Jul 2, 2008

To all my friends and guests

I'll be busy for a week.

Have a look on my other blog for my photos until I come back..

See you soon,



Mohamed, Thank you for your 7/2/08
response. When you return to S/H blog, please remember to contact the "Mullah" Post, to limit our stimulating conversations to One Area of our Computer. Thanks! reb




I see in your profile that we have
another commonality; you enjoy fishing, as Nell & I do!

Early in our marriage, I introduced her to sport-fishing in the California High Sierra Mountains, for Rainbow, German Brown, Brook, and Golden Trout!

Then in 1983, she had her first experience w/ Deep Sea, off the West Coast of Mexico for Albacore
Tuna. Nell hooked the Jack-Pot Fish; a 66 pound Opah! (Lampris Regius). It's a colorful deep-water
tropical, rarely caught with Rod & Reel; Long-line commercial boats do
harvest them, but not often! reb


Mon Reve said...

Assalamu alaikum,I'm really proud with all of your photos and opinions in your blog.
and I agree with u. My name Hermi, I'm Indonesian moslem, i made a blog, if u want to visit http://joliereve.blogspot.com.
ok?keep write...