Jan 28, 2006

Honest words

I was e-mailing with an American Lady and we talked about Western woman position and she said this:

"You are right that many women in the Western world think that they have to please men by wearing very few clothes and dressing in a provocative, lustful way. They are like slaves who are doing men's bidding, but those are bad men who don't respect women, who treat them like objects. These women don't realize that they are like slaves to such men, and when they get old and don't look so pretty anymore and the men leave them, they feel bad and even have plastic surgery to try and look young again, and that is very sad to me. I like to look nice, but I will never be a slave to what men think is pretty. Old ladies like me can look nice and some even still look pretty. Old ladies who try to dress like young and wear too much make-up to try to look like they did when they were young are pitiful to me. I am respected because I did not fall into that trap."

I loved these words and would like to share you them..


Iustus said...

Yeah, cos you really had this conversation, just by coincidence. Why do I severely doubt it's veracity?

Mohamed said...

If you don't have a protocol that orders you not to lie;then I have Islam which tells me not to lie.

Iustus said...

I read that lying to a kaffir, an infidel fit only for slaughter, wasn't really a sin. Or at least, that was what I was told by a nearby imam, when I questioned him about it.

Even so. Are you saying you have NEVER lied? Because then you are going to hell under Islamic law.

It even has your writing style...

Emilie Garcia said...

Iustus: My name is Emilie Garcia and I live in Washington State in the United States. Mr. Fadly is not lying to you. I am the Western lady who found Mohamed Fadly on the Internet when I was searching for information on a house owned by our Tiger Woods in San Stifano, in Alexandria (Mr. Fadly had a picture of San Stifano on his website). I saw his other beautiful pictures on his website then I saw what he said about wanting to put a good face to Islam so that Westerners would know they are not all terrorists. I was very impressed that he is only 17 years old and is so wise. I e-mailed him and I told him I respect God (Allah)the Prophet Mohammed, the Prophets of the Old Testament, the New Testament and that I wished that all believers of all the prophets would get along in this world. I feel there is only one God, and we are all his children. He e-mailed back and he told me that the feels the only way to worship Allah nowadays is through the Islamic religion for many reasons. He asked if I knew anything about the Qur'an, and I told him I had bought a copy for my husband who is a Catholic Christian but he likes to study all religions. I asked Mr. Fadly to tell me his favorite verses in the Qur'an, and he very graciously has sent me his favorites and also the verses that explain any questions I have had about Islam, etc.

I don't believe that Mr. Fadly could lie about anything. He is very young, but he is very fervent and idealistic in his beliefs and respects all the teachings of his Prophet.

One conversation I had with him was about women having to wear a veil. I don't like our Western women to dress like they do, so provacatively, that it is one of the faults of the freedoms we enjoy in our country, however, I told Mr. Fadly that I dress conservatively, but that I would not like to wear a veil.

Mrs. Emilie Garcia
Port Orchard, Washington (State) USA