Feb 22, 2006

Abu hanifa & athiests

Some athiests asked Abu Hanifa(a great Imam):When your God has been found?
He replied:He is existed before history and time,then he asked them:What is before number 4?
They replied:Number 3
He said:And what is before number 3?
They replied:Number 2
He asked:And before 2?
They replied:Number 1.
Finally he asked:And what is before number 1?!!
They replied:Nothing!
He said:Number one has nothing before,so what about the true One who is Allah?!!!!

Then they asked him:Tell us about nature of your God..Is it solid,liquid or gas?
He replied:Did you see a man dieing?
They said:Yes.
He asked:Did he talk to you after death?
They said:No.
He asked:Was he speaking and moving before death?
They said:Yes.
He said:What changed him?
They said:Dispossessing of his spirit!
He said:Describe to me this spirit..Is it solid like iron,liquid like water or gas like steam and smoke?
They said:We don't know a thing about it!
He said:If you can't know nature of created spirit,so how you want from me to describe to you nature of the God?!!

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