Mar 5, 2008

20 days life

She is born ....... to die.
This 20 days old baby is just one victim of the hundreds victims of Israeli 'self-defence'.


Barb said...

And do you admit that there are pictures of Israeli children who are dead because of Palestinian suicide bombers?

My understanding is that Israel would quit --but Palestine will not.

what do you say to that, dear Mohamed? The Palestinians think they can wear down the Israelis --but the Israelis think they will respond decisively whenever Palestine acts on their determination.

Christ will return before these two find peace, sad to say. I mean sad to say that they can not get it settled without armageddon.

Mohamed said...


So, is it a child for a child?!!

I wonder of your logic!! Do you think that 'IF it was true' that Palestinian resistence target Israeli children, so it's ok for Israeli army to target Palestinian children?!! Why don't they target those who killed those children?!! They are just cowerds who can't face militants.

In fact, Israelis really target Palestinian kids. Just see Muhammad Al-Dorra and Eman Hajjo.

Also, how many Isaeli child is killed?!!! Are they 1, are they 2?!! Then don't you know that there is hundreds of Palestinian children who have been killed by Israeli army, about 25 in this terrorisitc siege against Gaza.

Israelis took a land of another people, it's necessary to kill that people to live in peace. That's the peace they want.

Try to look at the issue from the humanical side, not the religious, not the political. And you'll find it different.

By the way; who did you vote for in your elections?!! Let me guess, McCain?!!


Barb said...

No I voted for Huckabee. But I will vote for McCain next. I don't believe in abortion --nor in killing any babies in war if possible --that's why suicide bombing is so cruel as a tactic. And why the Israelis retaliate.

I say the Israelis have a right to be there; you disagree. Palestine will not quit and make the best of the situation and make lemonade out of the lemon --but that's what they should do.

I don't believe in gay marriage.

We are going to have more abortion and gay marriage if either Obama or Hillary is elected--they will stock our supreme court with liberals who will give us gay marriage and less restrictions on abortion --it will be awful if the democrats win.

Mohamed said...


Palestinians will not quit?!!

Why do you think that way?!!

No body loves to kill or to be killed.

By the way; why, in your personal mind, Palestinians fight all the past 60 years against Israelis?!!

I'll appreciate your answer about this question!!


mud_rake said...

Many American fundamentalist Christians like barb believe in Armageddon and the 'rapture' and therefore want to 'clean-out' the so-called Holy Land of all of the infadel Muslims.

Quirky but true.

Barb said...

Mud-rake has no idea what he's talking about. He thinks he's the great expert on fundamentalist Christians --just because some high profile minister like John Hagee, probably, said we should look forward to the Battle of Armageddon and "the end of the age" --so that Christ will return for the Rapture of the church. Some do suggest that we not FEAR it, that we should be eager to see the return of Christ. But NO BODY I'VE HEARD OF SAYS WE SHOULD BE HASTENING A MIDDLE-EASTERN CONFLICT IN ORDER FOR CHRIST TO RETURN.

I have personally NEVER heard anyone say that the Christians or anyone else must "clean out" the Holy Land of all Muslims in order for Christ to return. And over 99 per cent of Christians, fundamentalist and otherwise, do not like the prospect of war in or about the middle east. And we don't see ourselves as having anything to do with causing the Battle of Armageddon, the last battle.

My understanding of the last battle is that it will be in Israel with the world focused on defeating Israel there --or on fighting each other because of Israel. I'm not sure that Israel is the target for all the nations who are prophesied to converge there--some may be DEFENDing Israel. I just know that the Great Bear from the north (thought to be ussr at one time, the 9 headed monster (thought to be a 9 member European Union, at one time) and the kings of the East --thought to be Asian nations --would all converge on Israel for a last battle. Some believe Christ will come and take the church out before the battle--others think after --and some not at all --and I believe there are some other interpretations as well.

But there is no Christian desire to see Muslims expelled from any place, including Israel. And no plan for Christian people to hurry up the return of Christ. The Bible says no man knows the day or the hour --only the Heavenly Father knows.

the Bible tells us to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

NOw, tell me, Mohamed, do you learn in Islam that the Muslims will someday rule the world with sharia law? by out-numbering the rest of the people with higher birth rate and their polygamy. That is what I heard. I don't think people are going to give up their religious freedom to Muslims without a fight.
Do you believe in theocratic gov't with or without observing religious freedom?