Jan 28, 2006

Crime in Denmark

All of us know what happened in Denmark few months ago. And for who don't know;a newspaper in Denmark published Caricatures-and still-defaming my great Prophet Mohamed and the government didn't move..
I say to this newspaper :We Muslims refuse this shaming,rude and terrorist deeds.Any way these doings reveal your nature and unjustified hatred.
And I have a rule in life;it's "Let dogs bark whenever they don't bite you"but you harmed more than Muslims around the world.And I ask you to provide me with facts that strengthen your point of view but you can't.
And to inform you I'm going(If Allah wills)to talk about the great Prophet Mohamed honestly,fairly,neutral and with facts to tell the world that there weren't and won't be any body can be compared with him.

And I say to Denmark itself:Freedom isn't to let every .... who want to say a thing to say it; but freedom is to let who has an opinion to present it without harming or swearing others.And also freedom is to move your hand but to stop it in front of my nose.

Any way;my religion orders me not to swear atheists so I can't direct any swears..but the things we're doing to do ;is to boycott you and your products and you know well what it means to a country to be boycotted by more than persons and your statistics tell you the truth.And the world will watch your economical and political costs.

At the last a word for neutral people;these bad doings are a great proof that Prophet Mohamed was a great person,and I invite you to get back to trusted sources to know more about this great person as a politician,leader,father,husband...etc and please don't follow bad men in their bad doings and believe them without making sure.


Bent El Neel said...

Hi Mohamad. Hope you're wel. I don't know what the big deal about this is? They have what is called "freedom of expression" in Denmark. That same paper published cartoons offensive to Christians as well.

If Islam was singled out then you'd have a point. But like I said...cartoons offensive to other faiths too.

Besides; and lets be honest here...how many times in teh Arab world every day do you hear things offensive to Christianity, Judaism and the Western world in general??

You don't have to engage in another discussion with me if you don't like. I just wanted to express my opinion.

Peace be with you.

Mohamed said...

Hi Neferetiti,
I stopeed previous discussion as it was useless so don't understand me wrongly..

Freedom of expresion is a good thing that Islam encouraged;but as I said you should respect others feelings and present your opinion in a respected way not just directing swears,and you should provide trusted sources..

And if you accept for your Prophet to be sweared;I don't..

Is it really that it published offensive to Christians?!!Please tell me your source..

Thanks for commenting,

Mohamed said...

bent al neel said:

And I think you misunderstood me. I'm not happy that someone insults my religion at all. I just think that death threats, flag burnings, and the general hysteria that the Muslim world have been in since these cartoons were published is uncalled for.

A simple expression of their hurt, perhaps by letters to the paper, or a demonstration (peaceful) outside the newspaper and the embassies maybe would have been a far more civilised way to deal with it.

But to ask them to apologise?? No dear Mohammad, that won't do. Depicting YOUR prophet is not permitted byYOUR religion. They are not Muslims and they don't have the same boundaries as you...what's next? they have to apologise for drinking beer and eating pork?

You're right to be offended. I would be, and I am. I'm offended at their cartoon of Jesus, I'm offended at all the jokes I hear that demean my faith. When someone says something I find offensive, I tell them so...but I'd never order them to apologise to me. If the offence is against God, let them apologise to God...not to mere mortals.

Mohamed said...

Sorry for deleting your comment but just so as not to spread cartoons..

Bent El Neel said...

No worries mate, your blog your rules :)