Nov 12, 2006

The solution of the problem

Screams come from my depth.

A scream of refusal for what Israel is doing since 1948!!!
A scream of amazement for the international silence against killing children and women, old women and demolishing their homes!!!
A scream of hatred towards American administration which give the complete support and permission for killing sleep children in their homes!!!
A scream against international bias against Muslims!!!

Many questions come to my mind daily;
Why the world refuse attacking invaders by Muslim resistant in Palestine,Iraq and Lebanon and call it TERRORISM, and completely accept killing innocent children in Palestine and Lebanon and demolishing their homes, their infrastructure and call it SELF-DEFENCE?!!!!!!

Why America support Israel in killing children in Lebanon and Palestine and say about it: "Israel have the right to defend itself", and refuse the right of Palestinians and Lebanese to kill those who attack them and say about them: "They're terrorists"?!!!!!!!

To defend your country,your kids,your homes, have you to take the permission?!!!!!!!

The solution for this daily killing, daily demolished homes, terror which Palestinians suffer from..etc is one thing,

This thing is putting facts in its right place. Yes, If we knew facts all these problems will be solved. So,let us put the facts in the right place;

If we get back 100 years ago in this area between Jordan,Syria,Lebanon and Egypt,what will we find?!!!!!
We'll find a state called 'Palestine'.
Ok,Let us go forward 50 years,what will we find in the same area?!!!!!
We'll find a state called 'Israel' and there is no 'Palestine'!!!!!!!


That what I meant by putting facts in their right place. The origin in this area is 'Palestine',and just Palestinians who have the right to own the authority on their land,and if any group came trying to rob this authority from them,so they have the right to DEFEND their own land. Right?!!!!

The fact is that groups of Zionists came to Palestine -by the support of England- aiming at stealing the authority from Palestinians, and establish their own state and delete Palestine. This what really happened and what the history tell us.

So,the question now is;
Is passing time delete the right of Palestinians to defend their land against Zionists however any justifying they gain, and however any support by International law, and however any silence form the world?!!!!!!!!!

No. With no doubt,the right to defend your country isn't deleted by any thing, and there is no power or force in whole the world which can stop any body to defend every span of his land,and to sacrifice his soul to purify his state from enemies.

And this what Palestinians are doing since the declaration of this state on their land, since this time;they're defending their land,their children,their women,their old women,their old men,their homes,themselves.

So,there are questions which must be asked here;
What deleted the right of Palestinians to defend themselves?!!!!
What changed the 'Right of Self-defence' to 'A terrorism which must be fought'?!!!!!
Why Palestinians are called 'TERRORISTS' when they defend themselves however they are the owners of the land?!!!!!
Why Israelis are called 'HEROS DEFENDING THEMSELVES' when they kill owners of the land who try to defend their own land, however Israelis are the invaders,true killers and who want to steal an admitted right?!!!!!!

So,the solution will be in a simple sentence;
"Get back the right to his owner"
Is this a hard thing?!!!!!
Is this solution need long and many negotiations?!!!!!

That proves that we're living in a world with many abuse like; Bias, States terrorism, Support of CRIEM by LAW REPRESENTERS, Facts changing, Misguiding of Western peoples ...etc.

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