Feb 5, 2006

Another discussion

Me:Al Salam Alikom.
Ali:Wa Alikom Al Salam Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatoh.
Me:How are you,Ali?
Ali:Al Hamdo Le Allah.
Me:Did you hear about what happened in Beirut and Damascus?
Ali:Yes,and I'm so happy.
Me:Why?Islam hasn't ever ordered us to do that or taking revenge!!
Ali:But their crime was so bad.
Me:I know but your religion order you and you must do what it orders you to do.
Ali:Ok,we won't call it 'taking revenge' but we can call it 'Freedom of expression'.
Ali:Simply;they expressed their Hatred towards Islamic Religion and Muslims by cartoons,and we express our refusal by burning their buildings.
Me:Dear,Freedom of expression don't contain harming others.
Ali:And don't you consider harming our feelings a harm?
Me:Yes,but it don't mean to reply bad deeds by the same.And your Prophet order you when people harm you to evaded their harm not to take revenge.
Ali:Ok,Will we leave them?
Me:Who said that?What is made now and being ordered by all Muslim scholars is the language they understand;I mean boycott,and loses they will face will stop them and any similar who may think in doing that.And millions of messages should reach them showing our refusal but with no swears;as if they revealed their real morals we should reveal our Islamic morals.
Ali:Ok,I'm leaving now!Do you want any service?
Ali:Ok;Al Salam Alikom.
Me:Wa Alikom Al Salam.

(This discussion didn't happen but just show my point of view)

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