Feb 5, 2006

A discussion!!

Me:Good evening.
Him:Good evening.
Me:I'm Mohamed from Egypt.
Him:I..am……Jack from……………….
Me:From what country?
Him:In fact I'm from Denmark.
(He seemed puzzled)
Me:What is your problem?!!
Him:Won't you hit me?!!
Him:Because what was made by this newspaper in my country!
(I laughed)
Him:Why are you laughing?!!!
Me:As I imagined my image in your mind as a terrorist who is walking in streets holding a lot of weapons and waiting for the good opportunity to kill you,Right?
Him:I don't want to lie but it's the fact!
Me:Dear;Islam is a Religion of mercy and tolerance.
Him:So why you boycott our products if your religion was really tolerant?
Me:It don't mean that Islam is religion of tolerance not to express our refuse of that big crime made under acceptance of government and under name of 'Freedom of expression'.
Him:But I consider it a real freedom of expression.
Me:Freedom of expression must have some rules as:not getting near to religious beliefs and respecting others feelings.And Denmark itself signed pact of Human Rights which force it to respect religious beliefs.And if it was a real freedom of expression why we can't say a word about Semitism?!!
Him:And what about what happened in Damascus and Beirut?!!
Me:No;it's not real Islam,these deeds have been did as a result of hatred created by that newspaper and refusing of apologizing from government.
If you want to know what merciful Prophet Muhammad did with those who sweared,harmed and tried to kill him;here you're some examples:
*when he(PBUH)entered Mecca,he said to those who harmed,killed,insulted,sweared,tormented him and his followers:Go and you're free,
*when his Jewish neighbor stopped putting rubbish in front of his(PBUH)door,he knew that he was ill and go to visit and ask about him,
*when he was thrown by stones between two queues of people in Al-Taif town and his honorable foot bleed;Angel of Mounts came and said to him if he want to destroy the whole town;he refused saying that their sons may be better than them;and ask Allah to lead them to the truth as they don't know,
*when atheists called him 'Mudhammam'(opposite of Muhammad and a bad word)and his followers said to him will you leave them he said that they're calling Mudhammam not me,
and a lot of examples that show tolerance of Prophet Muhammad.
Him:Ok I have to leave now.
Me:Ok,Tke care.
Him: Thanks,Bye.

(This discussion didn't happen but just reveals my feeling and point of view)

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Lizze said...

"No;it's not real Islam,"

Hi Mohammed,

The above comment is one of the cornerstones, in my mind, why East end West do not understand each other. I hear this comment being used when anything inconvenient happens to Islam to get deniability. But this comment used more and more and it is becoming thinner and thinner.

But after reading your blog and having discussions – I know that moderate people like yourself is around and trying your best to promote a balanced view.

Regarding the cartoons, I think we stand on opposite sides.