- but there is three points:
*Rules of a society don't obligate other societies(so just swear yourselves).
*If it was legal to direct swears to ordinary man;you can't direct swears to Prophets.
*Religious beliefs is not a place for irony.


Lizze said...

Our freedoms are that neither government nor religious leaders have the monopoly of the truth/spoken word said to the people. We do not get told what to think or to say. We have many sources of information, and it is up to our own judgement and values to decide what is right and what is wrong.

The people are free to debate without any fear or retaliation. If any statement is false and against the Freedom of Speech legislation, then we have independent courts that will judge the case.

The government or any religions leaders do not control the media or the courts.

“*Rules of a society don't obligate other societies”
Exactly, that goes both ways. I hope you do realise the Islam/Muslins standards do not govern the whole world and never will do.

“*you have the right to swear others”
I don’t fully understand what you mean … do you mean bad language or something else?

“*Religious beliefs is not a place for irony.”
Religions beliefs do not supersede Freedom of Speech. No religion has the right to decide what is allowed or not. Religion hinders the development of the society when it dictates what can be said and done.

Iustus said...

"you have the complete right to plant hatred"
- No, you don't. After all currently the only people doing that are the crazy ragheads running around burning embassies and shooting people. They are NOT cartoons.

"*you have the right to swear others

*you can swear my father"
Yes, correct. You can do the same to me. It's called free speech.

"you don't have to consider other's feelings"
9-11. 7-7. Did they consider the feelings of those people they were about to kill? I THINK NOT!

"you have the right to direct false accusations to any other body whether he was a great man or not"
- Yes, just make sure it isn't libelous, otherwise you can be taken to court. But yeah, satirising cartoons are used in daily newspapers everywhere.

"you don't have to respect religious beliefs of others and can make irony from them"

Yep. Ever heard of Jesus Christ Superstar? Ripped it out of Christians. I hate it, but I can't stop it. Free speech.

"you can swear Prophets of others"

See above.

"Did I misunderstand Freedom of expression in the West?!!!"

Yes, clearly you did.

"*Rules of a society don't obligate other societies(so just swear yourselves)."

So when you go embassy burning, killing, rampaging, rioting all over the cartoons, that's ok, but cartoons aren't. Get a grip.

"If it was legal to direct swears to ordinary man;you can't direct swears to Prophets."
No, cos I don't believe he was the prophet. I believe he was an illiterate camel driver who wrote a wacky book to create political means to an end, and was a liar. But that's my opinion and I won't force it on you (see, that's what we call FREE SPEECH)

"Religious beliefs is not a place for irony."

Why not? Did Allah say - YOU MUST NOT LAUGH.

I'm now going to go and take apart your arguments on my blog. Good day.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that freedom is abused and misused in the West as well as around the world.

So many use freedom as an excuse to be without any respect for self or others. They use it for as a reason for war, killings, burning buildings, taking the lives of innocent people that do not want any part of the leaders of extremist and their actions.

Thousands may gather together and raise their arms and shout enough is enough! But is it?

Respect, Compassion and Forgiveness are missing not only in the hearts of the those who live in the West but in the entire world!

Our Lord, God, and
Allah comes in many forms, shapes and has many names--just as there are many countries and languages.

However, His Way does not waiver.

He does not promote killing, arguing, slander, stealing or disrespect for others or the law.

It is the flesh of man that causes havoc. As a man thinketh so he is.

Stop pointing fingers at others and say "You" This should be done in a mirror! For every man has faults. Do not look in the mirror in the dark for the true image cannot be seen.

Let each individual look into that mirror in the light so that they may take plank out of their own eye before removing the one out of another's.

If more people would start from within and change their thoughts and they can change their lives. And not allow false freedom and others dictate what is true.

Only if all humans were to put into practice and sow the seeds of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Respect and Self-Control, they too would be able to see the the positive by-product of it!

As well as see the beauty that this world has to offer as in some of the photos on this website.

Mohamed said...

I'm so sorry for the delay to reply you,anonymous
but the reason why I was so late is that I wrote my comment but when I tried to send it,a strange thing happened and it wasn't sent,then I became busy with some other things..so I apologize and here you are my reply.

In fact your words are very honest and beautiful,both sides should look to faults of each other,and there is no perfect man..all these are facts with no doubt.
But the fact with Muslims is that Islam don't order them to do bad,so when some of them do bad,it will be from themselves not from Islam.
So you can consider me saying that Muslims have a protocol which tell them to be good,but Westerns don't have this protocol.

I want to understand your statement started with 'Our lord..'

Thanks for commenting,


In Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of
the Wahhabi, they "Plant Hatred" into the minds of defenseless, innocent children. They teach these
babies with Cartoons, before they can read.

"See the dirty little Pig? That is
a Dirty Jew. This Dirty Little Pig
Kills Innocent Arabs! What should we do to Dirty Little Pig? etc
This is the beginning of a young
child's understanding.

Much later: Would you like to please Allah? Allah will bestow upon you great rewards. Would you
like to become A Warrior For Allah?
Or a Teacher, perhaps? Or a Sharia
Law Student? Would you like to study Other Religious Beliefs? Why
would you want THAT? We already have The Truth! The Only Truth!

Question: How will this young child
ever have a chance to learn other,
more useful things?

As the Young Twig Sapling Is Bent,
so will grow The Mature Tree!

Class Dismissed. reb