Mar 27, 2008

The necessary coming American president

America occupy Iraq, America causes the killing of one Million Iraqi, America causes the mess in Iraqi state, American army kills civil Iraqis.
America occupy Afghanistan.
America support Israel, America supports killing civilians and kids in Palestine by Israeli army, America send weapons to Israel to use against Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, America fund Israel, America use its veto to stop an SC word about Israeli terrorism.
American army kills an Egyptian sailor on Egyptian lands.
America threat Iran because of the assumption to have nuclear bombs in the coming years.
That's how many in our part of the world see American policy towards the Middle East. The question is; will the future be different?!!!
Preparation of American presidental elections are currently running. A new president is coming. Will he end the war against Iraqi people?!! Will he fund Iraqi people to rebuild what American foolish policy destroyed?!! Will he leave Afghanistan to run its own country by itself?!!
And the big question; will he end the absolute support of Israel?!! Will he stop American funding of Israel?!!
In fact; I have a great suspicion about that. I think that the American policy against countries of my part of the world will keep as it is. Actually I hope that it don't go worser.
McCain already bought the presidency. He visited Israel, expressed how he support Israeli siege against Gaza. In fact, he's saying to Israel; "Don't worry. If you supported me to win the presidency in America, I'll keep supporting you in Israel.".
I think that's how American presidents win their places. Israel or you'll never be a president.
That's how I think. That the next American president will provide the absolute support to Israel. Money, weapons, politics, media, veto, etc and every necessary thing to keep the occupier 60 years ago expanding and killing life.
So, my message to the American people is; "Whether you needed to support Israel by your taxes and weapons or you did not, your government will do support Israel. Israel worths nothing without your support. They'll do everything to keep the American support. Arab and Islamic states already hate Israel, see it as the occupier and the killer, they hate who support them. So it's your responsibility to stop the support of real terrorism against unarmed people. To understand the conflict rightly, to know who is really oppressing, who is really being oppressed. To see who is killing, who is being killed. To see who have weapons, and who is killed by these weapons. To see who really suffer, who cause this suffering.  Any way, I know that you have no thing to do with the next American president, but you can protest and march against the absolute support of American government to Israel."


microdot said...

Mohamed, thanks for the post on my blog today. I want to come here more often.
I sincerely hope that Americans can manage to elect Barack Obama. I feel very disheartened by the disorganized fight within the Democratic Party.
Hillary is an ally of Israel as well.

The American media is doing all they can to promote John McCain and he is a very disturbing figure who is being marketed as being "Presidential".

Things can happen, we can win, I always keep hope alive and if you don't think you can, I will try to hope for you as well!

When I found this blog, you were being visited by a clique of conservative bloggers who were posting insulting things on my blog as well. I had to ignore them for months until they got bored and went away.

They'll probably be back, but they are just a loud ill mannered small representation of America, there are a lot of good people who understand what you are saying.

I will be back!


Muhamed, has another name that you have seen before. We know him.
He often speaks ugly things, and he hates a Christian Lady, Barb.
(You've seen her here, months ago).

He finds her on a blog, and he will toss a vicious Revile at her. She is a sincere person, that likes to always talk about her religion, always talks like that. She prays for you and for me, and for people that hate her.

His Other Blog-Name is Mud-Rake. You can choose which one you admire most, and would prefer as your neighbor.

Caveat Emptor. reb

Anonymous said...

This is such a frightening prospect to think that the world's greartest country has sided with the poisened state of the world.