Oct 30, 2006

Israeli crimes (Part I)

Do Israel really want Peace?!!!!!!!
This question is very important. No,it's not just very important,But it's the basic issue in Islamic-Israeli conflict.
Don't wonder that I mentioned 'Islamic-Israeli conflict'  as it's truly against Muslims not only Arabs,not only Palestinians,not only Lebanese,not only Egyptians,not only Syrians....etc.
In this series I'll try to talk about Israeli murders and crimes commited against Muslim children,women,old men and old women and armless.
Yesterday was the 50th memory for one of the Israelis.It's Kafr Qasem massacre.
It was 5 PM o'clock, and the orders were:  "Don't let any moving thing alive"  One of the soldiers asked his boss: "What about those who are returning from their work and don't know about this order"  The answer was:  "May Allah pity them!!!"  One of the officers asked:"And what about injured people?!!!!"  The boss replied: "There won't be injuries!!".
And the buskin started......
The first one to be killed, Was he a soldier holding his weapon defending his village against those criminals?!!!!  Was he an officer in a war?!!!!  Was he a brave man who decided to sacrifice himself to defend his village?!!!!!!!!!      NO.  First victims were four workers returning from their work on their bikes,when they approached they dismounted and walked beside their bikes by a non-suspicious way.  The order was "Don't let any moving thing alive", and the bullets were from about 10-15 M, two of them have been killed,and the third has been injured in his arm and rod and the bike falled on him and he watched the rest of the massacre, as for the fourth;he droped himself on the earth acting death,and then crawled to nearby trees and waited till the dawn, but they didn't left him and bullets have been directed towards him again and he acted death again,then he hided among a school of goats,which its two shepherd have been killed,and finally could escaped to the village.
Some minutes passed after this accident,and many other people of the village arrived, but orders were so clear...and they perfectly did the job....
And the outcome of this massacre was, 48 killed from children,women,old women,old men and men. And injures were the double number of killed.  And ALL OF THEM WERE ARMLESS.
We must notice from the way of killing of those villagers that the target wasn't to keep their safety,whether to protect these invaders themselves againt the DANGER COMING FROM THOSE ARMLESS, and also the target wasn't to punish those poor villagers for a crime they committed without court trial.  But the target was so clear; it was; "SATISFYING KILLING LUST"
And who have another target for killing those armless innocents who have been killed on their land,can mention it.
For honesty;I must mention that not all patrols in other villages did the same crime,but they were flexible enough to let OWNERS OF THE LAND TO ENTER THEIR VILLAGES SAFELY without shooting them.
Also for honesty;I must mention that criminals who committed this massacre have been sent to court.
And for more honesty; we must know that they have been punished SEVERELY, and there weren't one dispatch between all judges. By another word;48 innocents have been killed without killing one of those who murdered them. 
So merciful, So just, So peaceful, right?!!!!!
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