Nov 9, 2006

Israeli crimes (Part II)

Another carnage is added to the list of barbaric and terrorist massacre of Israeli war machine against "TERRORIST armless KIDS, WOMEN AND OLD WOMEN".
What happened?!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday in the dawn time, kids and their mothers and their grandmothers were in their homes sleeping. But Israeli army attacked them in their homes when they were asleep. And the outcome was 18 killed,among those 18 were 7 of children,and 4 women and injures were more than 40.
Now,what should we do?!!!!!!! What should Muslims do against this blind terrorism against armless children and women and old women?!!!!!!!!!
The world had the ENOUGH POWER and the KIND HEART to CONDEMN this carnage;
EU expressed his 'DEEP SHOCK'.   And Italy said that it's a MASSACRE.    And France condemned the RANDOM RAIDS.
What a powerful reactions against killing innocents and armless children!!!!!!!!  
IF they were Israeli children,the world will shout; "Israel have the right to DEFEND itself, Israelis now have the right to KILL TERRORISTS to set stability, Israel have the right to demolish homes and mosques SEARCHING FOR TERRORISTS."  And the support will reach in the next day to Israel in the image of SMART missiles and rockets.  But when itself kill children,demolish their homes,frighten safe people the world just CONDEMN!!!!!!!
As for American re-action;which is considered the boss of the world,and the most democratic,just and kind state in the world, What was it?!!!!!!!!   It was sorry for that,and advised sides to STAY CALM.   Huh,what this mean?!!!!!!
Do that mean that Palestinians can't DEFEND themselves?!!!!!!!!! Do that mean that Palestinians must freeze themselves towards the blood of their armless kids and women?!!!!!!! Do that mean that Palestinians have to stop without a RE-ACTION towards massacres committed against innocents?!!!!!!!!
I bet that this what American management meant.
Any way, this advice is just useful in one case.  When Palestinians defend themselves they can't defend themselves against Israeli kids.

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