Apr 14, 2008

To Palestine

You suffered too much.
Your kids have been killed. Your homes have been destroyed. Your land has been coloured by the blood of your sons. The green colour of your trees has been turned into the ugly gray. Seeds of hatred have been put in your soil. Life has been assassinated.
For 60 years you suffered from oppression, killing, destruction and occupation. And you kept immovable. You never welcomed the occupuier on your lands, you never surrendered to the force, you kept giving more and more of your sons.
Never be depressed.
The dawn is coming very soon.
The day will come when the occupier will go away, terrorists will go away, homes will be rebuilt, trees and flowers will grow up, you'll be free again and the sun will shine again on the free Palestine.
Note: As I'm writing right now there are serious things that are going on Palestinian lands;
*Gaza stripe is under the siege for 10 months now. 100 of ill Palestinians already died because of the wait of Israeli permissions to go out the stripe for medical care, fuel is cut, electricity is cut and hospitals suffer from severe lake of medical aids.
*Israel is building new settlements in Jerusalem under the silence of the world and against international law and 1947 partition plan.

One last thing; if 'peace' is truly the way to solve this 60 years conflict, so I ask; what are Israelis ready to give when they take Palestinian lands to build their own state on them?!!

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Anonymous said...

Subhanaalah-I hope Palestinians see the beauty of peace soon.