Oct 14, 2006

American crisis in Iraq

Your real image has been revealed in Iraq. Always you claimed that you're dimocracy and mercy inviters but your image is now so clear. And you claimed that you came to search for nuclear weapons,however you came to invade Iraq and steal its oil.

Note: Not me who drew this cartoon,but it has been sent on my e-mail,and I had a small change in it.


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auntyemfaustus said...


I am very disappointed that you are passing on this image of our American "Uncle Sam". I know that some Arabs or Muslims want to revile what they think is their enemy, but images like this just incite thoughtless hatred, something that the Prophet did not wish, I don't think. There are more people wanting to move here to the country of "Uncle Sam" than are wanting to leave, and that includes the more than 7 million Americans of the Muslim faith. We are first Americans, and then we are Muslim, Christian, agnostic, atheist, etc. second. It would not be so hurtful if it was an image of Bush (American Presidents come and go), but Uncle Sam and the American flag is what unites 300 million Americans. Yes, our leaders make terrible mistakes, but the bloodshed is not our doing alone. The Prophet would not want the killing of Muslims by Muslims like is going on now. Does anyone have statistics as to how many have died in Iraq at Muslim hands, versus American soldiers' hands? We cry over every American soldier killed, and we wonder why should he have been sent there to die? we were told that we are fighting a global war against inhumane dictators and fundamentalist terrorists, not citizens of any one country. Shouldn't these terrorists and jihadists stand and fight together to get rid of dictators like Saddam who ordered the deaths of so many? Shouldn't the people in Iraq fight the terrorists instead of being aftaid of them and helping them?

Mohamed, you also compared the numbers of deaths due to Americans in Iraq to the 800,000 killed more than 1000 years ago by Genghis Khan, but you didn't mention the numbers of Christian and Jewish "infidels" killed by the Islamic caliphs' armies in Spain nor the fact that Muslim armies invaded Spain; theses fact are also in the Wikipedia article that you quoted about the 800,000 killed by Genghis Khan.

The bloodshed will continue until cooler heads are listened to, from both sides of the conflicts. There are protesters in England and America and Israel against being in Iraq and Palestine and there should be more protests from the Middle Eastern countries against all the madness. We must pray to Allah/God to bring us all peace for a while. History shows us that Man does not remain peaceful for very long, sad to say. Man hasn't learned by his past mistakes.