Jun 20, 2008

Once upon a time in Rafah



I Hear many things about muslims;
I hear both negative and positive things.

There's Good & Bad In All Camps.
What Do Some Muslims Do To Apostates?

Cut Off Heads?

I Want To Know...how Sunni view the Prophesy of the 12th Imam, the "Madhi". I get no Sunni Answer!
It's a Most Important Question.

Have I tried to...HEAR FROM THEM?
Yes, I have; many times! reb



It is now ending the month of June,
and we have had a wonderful, cultural exchange of Questions & Answers, and telephone calls from people that say you must be a well-educated muslim, and from a prominent Egyptian family.

Please explain where we can find reference in Qur'an to these things. Some do not have computers,
so I print & photo-copy. A few are teen-agers. One boy is eleven years, but Albert is very bright; he works in my neighborhood, and saves money to buy a computer!

Please explain...

a) Defensive Jihad

b) Offensive Jihad

Your friend, reb

Anonymous said...

@snake hunters ...

i'm sorry before that my english is not good enough, but i'll try to give you some answer, a simple answer

Al Mahdi is not the prophet, there is no prophet after Prophet Muhammad
Al Mahdi is a man, grand grand grand grand ..son of Prophet Muhammad that will bring this world into peace, according to the hadith

He will be a last caliph rule the world together with Prophet Isa Al Masih