Jan 21, 2006


Woman position nowadays is going down and down in an acute rate..she is being sold by cheapest prices and her chasteness was lost and she weared very bad clothes..
you can find out that in films,TV announcements,printed announcements,internet,streets...
I think that Western people would say that it became social habits and it's the ordinary position and it's freedom!
But I refuse that;as when the matter is associated with morals,human nature,sake of society and right position and when freedom harms others..you can't say that they are social habits or it's freedom;as it harms Society,Men and Woman herself..and freedom hasn't ever been before harmfull..
and I'll begin from the last point:it harms Woman because it will be attacked by bad men,hated by good people,will be easy to be harmed(mentally and physically)..
and harms on Man are known from affecting his health to having bad ideas that lead to worse..
and finally:it affects society from more than one side:
*Family:when woman deals with strangers by suspicious deals and wear bad clothes and also when man deals with other women with no exchanged respect;hatred and jealousy will appear and family will collapse and poor children won't be brought up well..
*Illegal deals will lead to illegal sons whose fathers are not known and will lead to mix of parentages..
*Health:diseases will spread in community like AIDS..
*Economy:when diseases spread it will affect labour force
*Deals won't be clear and clean between memberes of society..

In contrary;Islam considered woman as a precious diamond or a beautiful flower that is affected by re-touching..you see;diamond is affected by just the touch,so what about woman who worths than all diamonds of the world..and woman who wears bad clothes will be done by her more than what is done by a flower!
So Islam order woman to wear Al-Hijab(veil)for the sake of her and society not as a restrict.
And if you made a comparision between a woman wearing Al-Hijab and another one wearing bad clothes..Which of them is nearer to be attacked?!!

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