Jun 29, 2008

Breaking ceasefire

Israeli entity claims that it wants to stop rockets from Gaza.
Rockets are stopped.
And what Israeli entity did?!!
Israeli entity continue to kill Palestinians in the West Bank, force siege against Gaza and close crossings with Gaza.
I believe that Israeli entity will keep provoking Palestinians to force them to response, then it will say; "Palestinians broke the ceasefire", and for pity a lot will believe this lie.


Anonymous said...

What rot.

1. The truce is with Hamas which controls Gaza. If there are terrorists (or resisters as you are so fond of calling kidnappers and killers) in the West Bank, guess what? The truce does not apply to them.

2. What about the rocket attacks from Gaza? If you have a truce with Hamas which controls Gaza then there should be no rocket attacks from Gaza. When there are, the Israelis will close the border crossings and the residents of Gaza will suffer because of the actions of a few. There will be peace when the residents of Gaza develop a zero tolerance policy for individuals from Gaza who break the truce.

As usual, Mohamed, you point the finger in the wrong direction

The Loop Garoo Kid



mohamed, my friend,

On 6/22 you said, "thank you for this chance"....

On 6/26 you said, "Thank for your answers. Finally, we're starting to have a real discussion."


I received phone calls asking me to give you more questions. They were excited to have contact with
someone from Egypt! Now we have two parents that just joined our club. We have never had the chance before this. I printed photo-copies for them.

Did either of my two blog guests, "no_slappz" or 'Loop Garoo' offend you? Did I irritate you? I don't want this communication to end for no visable reason. One man, TOM...
just returned from a ten-day visit to Israel.


I will be glad to appear here, if you wish, if you will continue the
very interesting discussion on my
Snake Hunters Post. Real discussions, No Reviles! Real questions and answers, with Goodwill from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

See July 1st Post; two Great Americans w/ Quotes from the past.
Mohamed may wish to comment about these thoughts. Jefferson, our 3rd President, 1800 - 1808, the other, a U.S. Senator, 1964. reb

Tom the Redhunter said...

The Loop Garoo Kid sees clearly on this issue.

Gaza is now under 100% Arab/Palestinian control. When Israel left they had a golden opportunity to show the world that they could rule themselves in a civilized manner.

They haven't.

As soon as the Israelis left, Hamas set about killing the Fatah people and terrorizing the place. They've done little but rule as dictators with no liberty for the people. They also set about firing rockets into Israel.

So what did you expect? The Israelis to just take it? Look, you had your opportunity when the Israelis left, but you've blown it again.

If the Palestinian people truly want peace, they need to stop voting for Hamas and Fatah.

no_slappz said...

tom the redhunter, you said:

"If the Palestinian people truly want peace, they need to stop voting for Hamas and Fatah."

But that's just it. The so-called palestinians do NOT want peace. They want the destruction of Israel and to drive all Jews out of the region. That is the ONLY outcome "palestinians" want.

If they had wanted peace, it would have been achieved decades ago.



Hamas, the Iranian puppet, controls
Gaza, not the Sunni Arabs. When the rockets are launched against Israeli civilians, the firing order
comes from Tehran. reb

Marcel said...

The reality/fact Moslem's hide deeply from is that Israel's continued existence after sixty years of numerous Islamic armies determined jihad to wipe them off the face of the earth.
This 1 thing alone exposes Islam for the lie it is.
If allah were the true God how could infidel Jews remain on land once cleansed of kuffar and in the Dar al Islami at one time ?
Why is the dar al Harb unable to remove this 'shame' over Islam ?
Is allah sleeping or as many moslems falsely believe not be worthy of allah giving them victory ?
Tiny outnumbered Israel surrounded by intolerant,bloodthirsty killer for moon god Satan will remain long after Islam is no more.

The final battle comes soon with Amadinejad leading the proud,blind warriors to their deaths on the hills of Israel.
Ezekiel 35 speaks to you dear Moslem so that you may escape the trap set by the Holy One of Israel for the followers of death and destruction.

Mohamed said...

When Israelis killed a Palestinian Gaza, is it considered enough as a breaking for the ceasefire?!!

Welcome Marcel to my blog,

I'll answer you back very soon.


Mohamed said...


You asked; Is Allah sleeping or as many Muslims falsely believe not be worthy of Allah giving them victory ?

You're right. I believe that we don't worth to be given victory yet.

Just have a look on what Mulims do, you can realize that we disobey Allah's orders.

Our industries aren't good, our economies aren't strong, our states don't support scientists, we're not positive towards world common cases, some kill by the name of Allah innocent non-Muslims, some other kill by the name of Islam their Muslim brothers, etc.

So, when Allah orders us to work hard to earn a good living, to be educated at every branch of different sciences, to offer advice to non-Muslims and to deal kindly and justly with them and not to fight against each other. Do you expect then that we worth God's victory?


no_slappz said...


You are correct, there is no islamic government that supports science or the advancement of any knowledge, and great efforts are made to keep women from learning anything.

It is interesting that muslims are proud of their backwardness and of the fact that islamic culture opposes all forms of creativity.

Mohamed said...


Plz re-read.