Jun 12, 2008

Kill Kill, no body is talking!!

However Gaza stripe is already suffering from severe inhuman situation because of Israeli siege, Israel is going to make vicious process against it very soon. And here you're the sinareo that will happen; at least 30 children will be killed, 20 women will be killed and some of Palestinian resistants will be killed also. The Israeli target of killing Palestinians and decreasing the number of protesters against its existence will be achieved, but no other targets will be achieved. American server will automatically express that it's the right of Israel to defend itself, and that it's the responsibility of Hamas for killing children.
That's right that it's the right of states to defend themselves against attacks against its safety, but a) Israel isn't approved by all peoples as a real state, b) Israel is the occupier of Palestinian lands and it's the right of Palestinians not Israelis to defend themselves, c) Israel has no specified borders until now since its declaration 60 years ago i.e it's not a state according to international law rules.
Even if we approve Israel as a real state with real borders and have the right to defend itself, do we accept using every way for practicing this 'self-defence'?!!  To be clear; do we approve on killing children, woman, cutting trees and using cluster bombs and other banned weapons as a justification for 'self-defence'?
States of world realized that killing children has no thing to do with the right of self-defence that every state can practice. That's why they signed the Geneva convention for protecting civilians in war times in 12 August 1949.
So I strongly believe that targeting children and killing them, and forcing siege against a people regardless of their nationality or beliefs is a dirty pressure way for achieving political or even militant aims.
And by a simple compare between the number of civilians and soldiers that are killed from both Israel and Palestinian side we'll realize that Israel don't care about if the bullet is being targeted to a child or woman, or I can say hat they do target Palestinian civilians.
On the other hand; how the peaceful demonstration made by Palestinians after the call of Hamas has been faced by Israel?!! Bullets and injuries among Palestinians. The message is clear; (Palestinian peace<>Israeli bullets)
Actually what is happening now is exactly the same what Jews gained sympathy of the world for. A Holocaust against Palestinians in Gaza, a separation wall, random killing. The world is silent when people in Palestine are being killed under the siege and children are in deep suffer. So, will the world wake up in the right time, or when it's too late.


Connie said...

Why are the Palestinians being supplied with money for rockets and other armaments by Muslim nations instead of money for food, water, and infrastructure?


Valérie said...

I am sorry to intrude but my excuse is that I search every possible avenue to find someone with the name of "Romeo" and was such a nice man for years on the blog I frequent but he vanished.

I try every blog that I find that is open-minded because it is the way he was, hoping to find him. He is arab and muslim and lives in Texas, USA.

If you hear of him, please let me known.

Sorry of my poor English.


Mohamed said...


You asked me why Palestinians are supported by Muslims for weapons, but you did not asked me why Israel are supported by money, tanks, air fighters, smart rockets by Americans. Do you think that this can be classified as half the truth?!!

Any way; I don't know that money go for weapons, they are suffering from Israeli siege that caused shortage of food and medicine causing the killing of more than one hundred persons only in Gaza, so they need necessary food at the moment.

Even if money go for weapons, Palestinians are defending themselves, their children, their land and their homes, and it's an honorable job to help in that, even if only by money.

Welcome always at my blog,


no_slappz said...


You should look at the realities of death caused by muslims and death caused by the Israeli military.

Muslims fire rockets blindly into Israeli towns and muslim suicide bombers explode themselves in public spaces. Both forms of attack lead to indiscriminate killings of men, women and children -- as the death toll proves.

Meanwhile, almost all the deaths caused by Israeli military actions are men -- terrorists targeted by the Israeli military. Very few women and children are killed.

Mohamed, the sooner palestinians realize they lost the war 60 years ago, the better the future will be for them. However, one of the most obvious characteristics of palestinians is their desire to see everyone live in misery and poverty. It seems to be a deep desire.

The two-state solution has been possible for 60 years. But, palestinians have foolishly believed a one-state solution -- a palestinian state -- is the only solution they will accept.

Considering that muslims have added NOTHING to the world's body of knowledge for over 1,000 years, it is probably true that palestinians will fail to understand they why they are failing now.

Mohamed said...


First welcome to you on my blog.

Second you raised some good points here;

*Palestinian resistence.

*Palestinian victims of Israeli attcks.

*The two states solution.

*Muslim and world culture.

Actually they will need some time to talk about each one. I'll appreciate your patience for my response.

Please check this place in few days to read my answer.

Thanks in advance,


no_slappz said...


What do you know about Jews?

Give me a few of your observations.

no_slappz said...


Which US presidential candidate do you like?



Anonymous said...


Please stop ignoring my question and explain why Muslims become suicide bombers and direct their violence at other Muslims in Iraq?

The Loop Garoo Kid

Mohamed said...

Let's us start by a simple story;
Mr.A lived with his family for hundreds of years on a land, Mr.B came someday and lived among them, Mr.A and his family welcomed them. One morning Mr.A and his family waked up to find Mr.B and a big number of his family having weapons and singing; "We own this land." Mr.A and his family discovered the truth, Mr.B didn't came to visit, but came to own, to rule not to be ruled. Mr.A and his family decided to throw this occupier away, alot of Mr.A's family have been killed by Mr.B and his family, but Mr.A had a clear goal, it was returning back the stolen land. Years and years passed, much blood have been spilled on this land, but Mr.A and his family kept fighting and resisting for their freedom.
My point from this stroy is that the occupier keeps occupier, and the residentant keeps residentant.

You may say, but Palestinains never had a state. Yes, this may be true. But they were and still human who resided on this land before the coming of Israelis, actually even before their granfathers have been born. Can you oppose me on that?

Dear NS, let's pretend the worse, let's pretend that Palestinains were NOT a nation, let's pretend that they were only tribal residentant on this land, ok?
So, if Palestinian 'tribes' have only temporary tribal relation with that land called Palestine, so this must lead ask to a necessary question. This question is; And what was the relation of Israelis to this land when Palestinains only had a tribal relation with the same land?!!
The answer will come shouting with a very very high voice; NO RELATION AT ALL.
Yes Mr NS, when Palestinians only had a tribal temporary relation with this land, Israelis had no relation at all.

So don't you think that this obvious fact make Palestinians have the right on this land more than Israelis who never existed on that land before?!!!
If the past pretending is just an imagination, so what about the facts?!!

In fat; Palestinains are actual residentants on that land from hundreds of years, they were 78%Muslims, 11% Christians and 11% Jews.

If you'll say they weren't a nation, I'll ask then what is 'a nation'?!!
A nation is a big group of people with common features; like common origin, common language, common targets, common principles, and sometimes common religion. So if we asked ourselves; do that fits Palestinains?!! hmmmmm Actually this perfectly matches them. If you don't accept that, then let's ask another question; Are they a part of another nation? For example are they a part of Islamic nation or Arab nation?!!
A quick look at history and facts will lead us to the answer; Yes they were a part of Islamic and Arab nation.

If you deny that Palestinians were a nation, then were Israelis a nation?!! If they were really a nation, then their nation don't belong to this land. Let them search for another place where they never resided before on. But in fact Israelis are not a nation at all; Yes they may be of one religion, but are they of one origin? No, they are Russians, Americans, Germans, Arabs, etc. So are they even have one language? No, they speak English, Russian, Arabic, French, etc.

Dear NS, you're saying that they were like the North Pole. Are you kidding me?!!

Let's move to the second point, exchanged killing in Palestine.

1000 civilians and 200 militants. 40 civilians and 120 militants.
Do you know what are these numbers?!!
They are the numbers of Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006. The first are Lebanese victimes and the second are the Israelis!!
When you know that there are 1000 Lebanese civilians are killed when only 200 militants are killed. But on the other side; there are 120 Israeli soldiers are killed, when ONLY 40 civilians are killed. Do this make any sense for you?!!
It's just an example of how Israelis fight, they don't care if their rocket launched from their Amiercan airfighter will hit a little girl playing with her dolly, or a little boy going for his school, or a mother waving her hands for her children, .. or may be a resistent fighting for his freedom aiming at his independence and throwing the occupier away.

Do you know that those guys who killed 120 militants and only 40 civilians are called as terrorists, and those who killed 1000 civilians and only 200 militants are called as just innocents who are practicing their legal right of self-defence?!!! Do you know about that?!! I wonder; should Hezbollah make just like Israel do and target Israeli children to be called as 'self-defender'?!!
By they way, what do you think about calling Hezbollah as terrorists and Israel as self-defender out of these previous numbers?!!
So, that's Israelis who target civilians not Hamas. And if this example don't convinve you, you can search for the victims of Israel. How many civilians, how many militants are daily killed.

About who are classified as civilians in Israel. In fact that's there responsibilty if they are killed or injured. They know very very well that Palestine is a war land, their leaders were crazy enough to occupy this land expecting the refusal and resistence of the residentants on that land before their coming. So, when they throw themselves in the middle of this war so it's their only responsibility.


About the two state solution.
When Israelis are the ones who started the problem 60 years ago by establishing an illegal state on a land which they don't own, so do you think that the solution must come from Palestinians?!! Dear, that's Israelis who kept expanding more and more not Palestinians. That's Israelis who want to own the whole land. I may say it; that's Israel who don't want a two-state solution.
May I ask you; who have his hands on the whole land right now?!! May I ask also you another question; What do you think Israelis are ready to give?!! (Note; this question has been asked to another American guy with no answer.)
I'll say no thing more until you search for the partition plan by the UN organization, and know who accepted it and who didn't. After you made this please come back to talk.
This link may help you;



About Muslim and how they affected culture.
Do you know about Ibn Sina, Al-Farabi, Ibn Al-Nafis, Abbas Ibn-Firnas, Ibn-Khaldon, Ibn-Battuta, etc?!! They were great Muslim scientists who were talented in Chemistry, Physics, Medicince, Engineering, Literature, Philosophy, traveling and many other science branches.

Do you know about Al-Andalus?!!

Dear NS, when scientists were burnt or imprisoned in Europe when they say that the earth is not flatten but round, we were honoring our scientists and having more and more schools.

Do you know that European kings were sending their sons and daughters to Muslim caliphates to be tough in Islamic schools?

Do you know about Ahmed Zewail the Egyptian Muslim who won Nobel prize as femtochemistry scientist in 1999? Do you know about Naguib Mahfouz the Egyptian Muslim who won Noble prize in 1988? Do you about the Muslim Magdi Yacoub the heart surgeon? Do you know that Farouk El-Baz the Muslim Egyptian geologist is the one who trained your American space trip Apollo 15 astronauts and choosed landing place on the moon?!!

Try to search for information about Al-Andalus and Muslims scientists, and come back please and tell me what have you found.


I've finished my speech. I told you about somethings to search for to continue our discussion, if you searched and came back I'll appreciate that from you and talk with you as a person who want to share in an amazing experiment that we're living today which is 'Cultural talk'.


Mohamed said...


About your first question; What do you know about Jews?

They are just human like any human beings who have a holy book revealed by Allah to their prophet Moses. They are around the world, they are about 13 Million. They believe that they are better than other races. They existed in Egypt before and suffered from Egyptian kings, they existed in the land of Palestine also before and have been exiled by an Iraqi king. They are now leaded by Zionists to believe that Palestine is the land which they have to exist regardless of the people already living on it, and that they must establish a state from the Nile to Euphrates. They worship God in their temples, and their religious leaders are called 'Rabbis'.

About American candidates, I think that both aren't good, but I think that Obama may be the best of the two. McCain looks like the same as Bush -your American president with the most number of killings in his era- and he won't end the American occupation of Iraq.

By the way; how you see the support of all American candidates to be presidents to Israel. Bush did it before and after his election, McCain went to Israel and visited their holy places (have a look on my post 'The necessary coming American president '), Clinton showed that it will attack Iran if it attacked Israel, Obama expressed that he cares so much about the safety of Israel and said that he'll make a visit to Israel. Is that very necessary to be an American president?

Aslo I know that there are Millirads(a very big number) is payed yearly to Israel from tax payers money, why?!!


Mohamed said...

garoo kid,

Finally you showed. I think that Mr.reb notified you that I'm ready for the discussion, but you were late.

Any way, give me some time because my schedule on blogging is becoming busy.

In 2 or 3 days my answer for your questions about Palestine and Iran will be ready. You'll find them on 'The alert of the explosion' post.


Anonymous said...


In these arguments, why do you lead with your chin?

1. Yes, for a while, one thousand or so years ago, the Caliphate hosted centers of learning. But that was very long ago and the Caliphates succumbed.

2. If your law school is teaching you that the state of Israel is illegal, I would find myself a different school. The state of Israel was about to be created by U.N. mandate when various Arab nations, armies, and factions began a war in 1948, which the Arabs lost. Most of the Arab, Muslim Palestinians who left the land which became Israel, did so voluntarily. They could have stayed and become Israelis. So take your choice: U.N. Mandate; force of arms; or other, but never try and cliam the moral high ground by saying: "The State of Israel is illegal," because that position is not suppoorted by the evidence, much less the truth.

3. In the history of the awarding of the Nobel Prize, there have been 6 Arab recipients. There have been 165 Jewish recipients. Make what youwill of this statistic.

The Loop Garoo Kid



Two prominent men recently rec'd the Noble Peace Prize.

Mohamed, tell us what you think of these two men? One had a very large
Peanut Farm in Plains, Georgia, was the Captain of a Submarine, and became U.S. President for four years in 1977. Now, he is an unofficial "Peace" Ambassador for HAMAS!!!

Yasser Arafat was Peace Ambassador for the PLO. What do you think of these two men, and their Failed Policy? reb

no_slappz said...


None of the people living in the region known as Palestine when the British assumed control in the early 1900s had the rights enjoyed by citizens of democracies.

Meanwhile, no muslim country in the world today is free in any sense.

As for your story about people living on land that is not theirs, well that's an old story, and one that always ends with the non-owners losing their fight to keep what is not theirs to keep.

As you may not know, most of the land on Planet Earth has been seized -- forcibly taken -- by different groups over the centuries.

The US is a good example. People arrived in the US from England and Europe, and drove the Indians off. Way back in the 1600s, an Indian killed one of my forefathers.

Anyway, the Indians were here first, but they were driven away. There were many Indian tribes, but no formal government, no system of laws, no recognition of national sovereignty by the other nations of the world.

The Inidans in the US were much like the arabs living in Palestine. A hapless bunch.

However, the US created agencies to help the Indians, and the Indians were awarded rights to a lot of land where valuable resources have been found. The US also granted Indians the special right to operate gambling casinos. Many Indian tribes have become rich as a result.

But many Indians have spent years drinking alcohol and failing at everything. That's a lot like muslims except for the alcohol.

The Indians in Alaska receive a big check every month for their share of revenue from oil pumped out of the ground in that state. Accepting life as citizens of the US has been good for them. It has brought them money which they otherwise would not have earned.

Anyway, you offer silly claims like "Mr muslim is fighting for his freedom."

We both know your statement is not true. We both know that muslims want ALL Jews to leave the middle east. ALL Christians too. But Jews are the people you want out the most.

In the history of nations, property lines have changed many times. Saddam Hussein wanted to annex Kuwait. That did not work. North and South Korea were divided about 55 years ago.

That is a two-state solution that works. The people in North Korea suffer and have nothing, while the people in South Korea prosper in a capitalist democracy.

You are a person with little understanding of capitalism and democracy, which means you would accept living in a country like North Korea.

You asked for the definition of a "nation."

The word has several definitions. But only one applies to this situation.

A nation is the people of a territory united under a single government.

It is a fact of history that force usually determines which government controls each territory. Germany was divided after World War II. Korea was divided. Yugoslavia was divided. Czechoslovakia was divided. The Soviet Union was disassembled into a long list of republics.

India kicked out the muslims and gave them the land that became Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

Even though Israel fits the definition and "Palestine" has never been a nation, muslims insist that Israel does not exist, but Palestine does. This belief among muslims is a sign of delusional thinking, and suggests that dealing with reality is too tough for most muslims.

Meanwhile, history has shown that nations have divided themselves to give muslims their own territory. This happened in the division of Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union and India, and other places. This proves it's possible for muslims to overcome their usual self-defeating actions and live on their own terms. It's too bad those terms almost always include deep poverty.

However, muslims are obviously opposed to a two-state solution to settle the Israel/Palestinian issue because muslims do not want a settlement.

It is remarkable that muslims are so deeply opposed to improving their own lives. You are a resident of a poor country. It is poor mainly due to the effects of islam. The best chance for arab prosperity in the middle east comes from the existence of a healthy Israel.

But it's obvious muslims have an irrational hate for Israel that prevents them from improving their own lives. The Gaza Strip is now a garbage dump. The economy is dependent on smuggling from Egypt.

When Israel left the Gaza Strip, there was a lot of talk about large international investments to be made in the coastal areas and in Gaza City. Has that happened? No.

Why? Because it's obvious palestinians will destroy whatever is built. Any investments are wasted because the leadership of palestinian muslims is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

I'm sure you do not understand how foolish muslims are. But unless muslims receive vast sums of money from other countries, they live in poverty. The islamic culture seems determined to maintain this unbroken record of ruining everything it has touched for the last thousand years.

no_slappz said...


No muslim scientists have contributed anything to the body of scientific knowledge since the year 1,000 when a muslim mathematician developed the concept of ZERO.

There is an irony in the fact that it took a muslim to conceive of ZERO. But it seems to be a concept that is defined by islamic culture.

I'm sure you do not see it, but the islamic culture produces no art or literature, or anything resembling music. This is the price muslims pay for the irrational fear of offending Muhammad, the schizophrenic who started islam.

Meanwhile, there is a reason there are no muslim scientists. The reason is this: no good science instruction in muslim universities.

Any muslim alive today who has achieved world prominence in science was educated outside the middle east. Probably the US. The best schools are here. But I am sure you do not believe your schools stink.

Have you noticed that nothing is manufactured in the middle east? Rugs, oil, dates, olives, figs. Anything else? No. And the rugs are made by women who are no better than slaves. That's a great culture. One for the world to admire.

The greatest technical achievement in Egypt was the building of the Pyramids. Since then? Nothing. I doubt there is a reason for a patent office to exist in Egypt or any other muslim country. Nobody invents anything.

The sad part is still to come. The world will eventually run out of oil. Humans will consume almost every drop while developing alternative energy supplies at the same time. However, when the middle east oil wells run dry, muslims will discover they have no way of bringing more money into their countries. Without money from oil, muslims will lose everything they've acquired as a result of the increasing prosperity occurring everywhere else on Earth.

Anyway, as another poster said, muslims rarely get Nobel Prizes. Of course it is an insult to everyone when a thief like Yasser Arafat receives one. He stole millions of dollars, his wife is living like a queen in Paris, and all the palestinian arabs were cheated by him.

Your claim that muslims have contributed to science and other pursuits is laughable after you compare muslims to everybody else.

By the way, your comments show you know virtually nothing about Jews.

no_slappz said...


I guess today is just another happy day for muslim terrorists. It seems muslims can convert any useful machine into a tool for terrorism.

9/11 proved the usefulness of jets to terrorists, and today muslims proved it's possible to use a bulldozer as a weapon.

Of course it takes little or no intelligence to think of using these machines in a lethal way. But it does take deep hatred in a sick person to do it.

A Palestinian construction worker at the wheel of a digger went on a rampage in central Jerusalem today, killing at least three people and injuring 45 in an act that brought terror back to the streets of Israel.

Hossam Dwayyat, a 31-year-old Arab resident of East Jerusalem, wrought havoc on one of Jerusalem’s main thoroughfares, driving into oncoming traffic and leaving a trail of mangled vehicles in his wake.

He was caught on film as onlookers saw him take a digger from his construction site and plough through cars queuing on Jaffa Street. The bulldozer overturned one bus and struck another before Dwayyat was shot dead by security officers. He had driven more than 200 yards towards Jerusalem’s bustling Mahne Yehuda souk before he was stopped.

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“I saw him coming towards me and I froze,” said Chava Shimoni, a 24-year-old student who was making her way to lunch in the market. “I could see his eyes and he looked so focused. A man shoved me out of the way. It was a miracle that I survived.”

Ms Shimnoni was one of dozens of civilians who rushed to the victims of the attack, helping screaming victims out of the overturned bus and passing water bottles to those in shock.

All three people killed were women. Their bodies were covered in plastic sheets as they lay trapped in the debris of their vehicles. One of the women was reported to have saved her baby girl’s life by throwing her out of the window seconds before the bulldozer hit.

Dwayyat, who had a criminal record, was working legally on a construction site near Jerusalem’s central bus station when he turned his digger off the site and into oncoming traffic on Jaffa Street. He wrecked half a dozen cars and hit a bus before aiming his vehicle at another bus that was almost full of commuters.

He used the digger’s massive serrated scoop to overturn the bus and repeatedly rammed its side. A number of armed men, including police officers, off-duty soldiers and armed civilians, momentarily stopping him by opening fire.

At least three men then jumped on to the bulldozer as Dwayyat slumped over the steering wheel, apparently incapacitated. But he came to and the bulldozer lurched forward before Moshe Plesser, an off-duty soldier who had climbed to the side of the vehicle, shot at close range.

“He yelled ‘Allah akhbar!’ and hit the gas,” Mr Plesser said. “I did what is expected of any soldier or civilian.”

Eli Mizrahi, an officer in a special anti-terrorist unit, then fired several more shots. “I ran up the stairs \ and, when he was still driving like crazy and trying to harm civilians, I fired at him twice more and, that’s it, he was liquidated,” Mr Mizrahi said.

Dwayyat’s body could be seen lying outside the door of the digger with blood at his feet.

Palestinian militant groups claimed responsibility for the attack, although Israeli police said initial evidence suggested that Dwayyat was a “terrorist acting on his own”.

It is the first major attack on Jerusalem since March, when Alaa Abu Dhein, a 25-year-old resident of the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Jabel Mukaber, attacked the Mercaz Harav seminary. Police drew parallels between the attacks, which they said could mark a trend in Arab residents of East Jerusalem using their identification cards and freedom of travel to western Jewish neighbourhoods to carry out attacks.

Three organisations claimed responsibility for the attack: the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, loosely affiliated with the Fatah movement; the Galilee Freedom Battalion; and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Hamas, which has a fragile ceasefire with Israel, did not take responsibility but praised the attack a “natural reaction” to Israeli aggression.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry official said that the incident could damage recent peace moves. “We are trying to convince the people that we need a ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza, and that we need to strengthen Fatah in the West Bank . . . Each attack furthers the public perception that no peace can be established with the Arabs,” he said.

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, called the attack horrific. “Our first thought is for the victims and the relatives of the victims,” he said. “Our second thought is obviously for the process of building a Middle East peace that’s enduring and viable and combines security for Israel and justice for the Palestinians and the creation of a Palestinian state.”

Dwayyat’s family, including his wife and two children, were questioned by police. Tayseer Dwayyat, his father, told journalists before he was led away by police: “My son never spoke of plans to carry out such an attack. If he had I would have tried to prevent it.”

Ehud Olmert, Israel’s Prime Minister, has begun efforts to raze Dwayyat’s home and stop social security benefits to his family. The Israeli parliament also passed a first reading of a Bill today that would revoke the citizenship of anyone convicted of terrorist activity.