Mar 13, 2008

Israel invites to ...

*Israel must live in peace, whatever it coasts of others' lives and homes.
*To achieve peace Israelis have to eliminate every thing which may be an obstacle stone including who call themselves as resistors, their kids, their families, their neighbours, their electricity, their medical supplies, their fuel, their lands, their homes, their farms, their workshops, and every thing which belongs to them. ALL TO REACH PEACE.

Respecting international laws:
*ALL the states must respect international law, except Israel. Attacking civilians, killing children and assaulting borders are all legal to Israel.

*Jews are the chosen and the supreme people chosen by God among ALL other peoples.
*ONLY Jews have the right to live on 'the holy land'.

*Israel has the complete freedom to kill any Palestinian child or youth without being asked.
*Israel has the complete right to built every settlement wherever it wants.
*Every Palestinian has the freedom to choose of many choices his way to be killed. Bullets over the head or the heart, rockets directed to human bodies, buried under a collapsed building, die of hunger, die of lake of medical supplies, and many other available choices.

*The killer is equalled to the killed person.
*The thief is equalled to the one which his land has been stolen.
*The one who starts by the attack is equalled to the one who defend himself.

*How beautiful is a Palestinians child's blood.

*All states have to cooperate for Israeli interests.

Human rights:
*Every Israeli has the right to live safe. Every Palestinian has the right to let Israelis live safe.

*Palestinian people has the right to elect the government they like, but when Israelis don't like them they won't accept them as Palestinians democratically elected government.

*Kicking a Palestinian over his head or stomach ten times a day will make an Israeli healthy.

Remembering old memories:
*A Holocaust against Palestinian people.


And the world is silent....


microdot said...

Not me, brother!
I will not be silent!

We see the truth because we don't get our information from American Media!

I want to make your blog available to more people who want to think for themselves!!

hfm said...

I agree wholly with your post-it's sickening how the world turns the other cheek with the atrocities inflicted upon our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
The Holocoast is fresh in their minds while they create the same carnage in their holy land-it's disgusting.

In Allah do we place our faith and trust and hope for justice.Ameen.