Feb 23, 2006

Bird flu in Egypt

Bird Flu reached Egypt in 17th of current month.I thank Allah that up till now there is no human has been caught by it.
In fact the government has made great efforts to face it:
*First important effort is that it didn't lie about it,but it told the people honestly about it.
*It specialized a number of telephone lines for public questions.
*It built up a website telling information about the disease and last news about it.
*It made groups of specialists to deal with people who inform dead birds.
*It made a TV expedition to tell people information to prevent it.

An honest word to be said:the government has done a different and new thing.

On the other hand;the Egyptian people is cooperating with the government.

However it's a disaster but it gathered the government and the people,and showed a good face for Egypt.

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