Oct 14, 2006

Advantages and disadavntages of American existence in Iraq

It's a must to say a right word now after more than 3 years for American army on Iraqi lands.We aren't here to analyse,but just to tell facts.
If we started by disadvantages,we can speak till the morning;
*'After American soldiers came, authority gone.'
We can say it like that;and it's completely right,Iraqi authority has been destroyed after the coming of 'DEMOCRACY HOLDERS BY WEAPONS' ,and 'A country without any kind of authority is on it's way to a complete destruction .'  Didn't Americans know about this fact before removing Saddam?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*'After American soldiers came, sectarian turbulence started.'
The relation here is no doubt right; America came so the turbulence started. And if we searched in history we'll find that Sunna and Shi'a lived for hundreds of years together in peace,love and cooperation and without this horrible turbulence even when Saddam was the ruler, but if we looked after 3 years after the coming of  'LOVE HOLDERS BY WEAPONS' we can see daily bombings,daily killings,daily destruction,daily new orphans and widows,daily depression in a new home......etc ALL after the coming of those soldiers.  And if you don't believe you can see before and after American army coming to Iraq.
*'After American soldiers came, 500,000 of Iraqis have been killed.'
Sure,you know about this information, but it still early for the TWO NUMBERS. I mean here the number of Japanese civilians killed by American two nuclear bombs which was 155,000,and the second is the number of those innocents killed by similar people to Americans which is called Rapiers who killed 800,000.   Are those considered by some people 'MERCY HOLDERS'?!!!!!!!!!
As for advantages,here you're ALL advantages you can extract from the deep analyse to the existence of American army and weapons on Iraqi lands..

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