Nov 6, 2006

The funny judge!!!

Yesterday was the judge of the court against Saddam to be hanged.
I won't say that it's a Just judge,but I'll say that's Funny.  Yes,you read it rightly,
'The judge against Saddam is too FUNNY'
Sure,you're asking Why?!!!
No amazement at all about my view towards this judge,but the amazement must be towards another fact.  I'm talking here about the fact that; 
American government is crying that it set democracy by removing this DICTATOR,KILLER,TYRANT called Saddam as he killed 184 innocent,and was following the policy of the one magnate against his people,and oppressed his people for many years,Right?!!!!!  Isn't this what Americans are justifying their coming to Iraq by?!!!!! Yes,that's right. That's right that this is what happened,and that's right also that Americans justified their coming by these facts.   
But,on the other side,since the American invade to Iraq; 560,000 of Iraqi innocent souls have been killed...And also America is following the policy of the one magnate against the whole world...And oppressed many peoples across the world starting by Japanese people passing by Palestinian people and lately Lebanese people,in addition to oppressing other peoples indirectly.
So,let us have a small compare between the two tyrants;
*184 vs 560,000      Oh,sorry I mean;  184 vs 560,000
*(One magnate policy against a people) vs (One magnate policy against the whole world )
*(Oppressing one people) vs (Oppressing many peoples around the world)
So,I think that if really America seeks justice it would judge on 'those who were responsible of American invade to Iraq' by 3043 hanging judge!!!!!
On the other side,America is very happy by this judge because of its justice,right?!!  So,Isn't it a justice to judge against Israeli criminals in Lebanese war and in Palestinians daily killing to be hanged?!!!! Will America go there to remove the Tyrant Olmert and his government and send them to a court for their crimes against Human and international law?!!!!!!!!      The answer is known,and the reason is one of two;  One is that we're living in a forest where the law is beside and for the sake of FORCE (Israel,America) and against weak (Iraq,Southern Korea..etc).   And the other possibility is that Israel is out of law because of American support.   Which one is the reason?!!! May be both of them.
And another funny thing,is that the time of the judge came during Israeli invasion in Bait Hanon (48 innocents killed, More than 220 injuries, Destruction of civil homes, 40,000 of innocent Palestinians are under breakout, Leak of food, Leak of water).   So it shows clearly and with no doubt,the bias which exists these days in the world. And shows also the false peace which Israel invites to.
So,don't you support me that it's funny?!!!!!

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