Nov 15, 2006

Nuclear American and Israeli danger

It's spreading nowadays in the world the phrase; 'Iranian nuclear danger'. But regarding to the policy of 'Putting facts in their right places' so I must talk here about the REAL danger which America and Israel represent against the world.

If we looked intensely and deeply and compared the situation of America and Israel from a side, and Iran from the other side we'll find out clearly that America and Israel are representing the real danger on the world this time more than any other country, whether from nuclear side or other sides. And following is why;

Iran said clearly to the world that it aims at owning PEACEFUL nuclear technology,not nuclear bombs, so that solves the problem from the first. And we must notice that many and many states around the world own this kind of peaceful technology and there is not a problem about that.

If some said that not every thing which is said is the fact, so why we believe Israel when it claims that it seek peace however it's daily killing innocent children, daily demolish civil buildings and hospitals, it destroy Palestinian agriculture and cut trees, it don't own the land of Palestine, lately refused a peace conference,..etc, however all these crimes are clearly against peace process.

On the other hand, if we assumed that Iran really seeks the nuclear weapon so there is no problem at all too; for many reasons;

*If Iran owned this weapon so it follows Islamic religion which prevents killing innocents, and prevents using Total destruction weapons which kill every body and destroy every thing. By another way, it won't use it, but it will be achieving the policy of 'Balance of terror' which means that I own a powerful weapon and you own the same weapon so I can't attack you,and you can't attack me. And it's achieved between many states like; Russia and America, Pakistan and India..etc.
As for Israel it really have nuclear bombs but it don't have this protocol which prevents killing innocents, but in contrary their Bible order killing innocents. And on earth they daily kill children,women,old women and men, demolish their homes, cause terror for safe people..etc.
And also America own it and completely support the terrorist state of Israel whether politically,by money or by weapons, in killing innocent sleeping children.

*Israel owns this kind of destructive weapons, and there is no problem at all, We didn't hear any refusal or condemn, or even any mention of Israeli weapons in the CT(Council of Terror), However Israel really use internationally banned weapons, kill innocents ,don't respect any kind of law whether International law or even Human law, and Iran didn't do any of these crimes.
*America is the ONLY state which used nuclear bombs against civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing 237,062 of innocent Japanese, and already own this weapon nowadays, and there is no problem also and the West didn't mention a thing about these bombs.

May some say that both of them didn't sign on the International convention of banning the spread of nuclear weapons,so they have the right to own them. So, the reply for this will be in three points;
-Since when Israel and America are respecting International law?!!!!!
America don't respect Geneve convention which prevents dealing with prisoners by force, and delete the humanity of kidnapped citizens who belong to other states in Guantanamo.
America don't respect the 7th article of UN pact which obligates states not to interpose in cases of other states,and obviously consider itself the boss of the world.
Israel and America don't respect the 51th article of UN pact which gives the right to states to defend itself, and don't admit this right to Palestinians and Lebanese.
Israel don't respect the 3rd article of UN pact which obligates states to solve their problems peacefully by the way which don't threaten International Peace,Safety and Justice, and it attacked Lebanon with no reason, and try to solve the conflict in Palestine by force,killing and destruction.
Israel don't respect the 4th article in UN pact which obligates not to break borders between states and not to use force in their international relationships, and it attacked Lebanon and broke its political independence(and still)..
Israel don't respect the UN rule which prevents attacking civilians in war times, and DIRECTLY attack civil Lebanese and Palestinians.
Israel don't respect the UN rule which prevents attacking civil targets in war times, and DIRECTLY attack homes, Electrical stations, Water stations, Bridges, Roads..etc.
So, if they signed it, there will not be a difference and will keep Total destruction weapons.

-Human law don't need any conventions or negotiations, but only those who want peace for the world respect Human law, and using these weapons is clearly against Human law. And America already has used it, and Israel use Internationally banned weapons whether in last war between Lebanese and Israel, or daily against civil Palestinians.

-Why they refuse the signing if they really seek peace as they claim?!!!!!!!

And on the other hand, America is a biased state against other states, and want to be the ONLY magnate in the whole world. And it support Israel in its crimes.

So, I ask the question again;
Which is more dangerous; Israel which steal the land of Palestine, daily kill children, demolish their homes, use force in all its relationships, own and use Internationally banned weapons, don't respect Human and International law,
and America which killed thousands in Japan, support killing innocents, own and used atomic bombs, is biased against justice and peace, and is a real liar by changing the fact that Israel is a real terrorist killing innocents by claiming that it defend itself, and changing the right of Self-Defense and Resistance of Palestinians,Iraqis and Lebanese and calling it Terrorism.
Or Iran which seek development for itself and modern technology, and didn't commit any of these crimes?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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