Jan 8, 2006

Bird Flu

Away from disease effects on human,it's spread around the world and warnings from it....there is a thing that attracted my attention on TV screens;it's the way they kill Chickens by...in a time they burn them and in another one they choke them by Gas and different ways that show as they are taking revenge from them....Islam refuses these brutal doings and I think that they must choose more kindly way than these way like slaughtering them and then burn them..
Chickens are living creatures and feel not dead things like chairs..

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Lizze said...

The latest TV pictures from Turkey - they don't even kill the chicken before bury them. The clean-up crew just throw them in bags and dump them in the holes in the ground. Very shocking.

I think within 6 weeks the bird flu will hit the UK / Europe. Let see what the governments have done to prepare. It has been a topic for months and months.